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2012 Los Angeles Fitness Expo

The LA Fit Expo, brought to you by and Cytosport, features the NPC Ironman Naturally and BodySpace Spokesmodel finals on January 28-29th!

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Event Coverage

2012 Bodyspace Winners

BodySpace Spokesmodel

Meet the Top 10 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search finalists and winners here!

Spokesmodel Results

See Who Won Here!



See all of the photos of the 2012 LA Fit Expo taken by Ron Avidan here!

BodySpace Spokesmodel Finals Photos

LA Fit Expo Misc Photos

NPC Iron Man Naturally Photos: 

Bikini Photos
Figure Photos
Men's Open Photos
Men's Physique Photos
Women's Physique Photos

2012 NPC Iron Man Naturally Info

NPC Iron Man Naturally

See the results and info for the NPC Iron Man Naturally Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Championships here!


Iron Man Naturally Info

2012 LA Fit Expo Info

LA Fit Expo Info

Be sure to stop by the booth and get Jamie Eason and Mike O'Hearn's autographs! To see more details on the biggest fitness weekend of the year in California, click here!

LA Fit Expo Info

2011 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Winners

Jen Rankin's Fitness 360

2011 BodySpace
Spokesmodel: Jen Rankin

The 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel winner, Jen Rankin, knows all about adding curves in the right places and sculpting the best body! See her full program here!

Jen Rankin's Fitness 360

Steve Cook's Fitness 360

2011 BodySpace
Spokesmodel: Steve Cook

Steve Cook won the 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel competition with his chiseled physique. See exactly how he got it here!

Steve Cook's Fitness 360

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2011 IM Pro & LA Fit Expo

2011 LA Fit Expo

The 2011 Fit Expo was held January 29-30, 2011. Get complete coverage right here, including previews, interviews, competitor listings and much more!

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2010 LA Fit Expo Information

2010 LA Fit Expo

The 2010 Los Angeles Fitness Expo, presented by Gaspari Nutrition and Pro Fight Supplements, was held January 23-24.

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