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2012 Employee Transformation Challenge: Participants Part 1 (A–M)

At, living a healthy lifestyle is part of the culture. We don’t just sell fitness. We are fitness.

When a company transforms, everyone wins: management, employees and customers alike. These men and women went wire to wire, and while they didn't win a Caribbean cruise or a Vegas vacation, they earned the respect of their peers and changed their life for the better!

Title: Video Production Supervisor
BodySpace: levibett
Start Bodyweight: 210 lbs
Start Body Fat: 15.1%
End Bodyweight: 177 lbs
End Body Fat: 6%

Levi Bettwieser
"Once you know the benefits, effort becomes effortless."

Before the 2012 transformation, Levi focused his diet and training toward gaining size and strength. And while he did gain size and strength, he also packed on some fat and lost some cardiovascular endurance.

Levi Bettwieser Levi Bettwieser

He used the employee challenge to get his physique back where he knew it could be. And he did it - 6-pack abs included.

Levi used the Gethin Trainer and the camaraderie and social accountability of the workplace to reach his goals. He found that a strict adherence to a diet and training regimen put his social life in the back seat, but that didn't even slow him down.

The advice Levi offers is simple: 12 weeks is just the first 12 weeks of a lifelong habit; it may be the most difficult thing you ever do, but it will start a chain reaction that will make it the best thing you'll ever do.

Title: Product Designer / UX/UI Designer
BodySpace: seanboone
Start Bodyweight: 132 lbs
Start Body Fat: 12.3%
End Bodyweight: 148 lbs
End Body Fat: 5.7%

Sean Boone
"I made a handful of BodySpace friends and got motivation and encouragement from them."

After neglecting his body for years, Sean decided it was time to get back in the game when the Employee Fitness Challenge arrived. He wanted to bring his body back to the glory days of high school when he was an exceptional athlete.

Sean Boone Sean Boone

Sean recaptured the physique he once took for granted with help from his colleagues, BodySpace friends, and the Kris Gethin 12-Week Trainer.

While it was tough at first to find the right way to gain musculature, he turned 180 degrees during his transformation: going from a skinny 132 pounds to a ripped 150-pound machine.

He now views his body as a vessel, one that's too important to ignore. He plans to keep his physique for good and inspire his family and friends.

Title: Assistant Controller
BodySpace: sbrooke45y
Start Bodyweight: 153.5 lbs
Start Body Fat: 20%
End Bodyweight: 144.6 lbs
End Body Fat: 14%

Steve Brooke
"At times it was difficult, but I kept telling myself to stay focused and disciplined. I took it one day at a time and the 12 weeks flew by."

The contagious fitness environment at drove Steve to transform his body and his life. The Kris Gethin 12-Week Trainer was instrumental to Steve's success.

Steve Brooke Steve Brooke

Kris pushed and prepared Steve on a daily basis. Steve took his transformation one day at a time with a goal to cut fat and build muscle. And thanks to his beautiful wife and kids who acted as food police, he never cheated and lost 6 percent of his body fat and nearly 10 pounds.

That's a transformation anyone would be proud of! Steve is currently using the Jim Stoppani trainer to build more size and maintain 10-12 percent body fat.

Title: Web Content Developer
BodySpace: erinmarie25
Start Bodyweight: 117.2 lbs
Start Body Fat: 25%
End Bodyweight: 112 lbs
End Body Fat: 18.7%

Erin Chancer-Smith
"I never really thought of quitting as an option."

Her goal was to get her body fat under 20%, and she accomplished it with some serious flair. Always up for some healthy competition, Erin signed up for the transformation challenge to test herself.

Erin Chancer-Smith Erin Chancer-Smith

She wanted to accomplish a tangible goal. Her fellow employees helped her through her competition because she felt that everyone was in it together. She was also motivated by the transformation contract she signed-her signature reminded her of her promise to keep going.

Erin never wanted to quit. She didn't want to let anyone down, especially herself. No regrets. Although she's not as strict with her diet now, Erin doesn't see any reason to stop transforming. She enjoys living a fit lifestyle.

Title: Video Systems Technician
BodySpace: Love2Fly
Start Bodyweight: 190 lbs
Start Body Fat: 23.8%
End Bodyweight: 172 lbs
End Body Fat: 14.9%

Tom Clarke
"It was time to put down the cupcakes and make a change for myself."

Because he was constantly editing videos of athletes and fitness models assisting our customers with their fitness goals, Tom began to realize it was time for him to make a change.

Tom Clarke Tom Clarke

The success of his fellow employees in past transformations encouraged him to try one for himself. He felt like he could inspire other people his age to make changes in their health.

As his 12 weeks with the Gethin Trainer continued, Tom found he had more confidence in the gym and became an ambassador for the fantastic aspects of He's definitely been an inspiration around the office.

Although he's made great strides in his fitness and physique, Tom knows it's just the beginning. He says that 12 weeks is just a start in developing good habits and achieving significant results.

Title: Corporate Buyer
BodySpace: dylan5co
Start Bodyweight: 235 lbs
Start Body Fat: 22%
End Bodyweight: 214 lbs
End Body Fat: 14%

Dylan Cooper
"I feel like I have more to accomplish in my goals, but I gave myself a great start and feel good about the results I've seen thus far."

Dylan always kept a fondness for outdoor activities and athletic training. His athletic hobbies stretch from wake and snowboarding to golf, softball and basketball.

Dylan Cooper Dylan Cooper

He used the workout pages to help organize his efforts. He has a small child at home, so his life now revolves around the little one.

Thanks to this 12-week adventure, Dylan is smaller and stronger, more able to care for his progeny! His early-morning (pre-dawn) sessions were not easy, but he began to enjoy the increased energy it provided.

By exercising, he created more opportunities for active living all day, well after his workouts were over. Results have this amazing knack of encouraging the hard-working. When he saw the changes in his body, Dylan increased his efforts. He reminds you to pre-cook your meals, so you never have the hunger-need to break your crafted plans!

Title:Contact Center Rep
BodySpace: MC Hammer Curl
Start Bodyweight: 131.5 lbs
Start Body Fat: 19.49%
End Bodyweight: 133 lbs
End Body Fat: 16.1%

Mindy Cornwall
I think the slogan should be 'Information. Motivation. Supplementation. World Domination.'"

Mindy had a cruise in mind for the spring, and started the employee challenge to get looking great for swimsuit weather.

Mindy Cornwall Mindy Cornwall

Her amazing results couldn't have happened without the support of her fiancé, who was there to lift her spirits; her co-workers, who were a daily reminder of what she was working toward; and, which provided her with the Jaime Eason trainer, Skip La Cour's natural bodybuilding, and a connection to Hellraiser Training from Tom Fuller.

Although the last week of the competition was difficult for her, Mindy knew she was just 7 days away from finishing what amounts to a lifetime of change.

There's no reason for Mindy to stop now: she has all the tools she needs and will use her competitive nature to continue to look and feel even better in the future. Go get it, girl!

Title:Idaho Distribution Center Quality Control/Training Manager
BodySpace: deezechawg
Start Bodyweight: 250 lbs
Start Body Fat: 33%
End Bodyweight: 237 lbs
End Body Fat: 23%

Anthony Davenport
"I want to keep up with my two little boys as they get older and look freaking awesome for my beautiful wife of 6 years!"

Anthony hadn't worked out consistently before the 2012 Employee Fitness Challenge presented itself. He knew this was his opportunity to get in shape, keep up with his two little boys, and look amazing for his wife.

Anthony Davenport Anthony Davenport

BodySpace provided Anthony with motivation and the tools necessary for success while his fellow employees at the Idaho warehouse kept him on point. Anthony was able to shed 13 pounds and 10 percent body fat by using P90X.

He plans to cut another 20 pounds off his frame and utilize the Kris Gethin 12-Week Trainer to accomplish his long-term fitness goals

Title:Software Engineer
BodySpace: b1gg33k/
Start Bodyweight: 219 lbs
End Bodyweight: 193 lbs

Dale Davenport
"Set realistic goals and track it. If you set a goal that is impossible, you will not only fail, but you will be demoralized from trying again."

Dale is a veteran with the employee challenge. This is his third year entering the contest and he said that each year he has re-focused on his overall health needs.

Dale Davenport Dale Davenport

He loves the challenge because it helps him begin each year with renewed fervor.

Like many of us, Dale is a self-entitled geek (his of the computer kind). All those hours attached to an office chair left his health in disrepair. Once his third child was in his lap, he started to worry about his long-term potential.

Months later, he landed at and the changes just kept coming. He has no intentions of donning the 'uniform' and taking the stage, but Dale loves the fact that he can flex his muscles in public, rather than hide his bulk beneath some loose Hawaiian shirts.

Imagine not seeing an old friend in years, and having them pat your back, express admiration of your physique: welcome to Dale's world!

Title:Site Merchandiser
BodySpace: ShogunShaun
Start Bodyweight: 187 lbs
Start Body Fat: 15%
End Bodyweight: 164 lbs
End Body Fat: 10%

Shaun Erlebach
"Knowing what was at the end of the tunnel made the wait well worth it."

The challenge began in January, but Shaun knew that summer was coming up fast. He wasn't about to feel ashamed of his body.

Shaun Erlebach Shaun Erlebach

Shaun admits that there were few a weekends where a slice of pizza and an ice cold beer would have been paradise, but with the help of his encouraging fellow employees and watchful friends, he was buoyed to maintain his diet.

His strict adherence to clean food chiseled his abs and carved his arms. As a Site Merchandiser, Shaun browses the site daily. He says that provided him with 12 weeks' worth of positive reinforcement.

Shaun will now focus his efforts on the Jim Stoppani trainer. He wants to bulk up before cutting down again, by implementing the Bizzy Diet Plan.

Title:Digital Publishing Coordinator
BodySpace: JogginJill
Start Bodyweight: 112 lbs
Start Body Fat: 14.8%
End Bodyweight: 98 lbs
End Body Fat: 9.9%

Jillian Farmer
"Nothing that is worth it will come easy; it will take patience, trust, and truly believing in yourself."

Jillian started the transformation last year, but never completed it because sometimes, life gets in the way. She wasn't going to let that happen in 2012, though.

Jillian Farmer Jillian Farmer

This soon-to-be-married lady was eager to do well in the figure competition at the Emerald Cup. The employee transformation challenge was the perfect opportunity for her to attain the ultimate competitive physique.

With the guidance of her trainer and the support of her family and coworkers, Jillian didn't come up short! She leaned down, muscled up and made a fantastic appearance on stage. We're proud to call her one of our own!

Title:Customer Service Representative
BodySpace: AerobicAndrea
Start Bodyweight: 229 lbs
End Bodyweight: 198 lbs

Andrea Holdridge
"A simple fix of your diet and an increase in exercise can make a big difference. It meant losing 31 pounds for me and I'm still losing body fat, inches, and putting on muscle!"

Sometimes starting a training regimen isn't a long-term fix. We tend to start and fail, start and fail. This time around, Andrea wasn't going to fail. She started and succeeded!

Andrea Holdridge Andrea Holdridge

Before her transformation, she couldn't last 5 minutes bouncing on a trampoline! Now, cycling, swimming and other outdoor activities are fun, rather than something to dread.

She used coworkers and her fiancé to help push through hard times. Like everyone else we polled, Andrea noted the company overall as a positive factor. We aren't just blowing smoke when we say we're the fittest in America.

Disagree? Challenge us! But don't challenge Andrea, because you will lose.

Title:Commerce Software Developer
BodySpace: jonhughes
Start Bodyweight: 156 lbs
Start Body Fat: 18.9%
End Bodyweight: 170 lbs
End Body Fat: 11.8%

Jon Hughes
"Understand how your physical goals stack up next to the other goals you have in your life: intellectual, relational, spiritual."

Jon was driven to compete in the transformation challenge to attempt something he'd never tried before: losing weight.

Jon Hughes Jon Hughes

When the 2012 Employee Transformation Challenge began, he decided to maintain his newfound muscle mass, but drop body fat. Jon did just that - losing 16 pounds and eight percent body fat. But he isn't finished. Jon wants to add more muscle over the next few months.

Since joining, Jon packed on 30 pounds of muscle and kept his body fat around 20 percent. He plans to continue focusing hard in the gym and enjoying the 'good vibes' he feels from being active and having new muscles.

Title:Executive Assistant
BodySpace: kiki261
Start Bodyweight: 133 lbs
Start Body Fat: 21.3%
End Bodyweight: 130 lbs
End Body Fat: 19.7%

Kamile Ishiyama
"I entered this year's challenge to finish unsettled business from 2011."

Kamile is no stranger to the employee transformation challenge. Last year, she was dedicated to the Jaime Eason workouts, but seriously lacked the discipline to follow the right diet. This year, Kamile ate, breathed and slept the Gethin trainer.

Kamile Ishiyama Kamile Ishiyama

She was determined not to fail. Urged on by her "accountabili-buddies," Kamile got beyond her cravings for pizza and beer and found a love for early morning cardio sessions.

Although the 12 weeks were tough on her, Kamile applied principles from the Gethin and Eason trainers to gain mental and physical strength.

Just three weeks after her transformation, Kamile ran in Boise's famous half marathon Race to Robie Creek, the most difficult half-marathon in the Northwest. She finished in 2 hours 30 minutes.

Title:Email Marketing Program Manager
BodySpace: jaredlamantia
Start Bodyweight: 215 lbs
Start Body Fat: 13%
End Bodyweight: 191 lbs
End Body Fat: 8.5%

Jared LaMantia
"I started the transformation with the intent to get into the best physical shape I could."

Although he'd always found time to get into the gym, Jared struggled to perfect his diet. The employee challenge was the perfect place to get both fitness aspects nailed down.

Jared LaMantia Jared LaMantia

With many of his co-workers eating clean, Jared found it much easier to stick to a good diet. He didn't want to be the guy warming up cheese enchiladas when everyone else was sticking to chicken breasts, brown rice and broccoli.

The support he received from his family, co-workers and ensured that he didn't take any backward steps. He was on a full-tilt forward march the entire 12 weeks. After a few weeks off a strict diet, Jared is back on it and continuing to transform.

Title:Copy Editor
BodySpace: dustinlapray
Start Bodyweight: 285 lbs
Start Body Fat: 23%
End Bodyweight: 273 lbs
End Body Fat: 21%

Dustin Lapray
"Our bodies are vessels that carry us across this world and I think maybe I've changed the way I think of mine."

Responsible for copy-editing virtually every article ever posted on, Dustin accumulated a lot of fitness knowledge. He was ready to test that knowledge out on himself.

Dustin Lapray Dustin Lapray

He's always been a big guy, but with the help of the archives and Web Content, he had everything he needed to take some inches from the waistline of his solid frame. As he rebuilt muscle structures that had long since gone quiet, Dustin made consistent progress.

His shirt sleeves were snugger, the belly bulge was disappearing and he began to feel more confident. Most important, Dustin learned to think of his body differently.

He didn't reach his projected goals (partly because he got drunk at a charity pub crawl in week 6 and sprained his ankle) but he took some strong steps forward. He'll use this newfound confidence to continue making a charge into the fitness world.

Title:Customer Service Representative
BodySpace: LWPeanut
Start Bodyweight: 254 lbs
Start Body Fat: 23.56%
End Bodyweight: 240 lbs
End Body Fat: 13.34%

Chad Lucas
"We have a lot of dedicated competitors and people who live the life here."

Chad jumped back into the 2012 employee transformation challenge to help him recover from the back slide he encountered after the 2011 challenge! Chad didn't have any lofty goals this year, he just wanted to lean out and add some muscle.

Chad Lucas Chad Lucas

But still, this year, Chad made changes in his lifestyle and eating habits that helped him improve his body. His friends and coworkers stood beside him, encouraged him in their own ways: some with words and others by setting physique examples. Chad is still going, like everyone should be!

The biggest problem with 12 week plans is the 13th week. What happens at the end? Silly geese! There is no end! There is no 13th week! There is only life and what we choose to do with it.

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