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2012 Employee Transformation Challenge: Participants Part 2 (N–Z)

At, living a healthy lifestyle is part of the culture. We don’t just sell fitness—we are fitness.

When a company transforms, everyone wins-management, employees and customers alike. These men and women went wire to wire, and while they didn't win a Caribbean cruise, they earned the respect of their peers and changed their lives for the better!

Participants N-Z

Title: Fraud Deterrence/Billing Specialist
BodySpace: JamminJosh
Start Bodyweight: 193.8 lbs
Start Body Fat: 12.2%
End Bodyweight: 176.5 lbs
End Body Fat: 8.7%

Josh Nalder
"I hope that my kids will keep a passion for fitness as they get older."

For this contest, Josh wanted to get lean. He entered the Employee Transformation Challenge because his wife was training for her first bikini contest; he wanted to make things easier by transforming with her-what a guy!

Josh Nalder Josh Nalder

He says the transformation brought him and his wife closer together and he discovered that his fit lifestyle had a positive impact on his children. During his transformation, Josh was motivated by his coworkers and his public pictures and goals on BodySpace.

After losing the body fat, Josh plans on staying under 10%. He also wants to stack himself with muscle so he'll be lean and mean for a September 29th bodybuilding contest. If you're considering a transformation, Josh advises surrounding yourself with positive support and setting specific goals.

Title: Product Owner
BodySpace: ljppo
Start Bodyweight: 140 lbs
Start Body Fat: 20%
End Bodyweight: 130 lbs
End Body Fat: 16%

Lorie Park
"I am blessed to be able to take advantage of the incredible information we have on our site and our incredible employee benefits that actually reward us for improving our health."

Thanks to community support on BodySpace and access to a multitude of helpful content on the SuperSite, Lorie had plenty of inspiration during her transformation.

Lorie Park Lorie Park

Unhealthy menu choices weren't an option for Lorie; she altered her daily routine in order to grab fitness by the horns.

On days when she felt like quitting, Lorie persevered with the help of her incredible colleagues. She held herself accountable by telling her children, friends, and co-workers about her transformation pledge. After losing 10 pounds and four percent body fat, Lorie feels better mentally and physically, but she's not done yet.

Lorie still plans to drop more weight and body fat in the near future to keep pace with her three children as they age together.

Title: Customer Service Rep
BodySpace: starrfidencio
Start Bodyweight: 146 lbs
Start Body Fat: 27.9%
End Bodyweight: 137 lbs
End Body Fat: 16.3%

Starr Ramos
"You can still lead a busy life, but make the time to take care of yourself."

After having a baby, many people find it's just too hard to make serious changes in fitness. However, Starr teamed up with her hubby to take on the transformation challenge and they kicked major butt!

Starr Ramos Starr Ramos

Star dropped more than 11% body fat in 12 weeks by making food prep a priority.

Her most important advice to anyone just starting out is "don't do this alone." Even though Starr made an impressive transformation, she plans to continue by adding some muscle and getting even leaner! She's an amazing inspiration for anyone with a hectic schedule.

Title: Software Engineer
BodySpace: jeremy_reeder
Start Bodyweight: 145 lbs
Start Body Fat: 16.1%
End Bodyweight: 139.6 lbs
End Body Fat: 14.3%

Jeremy Reeder
"I have made good progress on my goals; I'm not going to stop now."

Plagued with scoliosis, Jeremy had to deal with pain as well as the challenges of a diet and exercise regimen. Jeremy says that exercising is a struggle, but rather than quitting, he redesigned a workout plan that takes his injured back into consideration.

Jeremy Reeder Jeremy Reeder

Although Jeremy did not reach his exact goals, he found that just beginning a transformation was enough to make him dedicated to lifetime change. His commitment to the transformation encouraged some of his relatives to begin to do the same.

The progress they made together increased their confidence and bonded the family-what more could they ask for?

Title: Software Development Engineer
BodySpace: alphonzo79
Start Bodyweight: 248 lbs
Start Body Fat: 37%
End Bodyweight: 225.6 lbs
End Body Fat: 24%

Joe Rowley
"Although we spend a lot of time accentuating the negatives when we look in the mirror, I think we often tell ourselves that it's not as bad as it actually is."

Joe had been seeing a doctor on a daily basis: Dr. Pepper, that is. When he parted ways with his old friend, he lost 25 pounds, and THEN he started the employee challenge at!

Joe Rowley Joe Rowley

Since he is relatively new to the company, he thought the challenge would be a great way to integrate himself into company culture.

He chose a 12-week trainer, endured the positive peer pressure propagated by his coworkers, and cut even more weight. He used video features on the Supersite to teach him proper technique. As time wore on, he began to feel more comfortable in the gym and his skin.

His first day in the gym and old friend saw his paltry bench press and asked if he was working out with his wife … Joe stomached the burn, swallowed his ego, and used it as inspiration to complete an amazing transformation.

Title: IT Developer
BodySpace: lscantling
Start Bodyweight: 135 lbs
Start Body Fat: 22%
End Bodyweight: 122 lbs
End Body Fat: 15%

Leslie Scantling
"It is the hardest work I have ever done, and the most rewarding to complete it with such great results!"

Leslie tried the transformation thing in the past by herself, but never saw the results she was looking for. With the positive example put forth by her coworkers, she put everything she had into explicitly following the Jamie Eason LiveFit trainer.

Leslie Scantling Leslie Scantling

The program showed her how to exercise, how to eat, and she was even able to use for new recipes! Every Monday, Leslie took progress photos, weighed in, and had her body fat measured as a way to hold herself accountable for progress.

As she saw numbers dialing down every week, it was a big boost to her motivation. Leslie's success can be followed as a blueprint for anyone else looking to make great change in their physique.

Title: Web Content Editor/Writer
BodySpace: cassie1162
Start Bodyweight: 145 lbs
Start Body Fat: 25%
End Bodyweight: 142 lbs
End Body Fat: 17.5%

Cassie Smith
"If I ever want to make a serious, competition-ready change to my body, I have the tools and the mindset to do it ... I have the capability to change, it's just a matter of desire."

The 'interesting' people in Web Content (a subsidiary of DPG) always have the inside scoop on new training methods. They work with athletes and coaches to help build the pages of the supersite.

Cassie Smith Cassie Smith

Cassie was looking for a reason to become competitive again after her collegiate soccer (er, futbol!) days ended. This challenge filled the void. She used the data, the workouts and recipes, to develop a plan ready and willing to kick her @ss.

Her biggest shift was from the accepted 3 square meals per day scheme, to the bodybuilding 6-7 meal split. She incorporated CrossFit and Olympic lifting, foam rolling and anything else she thought would trick her body into impeccable shape. Her boyfriend supported her throughout, helping with meal prep and weekly workout plans. Together they live the fit life!

Title: Logistics Account Specialist (Support Team)
BodySpace: andylejames
Start Bodyweight: 205 lbs
Start Body Fat: 22.7%
End Bodyweight: 186 lbs
End Body Fat: 10.2%

Andy Swanson
"My perception of my body changed, because I'm happier with myself now than I was before the challenge. It's not that I care as much about looking better and impressing anyone, it's that I look and FEEL healthier."

Working at did for Andy what it's done for all of us. Working in the offices, call center, or warehouse puts fit people all around you, begs you to begin caring for yourself. It's a subtle peer pressure based on holistic health and welfare.

Andy Swanson Andy Swanson

Andy said the free shelf (where employees can take home returned/damaged products from the warehouse) helped him immensely. It gave him access to supplements that get expensive at times, and allowed him to use quality products from MusclePharm and Cellucor.

He and his girlfriend found another way to bond by working out together, and eating healthier as a couple. Now they both have increased energy, as their relationship grows stronger. Andy preaches patience despite his speedy results. It doesn't happen right away, but small changes eventually become large ones, and improved health continues to improve.

Title: Social Media Manager
BodySpace: Gunshow09
Start Bodyweight: 134 lbs
Start Body Fat: 22.8%
End Bodyweight: 131 lbs
End Body Fat: 18.2%

Jill Tuschhoff
"I have definitely discovered a new lifestyle and will continue to make my overall health a priority."

After some holiday indulgence, Jill wanted to see if she could get a beach-ready bod in three months. She wanted to kick some bad habits and start focusing on how defined she could make her body.

Jill Tuschhoff Jill Tuschhoff

This sporty chick found the right balance of nutrition and exercise and changed some flab into hard muscle. Jill found that her team members at were a great support system. They shared supplements and battle stories. She also found that recipes on the website were helpful in keeping her diet where it needed to be.

Jill stayed on track by working out with her co-workers and discovering new and tasty foods. After her transformation, Jill has no plans to slow down. She's experimenting in the kitchen, getting better at targeting specific muscle groups and is encouraged to continue living fit.

Title: Web Content Developer
BodySpace: OfMiceAndBen
Start Bodyweight: 201 lbs
Start Body Fat: 27%
End Bodyweight: 186 lbs
End Body Fat: 17.9%

Ben Ulmen
"I was sick of my lifestyle. I was sick of having to practically drown myself in energy drinks just to make it through the day. I decided to change."

Tired of his unhealthy lifestyle, Ben decided to get serious about his health. It wasn't difficult for Ben to find motivation every morning when he arrived at Working on the SuperSite showed Ben what is possible.

Ben Ulmen Ben Ulmen

He used a customized workout plan designed by Matt Biss and used BodySpace to track his results. Ben's motivation to be a ripped Batman for Halloween 2012 drove him to lose 15 pounds and nearly 10 percent body fat. As Robin would say … "Holy St. Francis, Batman!" His next transformation will focus on cutting 15 more pounds and another 10 percent body fat.

That should definitely be enough to turn Ben into a shredded Dark Knight-let's hope for an anatomically correct rubber suit!

Title: Assistant Category Manager VMS & Healthy Food
BodySpace: mswhittinghill
Start Bodyweight: 212 lbs
Start Body Fat: 27%
End Bodyweight: 175 lbs
End Body Fat: 15%

Michael Whittinghill
"Whenever I needed to inform myself, or motivate myself I just got online. Being able to track my progress with BodySpace helped motivate me every day."

Mike obliterated 37 pounds of fat from his body. That's more than he ever dreamed when he began the challenge this winter. The Mike who walks into the sun this spring is much changed.

Michael Whittinghill Michael Whittinghill

For starters, he's not as worried about becoming diabetic, a family trait that coincides with obesity. He thanked Trevor Davis for going to the gym with him every day at 6 a.m. so he could complete his training and remain true to his other obligations. /p>

We get excited when people find happiness in themselves. Mike has the energy and joy now to go for runs or scale rockscapes. Better yet, he's stopped snoring and his sleep apnea has subsided! Now he and his wife sleep better without his lumberjacking.

Mike realized as the pounds wasted away that he had been lying to himself about his weight, lies perpetrated by baggy clothes and image skews. Now that has changed. Mike is not a new man, he's a better one.

Title: Customer Service Representative
BodySpace: Punisher PJ
Start Bodyweight: 232 lbs
Start Body Fat: 22%
End Bodyweight: 198 lbs
End Body Fat: 11%

Paul Williams
"Even though it's easier to be lazy, just realize each good decision you make adds up and leads to that ideal body image you are going for."

Paul is a high school football coach and superstar in customer service. He was ready to test himself against his self-conception. As a husband and father, he needed to be strong and balanced to support his family and his team.

Paul Williams Paul Williams

He really wanted to win the vacation, to share with his hard-working "Wonder Woman" wife. We talk about the "WOW" factor here at, because we are constantly surprised by the effort people put forth.

In customer service, Paul speaks to customers who have either started their efforts or are about to. His experience with the challenge will help him be an even better representative of the company.

He said his confidence increased as his weight dropped. We are proud to have Paul, and all our fit employees!

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