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Best Fitness Accessories For Women - 2014 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

Check out these fitness accessories and the best fit gift ideas for the fierce woman in your life.

Best Fitness Accessories For Women - 2014 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

The fit woman takes her strength gains and sexiness seriously. No argument from us; we've just gone ahead and featured some fitness accessories that'll support her gains in and out of the gym!

Trimr Water + Shaker Bottle Isobag Meal Bag System SmartShake Slim Shaker Better Bodies Women's Wrist Clothing Women's Military Cap Polar FT4 TowelMate Fitness Towel With Germ Shield Fill-N-Go Funnel BlenderBottle GoStak fitlosophy fitbook fitness + nutrition journal Harbinger Women's 5'' Foam Core Belt TowelMate Fitness Towel With Germ Shield

What happens when you marry the reusability of a water bottle, the functionality of a shaker bottle, and a beautiful, sleek design? The Trimr Water + Shaker bottle, that's what.

With the Isobag meal bag, you simply have no excuses to succumb to the drive-through. Bring your home-cooked meals everywhere you go; they store easily in its many compartments.

With two storage compartments, the SmartShake Slim offers the versatility and chic design to match your clothes, shoes, mood, and lifestyle.

These wrist wraps with a "feminine touch" are your best support to use heavier weights with extreme intensity.

This attractive urban hat will instantly turn a bad hair day into a good head day. Keep a low profile while still getting noticed for style.

Stick to the basics of effective heart-rate training with the Polar FT4. Polar's simplistic design tracks calories burned and your fitness improvements based on heart rate.

Take the ick factor out of shared gym towels with the Germ Shield. Plus, it's got hidden pockets to store your belongings without having to step into the locker room.

This handy container will help ensure that you never bear the embarrassment or pain of spilling any of your precious protein powder ever again.

This isn't a Dear Diary. The fitlosophy fitbooks help keep you on track with your fitness and nutrition goals.

The GoStak offers a Swiss-Army-like versatility with a sleek and portable design. The various containers can hold salad dressings, pills, protein powder, keys, snacks, and almost anything you can dream up.

This weightlifting belt is designed specifically for a woman's waist and helps stabilize the lower back and abdomen for heavier lifting.

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