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Strong to the Cor

Cellucor Strong To The Cor 6-Week Challenge

6-Week Strong to the Cor Challenge -- Win your share of $30,000!

Congratulations Strong to the Cor Challenge Winners

1st Place Male Winner ///

Kevin Fridenberger Jr.

"I have done about 6 of these challenges so far and I am currently doing the Cellucor 6 week challenge, when this one is over I will do another one because one thing that I've learned is consistency is the most important aspect to seeing and feeling results."

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1st Place Female Winner ///

Sunny Katsilometes

"I realized that I was the only person who could make the changes necessary to live a healthier lifestyle and love what I saw in the mirror. SO - I got started. It was painful, and still is, but so worth it!"

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2nd Place Male Winner ///

Matt Veljkovich

"I always have more energy and I become much more positive after finishing an intense workout! Watching your body change as the days weeks and months go by is very rewarding and keeps you coming back for more and more! "

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2nd Place Female Winner ///

Amber Stice

"I know I have gained incredible mental as well as physical strength through this process. I also feel like it has been a great opportunity for my children to see that fitness isn't all about being skinny. That health habits equal a healthy body, mind and life!"

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3rd Place Male Winner ///

Terry Smith

"Once I started to really see some results it motivated me more than anything. But I can't forget to mention all the great people I met on bodyspace, yeah you... I know your reading this.. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and encouragement."

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3rd Place Female Winner ///

Katrina McLeod

"The more I learn the more I realize how much I LOVE bodybuilding and the way my body looks and feels as compared to just cardio. Finding this site and seeing the huge bodybuliding community out there has helped to me embrace it even more."

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