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2013 Fitness Expo Special Guests

Want to rub shoulders with some of the most influential athletes & models in the Fitness Industry? Then join us for the 2013 Fitness Expo in Boise, Idaho, on June 8th at Century Link Arena.

You won't want to miss this year's BFE ( Fit Expo). See who some of our special VIP attendees will be!

Selected VIP Attendees

Doug Martin

Martin is a former BSU football player who was awarded MVP after returning the opening kickoff in the 2011 Maaco Bowl. Now you can find him on the Tampa Bay Bucs roster. After an impressive 2012 season, Martin was announced one of five finalists for the Rookie of the Year Award.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Profile
Wikipedia Article

Ryan Clady

Clady is a former BSU player, where he earned All-American Honors and was part of the historic win over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. In 2008 the Denver Broncos chose Clady as a first round draft pick. He has also been selected to play in the Pro Bowl three times.

Denver Broncos Profile
Wikipedia Article

David Otunga

Otunga has an impressive resume including being one of the most successful people among the WWE superstars. He also graduated from Harvard with a law degree and has appeared with Halle Berry in the 2013 thriller The Call.

David Otunga Fitness 360
WWE Profile
IMDB Profile
Wikipedia Article

Ashley Conrad

Ashley is one of the world's top fitness and nutrition experts. Conrad broke onto the training scene with her now world-renowned program: Clutch. With the ability to transform the body in a matter of seven days, Conrad quickly rose to the top of the Hollywood training game, becoming the go-to expert for celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, P. Diddy and Penelope Cruz.

Ashley Conrad Celebrity Trainer
Clutch Biography

Rich Gaspari

Rich Gaspari is a former professional bodybuilder competing in the 80s and early 90s. Gaspari was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004. Like many former & current champion bodybuilders, Gaspari started his own supplement company, Gaspari Nutrition.

Rich Gaspari Fitness 360
Competition History
Gaspari Nutrition Products

Steve Cook

Steve Cook is an Idaho native that has exploded into the fitness world. He has been on the cover of many health & fitness magazines and is a sponsored athlete for both and Team Optimum Nutrition/ABB. Steve has helped many college students find balance between academics and athletics with his "Big Man on Campus" 12-Week Trainer.

Steve Cook Fitness 360
Big Man On Campus Trainer

Greg Plitt

Plitt is undisputedly America's #1 male fitness model, appearing on the cover of over 100 fitness magazines and 25 romance novels in the past 4 years. Plitt has received many titles including sexiest man alive and top 25 fittest Americans. Greg has done many commercials and has also appeared on the big screen along side Robert DeNiro and Christian Bale. Before taking on modeling and acting Greg graduated from West Point and served as an Army Ranger as well as Captain and Commander.

Greg Plitt Abs Workout
Greg Plitt's MFT28 Trainer

Dr. Sara Solomon

Dr. Sara Solomon is a writer and spokesmodel for, the most visited bodybuilding and fitness website in the world. Dr. Solomon is a practicing dentist (DMD) in Toronto, Canada, and holds a B.Sc in Physiotherapy. This certified personal trainer, spinning instructor, professional fitness model and cover girl is known around the world for her jump rope skills and her "Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed" Jump Rope by Buddy Lee Jump Ropes. Dr. Solomon, a former Oxygen Magazine Weight Loss Success Story, knows firsthand the challenges of juggling a busy career with a healthy lifestyle, which is why her blogs for Gaspari Nutrition and Oxygen Magazine focus on endurable, maintainable and time-saving approaches for fat loss. Sara's media credits include being featured on CityTV's Look I Cook, Lifetime's The Balancing Act, and her "Healthy Recipes" eBook on

The Fat-Blasting Doctor Biography Articles

Dana Linn Bailey

Competition is what IFBB Women's Physique Pro & MHP Athlete Dana Linn Bailey lives and breathes everyday. It's her way of thinking in life. She always wants to be her best and work her best. And she thinks that is what motivates her day in and day out in the gym! She thanks her parents for competitive discipline - they always pushed for her to be involved in as many sports as possible and to excel in all of them.

MHP Athlete Profile
BodySpace Member of the Month

Jen Rankin

Jen Rankin is an IFBB Bikini Pro, and also a sponsored Optimum Nutrition/ABB team athlete, Team Athlete, and 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel for Jen is also a fitness model and personal trainer.

Jen Rankin Fitness 360
Team Optimum Profile
Competition History

Tabitha Klausen

Tabitha Klausen lives in Connecticut and is an IFBB Bikini Pro, fitness model, NASM-certified personal trainer, NPC Bikini Coach, and BSN-sponsored athlete.

BodySpace Member of the Month
Competition History

Craig Capurso

Craig Capurso is an IFBB Pro Men's Physique athlete, a commodities oil trader on the NYMEX floor by trade, and is a Cellucor Sports Nutrition sponsored athlete and Spokesmodel. Sacred Heart University recruited Craig in football and awarded financial grants as he proved to be one of the school's leading career tacklers. Craig's collegiate accomplishments included starting all four years, and he never missed a game, while in the classroom he worked his way to the Deans List and Cum Laude honors in finance.

Craig Capurso Fitness 360
Competition History
Craig Capurso Back Workout

Nick Scott

Nick Scott is the CEO/President/Founder of Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc. He has a Bachelor's in Business Administration, is a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT), and is Certified as a Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN).

Nick Scott Fitness 360
Wheelchair Bodybuilding Biography

Katie "Chung Hua" Barnes

Katie Barnes is an IFBB Bikini Pro, BSN Athlete, Fitness Model, Athlete, BHL Player, and Torque Athlete. Katie graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Business Management. She is a former ice hockey player, former MMA ring card girl, winner of the 2009 FLEXonline Bikini Model Search, and professional bada$$. She earned her pro card at the 2011 NPC Team Universe.

Katie Chung Hua Fitness 360
Competition History
BSN Athlete Profile

Tom "Rage" Fuller

Tom Fuller is the creator of Hell Raiser Training and Hellcentrics. He's been bodybuilding for 30 years and holds 4 first place finishes as a Masters Heavyweight competitor. He's trained and advised hundreds of athletes for free over the last 20 years as a way of giving back to the great sport of bodybuilding. He's been employed by Universal Nutrition for 20 years as Operations Manager, Senior Sales Executive and Trainer for its western division in Southern California.

Animal Hellraiser Trainer Articles

Kathleen Tesori

Kathleen Tesori is one of the most recognized names in the fitness industry. She is an athlete and spokesmodel for She holds many titles and achievements; most notably the FLEX bikini model search winner, IFBB Figure Pro, ring girl for MTV's show Bully Beatdown, and she has appeared in several of magazine layouts. Kathleen has a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA), and is a fitness model and lifestyle coach.

Kathleen Tesori Fitness 360
Competition History

Kelechi Opara

Kelechi Opara is an Optimum Nutrition/ABB sponsored athlete, and a member of Team He has appeared in & on the cover of numerous fitness magazines. Kelechi created the highly-successful "Nutritionist" app for iPhone/Android, is an expert Nutritional Consultant and seminar lecturer, and is a former U.S. Marine who served in Afghanistan.

Kelechi Opara Fitness 360
Kelechi Opara's Targeted Chest Workout
Kelechi Opara Lifts Life

Sean Sarantos

Sean Sarantos has served over 6 years in the United States Air Force where he helped military members rehabilitate using Physical and Occupational Therapy. As well as being a athlete for several years, he also helps train and motivate others while always trying to better his knowledge of health and fitness.

Sean Sarantos Fitness 360

Sundae Marshall

Sundae Marshall earned her B.S. in Exercise Science, is a NPC Bikini Competitor, Team Optimum Sponsored Athlete, and the 2010 Fit Body Competition Winner. She is a health and wellness coach and recently started her own bikini line, SundaeLu Bikini LTD. Her mission is to help competitors prioritize their health and values in "lieu" of the limitations faced when finding balance in a competitive lifestyle.

Optimum Nutrition Biography

Brandon Johnson

Brandon has been a personal trainer for the last 8 years. Along with personal training, he also teaches strength and conditioning classes at Weber State University. Brandon holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and a Master's Degree in Sports Performance and Conditioning. He has also developed a specialized training program for training figure and bikini athletes that has been very successful.


Ryan Hays Althoff

Ryan Hays Althoff is an IFBB Figure Pro and is the National Sales Director for SciVation. She was a Division I college athlete, playing soccer at High Point University in North Carolina on an athletic scholarship. She competed for 2 years before earning her IFBB pro card in November 2011 in Miami. She has a B.S. in Marketing & Management and an MBA. Ryan is an avid sports fanatic and loves watching live outdoor sports in particular.

Competition History

Karina Baymiller

Karina Baymiller earned her B.S. in Kinesiology from ASU, and is a health and fitness junkie with a passion for clean eating, using her 60-pound weight loss journey to inspire and motivate others. She's a Cellucor Athlete, Team Athlete, ACSM personal trainer, online health and fitness coach, Fitness Model, and overall bada$$.

Karina Baymiller Fit 360
Karina Baymiller Transformation
Cellucor Press Release

Brian Casad

Brian Casad is a spokesmodel and athlete for Brian won the 2013 Iron Man Magazine BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest, and is a cast member in Body Beast by Beach Body, LLC.

2013 BodySpace Spokesmodel
Newspaper Article

Ryan Workman

Ryan is the Labrada Nutrition Show Coordinator, a personal trainer and fitness model.

Team Labrada Biography

Jessie Hilgenberg

Jessie is an IFBB Figure Pro, Figure & Bikini Competition Coach, Fitness Model, and NLA Performance sponsored athlete living in Nevada with her husband, Alex. Being fit and living healthy is what she knows and loves! Jessie graduated from California State University, Chico with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Graphic Design, and runs a successful advertising studio for the past 7 years.

Fitness Competitor of the Week

Grant Higa

Grant is an American Strongman, Powerlifter in the USAPL and USPF, a certified ACE Personal Trainer and an Universal Sponsored Team Athlete. He has competed in Strongman for 15 years and his favorite event is the semi-truck pull.

American Strongman Biography
Northwest Strongman Biography

Samantha Ann Leete

Samantha Ann Leete is the 2013 BodySpace Spokesmodel. She is an athlete, national bikini competitor/coach, member of TEAM and Team Pro Tan. She has a passion for health & fitness and loves sharing her knowledge. This fit lady is a high school cheer coach in addition to working at the IRS as a Large Corporation Contact Representative.

2013 BodySpace Spokesmodel
Competition History

Mark Anthony Wingson

Mark Anthony's eyes and heart are set on becoming the first ever Men's Physique Mr. Olympia. The kid with the big dream of one day becoming an IFBB Pro is now living his dream, by the grace of God, and the will to never surrender. Mark Anthony Wingson is an ALLMAX-sponsored athlete.

ALLMAX Nutrition Biography
Flex Magazine News Article

Kizzito Ejam

Kizzito Ejam is a Team spokesmodel and athlete, and has a varied background in sports, including Karate, soccer, football, track and field, and he's a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Kizzito is also a certified Instructor in Krav Maga and Tae Kwon Do.

Kizzito Ejam Fitness 360

Lee Banks

At age 15, Lee Banks was into martial arts and near earning his black belt, but sustained a knee injury which left him in a cast all summer. Out of boredom, Lee started doing bicep curls, and became excited when he noticed his arms growing. Lee's father was also a competitive bodybuilder, and Lee apparently got his dad's good genetics!

Competitor Profile
Iron Man Magazine Biography

Preston Noble

Preston Noble is a TEAM Athlete, 2012 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search Finalist, and NPC Men's Physique competitor. He played football & volleyball in high school and started all round. He grew up in an active family always giving thanks to God for his health & strength. Preston is a personal trainer, fitness model and an all-day, everyday "smile 'n have FUN enthusiast." He is the winner of the very first Phoenix Europa Expo Model Contest.

Preston Noble Fitness 360
Preston Noble's Freaky Calves Workout

Andrea Ager

This Colorado Mesa University grad ran track and field and cross-country in college, as well as volleyball and swimming, but now is all about CrossFit. She moved to California to coach and compete during the 2011 CrossFit Open, and came in 5th in the 2011 Games. Nicknamed the "Ager Bomb," she is a NutriForce Sports sponsored athlete.

Reebok CrossFit Games Profile
NutriForce Sports Profile

Dominick Maurici

Although Dominick Maurici has only been a 'CrossFidian' for 3 years, he has already established himself in the industry, owning Caution CrossFit in Hialeah, FL where he trains. "CrossFit determines my way of life and well being. It's the fitness that you create out of yourself," he says. "It's my drug, the addiction that'll never go away."

Reebok CrossFit Games Profile
NutriForce Sports Profile
WODHub CrossFit Profile

Rachelle Dejean

Rachelle Dejean is an IFBB Bikini Pro & Fitness Model, NCAA Volleyball Record Holder, and Team athlete. Now, she challenges her sweet tooth while she shares her passion for the fit life. She is affiliated with Flex Til You're Famous, Ripple Swimwear, Fitmark, Production Team MET-Rx, and she's a Quest Nutrition Brand Ambassador and contributing writer.

Competition History
IdolBin Profile

Sierra Merchant

Fitness & Glamour Model Sierra Merchant is a Dymatize Nutrition sponsored athlete. This rising star found her passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle after her second child, Paxton, was born in June 2010. "I wanted to make changes in my life that would better my overall health and my children's health and future." She set out to do just that, inspiring women and mothers all over. Signing up for her first bikini fitness show with the WBFF was the turning point for her, and since then she has never looked back. Sierra has gone on to shoot with leading professionals for bikini/clothing line collections, calendars, and film, with fitness product companies such as Shake Weight and Total Core 2. In February 2012, she made a guest appearance on the hit daytime TV series, The Doctors. Sierra was the winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2012 FIT USA competition.

Team Dymatize Profile

Jennifer Dawn

IFBB Bikini Pro and Fitness Model Jennifer Dawn is a Dymatize Nutrition sponsored athlete. She competed in track and field since elementary school and earned her way through Troy State University on a full athletic scholarship. She started competing in the NPC in 2010 and competed for 2 years before earning her IFBB pro card at the 2011 NPC Nationals in the Bikini Division. She has worked with high quality photographers in the fitness industry and has been published in fitness magazines for print and online as well as fitness advertising.

Team Dymatize Profile

Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski

Matt Kroc is an American professional powerlifter, competitive bodybuilder, and a sponsored athlete with both MuscleTech and Elitefts. He currently holds the world record in the 220 lb. weight class for lifting a combined (squat, bench press, and deadlift) total of 2,551 lbs. He also holds the fifth highest total for the 242 lb. weight class. He is also a cancer survivor, a former U.S. Marine, registered pharmacist, author, fitness model, husband, and father of 3 boys.

The Kroc Row Workout

Jessica Paxson

Jessica Paxson is an IFBB Pro Bikini/Figure competitor, Optimum Nutrition and ABB sponsored athlete, fitness model and personal trainer. She has been on the covers of Oxygen Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Flex Magazine, Iron Man Magazine, Planet Muscle, MuscleMag, and more.

Team Optimum Profile
Competition History

Ben Booker

Ben Booker is a plumber that turned fitness model and now business owner & entrepreneur. He set out to help change lives through fitness & lifestyle changes and founded Second Chance Lifestyle. He is the 2010 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Search Winner, a FitnessRX and Iron Man Magazine Cover Model, and a member of Team Ben is also a husband and proud father of three.

Ben Booker Arms Workout
Ben Booker Shoulder & Abs Workout
Ben Booker's Life Transformation Story

Alexandre Carneiro

Alex is a Brazilian born IFBB Pro Physique Athlete, personal trainer, sports nutritionist and pro fitness model. He is an Optimum Sponsored Team Athlete, Hydrolyze Ultra Water Athlete, Oxygen 4 Energy Athlete, Pro Tan USA Sponsored Athlete, and Monsta Clothing Athlete. Alex is a Muscular Development Latino and Espanol Athlete and Author. He has also appeared in Physique Magazine and Men's Exercise.

Team ON Athlete Profile

Alicia Harris

Alicia Harris is an IFBB Figure Pro, Sponsored Athlete and Optimum Sponsored Athlete. She has a Master's degree in Sports Management from Northern Illinois University. She has also been involved with many of the sports teams around Chicago, including the Chicago Bears!

Competition History
Team ON Athlete Profile

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