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2013 March Muscle Madness: Training Montage Video Battle!

What movie has the best training montage of all time? You decide! Celebrate March Madness with this head-to-head video battle.

Rocky IV reigns victorious! Your votes rolled in, and we tallied them. The larger-than-life March Muscle Madness matchup of Rocky Balboa vs. Rocky IV, went to the 1985 film. Although the "hurtin' bombs" Balboa built in his final movie were epic, they failed to defeat the hard-core, bare-bones, old-school training sequences of Rocky on the Russian Steppe.

It wasn't science, special training techniques, or technology that prepared Rocky for his bout against Ivan Drago, but an unmatched work-ethic, a will to win, and the horse power to blast through two feet of snow. Rocky IV leaves us more than inspired to grow a beard and train in the elements. He instills in us a spark to be the best we can be. To climb our personal mountain, and shout our victories from the apex. Rocky IV isn't just a neat movie about boxing, it's a lesson in life: Success comes on the coattails of sheer will.

Winner: Rocky IV