2013 Bodybuilding.com Employee Transformation Challenge

In January, Bodybuilding.com employees were challenged to complete a 12-week transformation. These 34 employees not only finished the challenge, but made permanent changes to their lifestyles. We're proud to call them our own!

Every New Year, employees of Bodybuilding.com pose two questions:

  • "What can we do better?"
  • "How do we improve our service to our customers?"

The answer doesn't always come from corner-office meetings or executive decrees. It often comes from the personal decision to make health and fitness a priority. Your health can't be our passion unless we're committed to our own.

The fire of our commitment to fitness gets stoked during the Employee Transformation Challenge. Every year for 12 weeks, we live the customer experience. We follow trainers, track everything on BodySpace, devour useful content, discover new products, and fight to live the fit lifestyle. We change our lives so we can help you change yours.

This year, 53 participants lost a combined total of 500 pounds! On average, each person lost 4.25 percent body fat. The supportive work culture and competitive nature of the of Bodybuilding.com team is a big reason so many members had such successful transformations. We are proud to call ourselves the fittest company in America!

Best Transformation

Melis Kostjerevac /// Massive Melis

Advertising Operations Coordinator
"70 percent of the battle is nutrition. I learned to enjoy my healthy food. If you're not excited for your next meal, it's much easier to quit."

Start: 194 lbs
End: 180 lbs
BF Change: -14.3%

Lindsey Sapien /// LipotropicLinds

"This transformation changed my body and my entire outlook on life."

Start: 134 lbs
End: 118.1 lbs
BF Change: -6.2%

Best Physique

Shay Massey /// ShayMasseyFit

Software QA Engineer
"Since the challenge, I am more comfortable sharing my fitness and professional goals with others, especially through BodySpace. I know people expect as much from me as I do from myself."

Start: 130 lbs
End: 125 lbs
BF Change: -4%

Nate Hampel /// Knockout Nate

eCommerce Catalog Editor
"Since the competition, I've had great success in men's physique competitions. It feels awesome."

Start: 170.8 lbs
End: 175 lbs
BF Change: -0.6%

Best Over-40 Transformation

Kerri Kasper /// Kerriak

"My motto throughout the challenge was, 'Somewhere, someone busier than you is working out.'"

Start: 144 lbs
End: 134 lbs
BF Change: -7.5%

Steve Brooke /// sbrooke45y

Assistant Controller
"The sky is the limit. My body has a lot more potential than I ever imagined. It just takes a solid program and a support system to unlock it."

Start: 149.2 lbs
End: 142 lbs BF Change: -6%

Notable Transformations

Kyle Miller /// KineticKyle19

Customer Service Representative
"The Challenge changed my life. I now eat healthier and go to the gym on a daily basis."

Start: 200 lbs
End: 183 lbs
BF Change: -2.5%

Aaron Vick /// avickaci

Online Advertising Manager
"The most rewarding part is the additional fitness knowledge I gathered from fellow employees."

Start: 171 lbs
End: 167 lbs
BF Change: -3.9%

John Hardesty /// JohnHardesty

Vice President of Digital Publishing
"The culture around Bodybuilding.com is always focused on health and fitness, but even more so during these 12 weeks. It's motivating!"

Start: 195 lbs
End: 176 lbs
BF Change: -4%

Michael Whittinghill /// mswhittinghill

Assistant Category Manager
"I quickly learned that what you eat in private, you wear in public. Food and proper nutrition played the greatest role in my transformation."

Start: 205 lbs
End: 182 lbs
BF Change: -5.8%

Jesse Ellis /// Jackd Jesse

Digital Marketing Specialist
"I learned that different types of cardio—low-intensity and high-intensity—affected my weight loss differently."

Start: 190 lbs
End: 176 lbs
BF Change: -2.5%

Michael Fillmore /// TheTrickster

Associate Data Warehouse Developer
"To see the overall impact my hard work has on my weight, body fat and physical appearance is rewarding. People take notice!"

Start: 197 lbs
End: 181 lbs
BF Change: -9.3%

Brian Kahn /// Kahnsepts

Creative Director
"When I switch up the types of workouts I do, like doing full-body workouts instead of focusing on a single body part, I shock my body into change. I feel better than ever."

Start: 187.3 lbs
End: 166 lbs
BF Change: -9.1%

Brandon Harada /// turbofirefox

Senior Developer of Web Analytics
"I define the person I want to be. Consistency in my diet and exercise routine is critical to a leaner, stronger me."

Start: 162 lbs
End: 153.9 lbs
BF Change: -2.8%

Denise Ruhoff /// deeders3370

Product Owner
"I love to hear my 4-year-old son ask, 'Mommy, is this good for our muscles?' He now proudly demonstrates his poses and lifting abilities. I am a role model."

Start: 156.8 lbs
End: 149.6 lbs
BF Change: -8%

Kamile Ishiyama /// kiki261

Business Analyst
"After the challenge, I ran my fourth Race to Robie Creek half marathon. This year was my fastest completion yet."

Start: 138.8 lbs
End: 131.8 lbs
BF Change: -3.3%

Rosemary Gold /// RevdUpRosemary

Customer Service Trainer
"I learned that in order to lose fat or gain muscle, I have to eat!"

Start: 108 lbs
End: 101 lbs
BF Change: -2.5%

Derek Sanders /// Svallin

Web Designer
"I love lifting heavy and will keep trying to push my strength to its limit."

Start: 188 lbs
End: 160 lbs
BF Change: -11.9%

Dylan Cooper /// dylan5co

Facilities Manager
"We have a great community of health and fitness enthusiasts within the company. Everyone supports one another."

Start: 218 lbs
End: 200 lbs
BF Change: -4.7%

Anna Rigas /// AnatomicAnna

Customer Service Representative III
"If I make smart choices rather than extreme choices, I can create an environment of healthy and happy living for myself."

Start: 119 lbs
End: 109 lbs
BF Change: -6%

Carrie Fischer /// ScaryCarrie

Localization Program Manager
"I now make the gym a priority. I continue to work out to gain even more muscle."

Start: 123 lbs
End: 127 lbs

Scott Wohlrab /// SWohlrab

Florida Warehouse Operations
"The most rewarding part of the process was the sense of accomplishment. I stuck to the diet and workout routine, no matter what, for the entire 90 days."

Start: 212 lbs
End: 179 lbs BF Change: -6%

Alina Vaynberg /// ActiveAli

Director of Label Compliance
"I am better about time management now. I learned to account for an entire week of meals and workouts, which kept me consistent."

Start: 132.4 lbs
End: 133 lbs BF Change: -2.4%

Cate Harper /// Soccergirl12

Product Design Coordinator
"The support of my colleagues, close friends, and family felt amazing. I loved that I could show my 93-year-old grandma my pictures. All she could do was smile and say she was proud."

Start: 136.6 lbs
End: 133 lbs BF Change: -3%

Sean Boone /// seanboone

Senior Production Designer
"I loved doing video recordings in the gym to talk about my experiences. The thought that someone might benefit from my challenges and struggles kept me motivated."

Start: 139 lbs
End: 142 lbs

Ratheesh Kaniyala /// rkaniyala

IT Operations
"I love the result itself. It is unbelievable to see how much we can achieve if we are serious for just 12 weeks."

Start: 146 lbs
End: 142 lbs
BF Change: -2.5%

Andy Swanson /// as12345

Support Team Lead
"I had to get a new wardrobe because of the drastic drop in my waist size. I didn't expect that much change."

Start: 200 lbs
End: 180.5 lbs
BF Change: -10.2%

Stephen Dickens /// ShreddinSteve

Senior eCommerce Editor
"I learned that you only get back as much as you put in. To see others do so well with their transformations motivates me to push harder to get to where I want to be."

Start: 159.8 lbs
End: 157 lbs
BF Change: -1.7%

Dru Kepple /// drukepple

Front End Developer
"I saw firsthand that weight training is great for an endurance sport. I lost weight, increased core strength, and ran a lot faster in just three months."

Start: 196.8 lbs
End: 189 lbs
BF Change: -1.9%

Cody Nebeker /// codynebeker

Category Manager
"I set a goal and I achieved it. There is nothing more rewarding than success."

Start: 188 lbs
End: 186 lbs
BF Change: -4.8%

Meghan Kahnle /// TangoClimber

Web Designer
"Everyday someone could share a story, a new PR, or a new nugget of information and feel completely supported. It's a reward to participate in the excitement."

Start: 134.9 lbs
End: 142 lbs
BF Change: -3%

Lif Lindeman /// EllipticalLif

Legal Administrative Assistant
"It's fun and rewarding to push myself to new limits."

Start: 121 lbs
End: 120 lbs
BF Change: -1.9%

Amy Brown /// amy.brown

Product AP Manager
"I thought I was being selfish if I put myself first and went to the gym instead of playing with the kids. But I found that I am a much better mom and have more energy to play if I am fit."

Start: 151 lbs
End: 140 lbs
BF Change: -5%

Donald Jones /// DumbbellDonny

Customer Service Representative
"Although I lead an active lifestyle, I still saw great results after completing the challenge. The friendly competition in the office kept me motivated."

Start: 248 lbs
End: 253 lbs
BF Change: -5%