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2014 Arnold Webcast Replays

2014 Arnold Classic webcast replays are available now for a limited time! Congratulations to all the competitors. You put on an amazing show! presented the 2014 Arnold Webcast sponsored by Optimum Nutrition, BSN and Cellucor. It was an incredible weekend of great events.

We hope you enjoy the following replays.

Top Pro Individual Routines

Arnold Classic Top 10

Dennis Wolf - Overall Winner
Shawn Rhoden - 2nd Place
Cedric McMillan - 3rd Place
Victor Martinez - 4th Place
Evan Centopani - 5th Place
Branch Warren - 6th Place
Ben Pakulski - 7th Place
Brandon Curry - 8th Place
Toney Freeman - 9th Place
Edward Nunn - 10th Place

Fitness International Top 3

Oksana Grishina - Winner
Regiane DeSilva - 2nd Place
Tanji Johnson - 3rd Place

Figure International Top 3

Candace Keene - Winner
Heather Dees - 2nd Place
Camala Rodriguez - 3rd Place

Bikini International Top 3

Ashley Kaltwasser - Winner
Yeshira Robles - 2nd Place
Amanda Latona - 3rd Place

Arnold Classic 212 Top 3

James Flex Lewis - Winner
David Henry - 2nd Place
Aaron Clark - 3rd Place

Saturday, March 1

Saturday Night Finals

Saturday Pro Prejudging

Friday, February 28

Friday Night Pro Finals