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2012 Site Awards

The 2012 Site Awards are here! Check out this year’s 35 winners. We’re showcasing writers, articles, community members, incredible physiques, and more!

Various nut-jobs, whackos, Miscers, and crazy people believe that today—December 21, 2012—marks the end of the world. If the world must end, let us signal the finale with the 2012 Site Awards!

We shall precede the planet's fiery demise with this celebration of kickass fitness content, BodySpace heroes, heart-stopping fit heroines, inspirational physiques, Forum standouts, and more.

We've selected stellar content and talent across 35 unique categories, divided into two major sections: Community and Content. Each section is further broken down into subsections: Forums, photo galleries, best writers, best articles, and much, much more.

Before the global blackout, check out the authors, articles, and community members who earned a Site Award!

How Were They Chosen?

Narrowing the field to a group of nominees was hard enough; selecting winners was agonizing.

We clicked through page after page of hilarious, informative, motivational, and downright badass article content. We trolled galleries of ridiculously ripped dudes and "holy-lord-my-eyes-are-burning" fitness femme fatales. We canvassed industry experts, scoured the Forums, and watched Jerome Mayberry's "10 Commandments of the Weight Room" at least 43 times.

In short, we looked through every feature we released this year. We gathered feedback. We voted. We compared results. We downed Craze like madmen and, finally, settled on this year's Site Award winners.

Disagree with our choices, or want to share your own favorites? Post to the Comments below!

2012 Community Winners ///

Male BodySpace Member of the Year

Female BodySpace Member of the Year

Male Photo Gallery of the Year

Female Photo Gallery of the Year

Forum Thread of the Year

BodyGroup of the Year

Forum Member of the Year

2012 Content Winners ///

Male Writer of the Year

Female Writer of the Year

Article of the Year

Workout Article of the Year

Best Pro Article

Best Workout Fail

Recipe Article of the Year

Nutrition Article of the Year

Superfeature of the Year

Motivation Article of the Year

Supplement Article of the Year

Fat Loss Article of the Year

Video Trainer of the Year

Video Article of the Year

Fitness 360 of the Year

Male Transformation of the Year

Female Transformation of the Year

Teen Transformation of the Year

Over 40 Transformation of the Year

Amateur of the Year

Fitness Amateur of the Year

Teen Amateur of the Year

Over 40 Amateur of the Year

Military Amateur of the Year

International Transformation

Special Feature of the Year

Commenter of the Year

Previous Site Winners ///

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