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2013 Fit USA Competition

This is your chance to get discovered! and MusclePharm are awarding over $5,000 in cash and prizes to the freshest faces (and buffest bodies) in fitness modeling.

2013 Fit USA Fitness Model Competition

2013 FIT USA Fitness Model Competition Powered by MusclePharm

This is your chance to get discovered! and MusclePharm are awarding major cash and prizes to the freshest faces (and buffest bodies) in fitness modeling.

This Event Is Over! Who Won?

A hearty congratulations to this year's FIT USA overall winners, Caryn Paolini & Pierre Vuala!

2013 FIT USA Winners

Check out the results and photos from the event!

2013 FIT USA Fitness Model Competition

Watch the freshest faces (and buffest bodies) from around the country strut their stuff onstage for celebrity judges Dave Otunga and Ashley Conrad. The winning male and female will be awarded a feature in REPS or Oxygen, a photo shoot with, and a year's supply of MusclePharm sports-nutrition supplements.

One male and one female will win:

Cha-ching! Our male and female 2nd and 3rd place winners will be rewarded with hundreds of dollars worth of MusclePharm supplements. PLUS the top 20 (10 male and 10 female) finalists will all receive a custom gym bag filled with goodies. For details, please review the Terms and Conditions.

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JUNE 8, 12:30PM - 1:30PM


The People's Choice Award

Voting has ended! The winners were announced at the FIT USA Competition. Congratulations to the People's Choice winners, Benet Ruggles & Steven Williams!

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Top 10 Male & Female Finalists

Benet Ruggles' road to fitness has been a tough one, with bulimia holding her back mentally and physically. Benet enjoyed a very active childhood, but things took a turn in college when her self-esteem and body image hit rock bottom. Today Benet has conquered all, crediting weightlifting with transforming her body, as well as her outlook on health and fitness.

Adam Gonzalez is so passionate about health and fitness that he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. As a scientist, researcher, teacher, trainer, writer, and athlete, Adam credits the science behind fitness with giving him not only an exciting career, but also the motivation and drive to train his hardest.

Brieana Winn grew up loving dance, cheer, and tumbling. However, it wasn't until her second year of college that she started lifting weights and following a training program. Her inspiration was a friend's incredible physical transformation for a bikini show. Brieana quickly found a trainer, and she hasn't looked back!

Allen Elliott credits wrestling with preparing him for a fit and healthy life. The sport's weight-management requirements taught him discipline and accountability. These important lessons have helped Allen overcome his natural tendencies toward procrastination and complacency. Allen feels that living a healthy lifestyle means living by a higher standard.

Caryn Paolini was the kid in the lunchroom that nobody wanted to trade with, because her lunchbox was always stocked with foods like carrot sticks, apple slices, and bran muffins. At the time, she hated it. But today Caryn is incredibly grateful to her parents for instilling in her the importance of healthy eating habits.

Eric Promer went from weighing 210 pounds at 17% body fat on January 1, 2013 to 172 pounds at about 5% body fat on April 27, 2013. This incredible achievement taught Eric what it takes to be fit. He says that just going to the gym doesn't cut it. It requires a trifecta of diet, workout regimen, and mental health.

Charmain Lett is proud to represent the best in fit living, female active-duty soldiers, and figure competition. As a leader in the best fighting force of the U.S., she loves inspiring and motivating others on a daily basis with her healthy lifestyle. In fact, Charmain says she eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness.

Jeremy Scott's chronic kidney disease prompted him to change his eating and fitness habits. His compromised health was both a blessing and a curse, forcing him to change his entire approach to food at an adult age. As difficult as those changes were, they helped Jeremy discover his passion for helping people through nutrition and training.

Emily Herrington was a Division 1 athlete at Duke University. After graduating, she missed not having something to train for, so her trainer suggested she try a bodybuilding competition. Emily now says that she didn't know what she was getting herself into. But after winning her first bikini show, Emily was hooked!

Jordan Zabriskie sets new fitness goals every year. His latest goal is to become an IFBB Men's Physique Pro, which has been a lot tougher then he had initially anticipated. His biggest obstacle? Time. Dr. Zabriskie is trying to grow a new physical therapy and chiropractic practice, while also making seven meals a day and working out for two hours a day.

Leah Dolan says that the most difficult obstacle on her fitness journey has been the people who made fun of her and tried to strip away her motivation. But Leah has come to realize that they were actually confused and intimidated by the health and fitness industry, and lacking the motivation to try it for themselves.

Kyle Cost's dad has lifted weights for as long as Kyle can remember. He looked different than other the dads, and Kyle knew that one day he wanted to be just like him. When he got older, Kyle started lifting weights. He admired the physiques of the men and women on the pages of fitness magazines, dreaming that he would be next.

Lisa Desilet remembers staring at herself in the mirror after the birth of her third child, and not recognizing the person staring back. She had slowly lost the part of herself that had always been active, and she knew it was time for something better for herself and her family. Two years later, she has defied all expectations.

Matt Bucur's health and fitness journey began with a weight-lifting class in high school. He instantly loved the feeling - and results - he got from pushing his body to its limits. Matt went on to study biochemistry and exercise science at Arizona State, spending countless hours analyzing the body inside and out.

Rachel Omell has been a dancer her whole life, but as she got older, dancing wasn't enough to keep her in shape. She then started lifting weights, got more active, and developed a passion for nutrition. After college, Rachel became a personal trainer and Pilates instructor so she could help others reach their health and fitness goals.

Nick Olsen knew it was time to turn his life around when, at 230 pounds, he saw a picture of himself and couldn't believe how big he had gotten. Nick had dropped his lifelong dedication to soccer, and his unhealthy habits had caught up to him. Now a personal trainer and in the best shape of his life, Nick helps others discover the same passion for fitness.

Sarah Serna committed herself to achieving a fit physique after admiring the fitness models in magazines. Having children has also given her the challenge of recovering her physique after each pregnancy and becoming even better than she was before. Sarah now competes in the NPC and continues her commitment to living fit.

Pierre Vuala feels that the biggest obstacle on his path to health and fitness has definitely been food. He's loves every aspect of food, from cooking it to enjoying its flavor. Over time, Pierre has learned to substitute the good for the bad, control his portions, and discover flavors from uncommon sources.

Trish Schnupp used the gym to get through a painful divorce. Finding the motivation to get started was her biggest challenge: All she wanted to do was sit on the couch, cry, and eat! But with the encouragement of friends and family, she triumphed. Last fall, she proudly joined her brother in climbing Idaho's tallest peak.

Steven Williams was overweight until his freshman year of college, when that he realized that his life was not where he wanted it to be. He fought back against years of bad habits, many of which were worsened by his college lifestyle. All in all, Steven says that the decision to get healthy was the best decision he has ever made.

Who Won Last Year?

Our 2012 Fit USA winners were the strong and sexy Liz Brown & Matthew Sulentic.

When and Where Will Finals be Held?

You're officially invited to's hometown! The top 20 finalists must be available to compete onstage in the FIT USA finals show at the Fit Expo. The show will be June 8, 2013 at the Century Link Arena in downtown Boise, ID. Finalists must also be able to participate in same-day afternoon rehearsals. Please note: Finalists are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses, but it'll be totally worth it!