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2013 BSN Summer Shred Challenge

2013 BSN Summer Shred Challlenge

Congratulations to the 2013
BSN Summer Shred Transformation Challenge Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Kyle Yedlicka ///

1st Place Winner ///

Kyle Heeter
United States

"I am doing this because I want to see how far I can push myself. What do I take? I take no days off. I take no excuses. I don't take reps off!"

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1st Place Winner ///

Cody Hill
United States

"I saw my before pictures — that's how I stayed motivated! I didn't really need much motivation other than that."

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2nd Place Winner ///

Sarah Dunne

"I am so proud to be able to truly say that I 'brought the heat'! I stayed focused and worked hard and as a reward, I have evolved into a person I never knew I could be."

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2nd Place Winner ///

Greg Foster
United States

" I flipped a switch, and there is no going back! I love it. I love the way I feel, I love the way I look."

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3rd Place Winner ///

Jonathan Miller
United Kingdom

"I am a physiotherapist, and what has struck me most in my career is how many lives have been ruined by irreversible, chronic ailments that are totally preventable. This was my motivation for taking up this challenge; to show that you can achieve a high level of health and fitness during/after mid-life and prevent many of the debilitating effects of the aging process."

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3rd Place Winner ///

Cole Orgill
United States

"I am a fitness trainer, and I was definitely not practicing what I was preaching and it showed. I decided to do this to hopefully motivate my clients and to show what hard work and dedication could accomplish."

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    • Why you decided to transform?
    • How you accomplished your goals?
    • When you transformed and how long it took you?

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