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2012 Employee Transformation Challenge: Finalists

At, living a healthy lifestyle is part of the culture. We don't just sell fitness. We are fitness.

Every employee transformation was remarkable in its own individual way, making it hard to narrow down the choices to a select few.

However, the following individuals took their transformation to a higher level, revamping their appearance so dramatically that entering meetings elicited double takes and questions like, "Who are you?"

These transformations are all legit. Check 'em out!

Male Transformation Finalists

Title: Creative Director DPG
BodySpace: Kahnsepts
Start Bodyweight: 186 lbs
Start Body Fat: 19.34%
End Bodyweight: 173 lbs
End Body Fat: 10%

Brian Kahn
"I kept myself accountable.
It's all up to me. No one else."

When Brian saw his jaw line begin to disappear and his pants start to tighten, he knew it was time to do something. Once he made up his mind, his fall into flabbiness was over.

Brian Kahn Brian Kahn

Brian employed the Kris Gethin 12-Week Trainer as his bulletproof regimen and the results poured in. The energy throughout the office rubbed off on him during the transformation and gave him the drive to continue when the going got tough.

Brian dropped 13 pounds and nearly 10 percent body fat over the course of 12 weeks. He doesn't want to put any statistical goals on himself going forward, but instead wants to focus on accommodating his diet and training regimen around his lifestyle.

Title: Marketing Creative Director
BodySpace: PrestonLewis
Start Bodyweight: 202 lbs
Start Body Fat: 11.5%
End Bodyweight: 180 lbs
End Body Fat: 5.4%

Preston Lewis
"The limits you think your body has can be shattered with hard work, dedication, and support from friends and family."

The best thing about the employee challenge is how the whole company comes together. For Preston, inspiration surrounded him at work and at home; his wife completed the challenge with him!

Preston Lewis Preston Lewis

Friends, family and community members were invited to join and compete for free stuff! Preston wanted to get below 200 pounds, gain muscle and lose fat. NBD, right?

Preston followed the Kris Gethin trainer on for the second time. This time though, Preston learned even more about nutrition, recipes and training principles. Even fitness veterans like Preston are rejuvenated by the challenge.

Now he has the tools to be even stronger. He wants to keep his body fat low, but aims for 10 more pounds of muscle! Watch him grow!

Title: Business Development Specialist - Military and Gyms
BodySpace: Sirlance
Start Bodyweight: 268 lbs
Start Body Fat: 18.9%
End Bodyweight: 246 lbs
End Body Fat: 8.8%

Lance Henning
"You won't know what your limits are until you surpass them - I can show you the scars from my limits."

Lance is a former soldier and a gym master. His transformation back to "The Beast" helped him win the Marketing/Digital Publishing Side Challenge.

Lance Henning Lance-Henning

He cited his co-workers in the Marketing Department as spectacular inspirations. They wanted to beat DPG, and succeeded!

Lance wanted to lower his body fat and blood pressure, and his renewed fervor in the gym achieved both. He succeeded despite an accident that broke two bones in his foot, and he also suffered a lung infection! He also travelled for work for a full third of the 12 weeks, but he didn't miss a beat.

The biggest adaptation for Lance was his diet. He hadn't dieted seriously since 1991, and was amazed by the info he found on His only worry is becoming a rebound guy, but if we know Lance, he'll have an "S" for Superman tattooed on his chest in no time!

His spotter Mike Bieker told him: "Even if you stopped working out today and never worked out again, you would always be a beast!" We're just glad he's on our side.

Title: Affiliate Marketing Manager
BodySpace: NitroNick
Start Bodyweight: 179 lbs
Start Body Fat: 8.5%
End Bodyweight: 183 lbs
End Body Fat: 5.3%

Nick Dotson
"I'm not happy unless I'm pushing myself to the extreme, trying to find my absolute physical and mental limitations."

Nick's incredible transformation began with his drive to compete against himself. In his constant journey for self-improvement, Nick's participation in the employee challenge was another opportunity for change.

Nick Dotson Nick Dotson

He felt it was his duty to transform his body to back up the mission. Nick wonders, "If we are unwilling to live the fit lifestyle as a company, then how can we effectively promote it?"

A great workout buddy (Derek Faylor, see below!) and the Gethin Trainer were the cornerstones to Nick's triumph. He felt his buddy's results were just as important as his own.

This self-admitted gym addict plans on returning to the Gethin Trainer to burn more fat and build more muscle.

Title: Retention Marketing Manager
BodySpace: cycling22
Start Bodyweight: 168 lbs
Start Body Fat: 13.3%
End Bodyweight: 157 lbs
End Body Fat: 8.6%

Derek Faylor
"The content available on the website is fantastic and Kris Gethin's daily videos truly acted as a guide."

Derek entered the transformation in search of a challenge that could push him farther than ever before. Lucky for him, the Kris Gethin 12-Week Trainer was only a click away.

Derek Faylor Derek Faylor

He used the SuperSite content and Kris's daily videos to accomplish his primary goal-to be a lean, mean muscle-building machine. The company's culture propelled Derek on days when he needed encouragement.

Nick Dotson (Derek's workout partner) and Derek's wife were integral parts of his success. Nick pushed Derek in the gym, and Derek's wife supported him at home.

Derek wants to maintain his lean muscle mass and enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle through consistent workout regimens and athletics. We're sure there'll be no looking back for Derek.

Title: Customer Service Senior Manager
BodySpace: B-BallinBook
Start Bodyweight: 218 lbs
Start Body Fat: 13.9%
End Bodyweight: 203 lbs
End Body Fat: 6.6%

Booker Nabors
"As employees, we practice what we preach and truly live the lifestyle of the career field we've chosen."

After a disappointing end to the 2011 Employee Fitness Challenge, Booker came into 2012 driven to silence his doubters. That's exactly what he did.

Booker Nabors Booker Nabors

As an employee, Booker wanted to live the lifestyle he promoted at work. His competitiveness motivated him to train 2-3 times per day for the first eight weeks.

Because of his insane intensity and informative content, Booker was able to shed seven percent body fat and drop an awe-inspiring 15 pounds.

In Booker's mind, quitting was never an option. His results are an incredible reminder of what consistency can do. Now that he's totally ripped, Booker wants to continue pushing his body to new heights and become a team athlete.

Title: Director of Distribution
Start Bodyweight: 215 lbs
Start Body Fat: 16.5%
End Bodyweight: 203 lbs
End Body Fat: 4%

Sean Sullivan
"If you want to dramatically transform your body in only 12 weeks, it will require sacrifice and dedication that not many people are willing to make or have."

The 2012 Employee Fitness Challenge turned Sean into a recluse for 12 weeks. He was tired, hungry and sore all day, every day. But those rough days didn't stop him from fiercely reaching his goals.

Booker Nabors Booker Nabors

Sean dieted down from more than 16 percent body fat to just five percent. With help from his training partner, Mike McCabe, Sean tested his body's capabilities and assessed his weak points.

Using his 'before' pictures as motivation, Sean proved that he could stick to an intense nutrition and training regimen. Weighing in at a shredded 203 pounds, he is living proof that sacrifice and dedication yield profound results.

Title: Managing Editor
BodySpace: Crunch Masta Chris
Start Bodyweight: 170 lbs
Start Body Fat: 10.2%
End Bodyweight: 180 lbs
End Body Fat: 7.8%

Chris Ullery
"You have but one life - use it to make other people jealous."

When fellow employees began waging war to achieve the supreme aesthetic physique, Chris knew it was time to torch his last few ounces of fat and turn himself to stone.

Unfortunately, all he could find was clay. Each day at the gym, Chris repeated the mantra: "Adonis, David, Atlas, Perseus: Perfection!" With a 25-pound plate on each side of the bar, he pictured himself squatting the world and benching the lives of thousands.

Chris Ullery Chris Ullery

He didn't follow a trainer. Instead, Chris manipulated the ancient secrets of nutrient timing, sound peri-workout nutrition, various metabolic and biochemical pathways, and crap-tons of food to attain his god-like physique. People often pass him in the hallway now and say, "Hello, Buddha!"

Although Chris realizes his undeniable superiority, he has condescended to chip a flake of advice from his perfectly chiseled jaw: "You have but one life -- use it to make other people jealous."

(Ed. Note: After making such an absurd statement, someone literally stole Chris' jaw. If found, please return it to the gaping hole that is now his face.)

Female Transformation Finalists

Title: Product Design Project Coordinator
BodySpace: bbcomfitchick
Start Bodyweight: 135 lbs
Start Body Fat: 25.3%
End Bodyweight: 125 lbs
End Body Fat: 14.9%

Erin Hogue
"Setting a goal and blowing it out of the water is probably the best feeling ever."

She entered the contest for the physical and mental challenge. She absolutely killed it. Erin won the female competition between the Marketing and Digital Publishing Teams.

Erin Hogue Erin Hogue

Using BodySpace, weekly weigh-ins, progress pics as the mortar and her accountabili-buddies as bricks, Erin got better acquainted with her body and built a foundation for huge success.

After going through the transformation, she has a better understanding of the customer experience, and she values that information to improve the tools provides.

She says she's much stronger, happier and has more endurance after her transformation. Erin advises anyone starting a transformation to take one day at a time: break down the process, make attainable goals and realize that change is not going to happen overnight.

Title: Sr. Product Designer
BodySpace: izarg
Start Bodyweight: 129 lbs
Start Body Fat: 24.8%
End Bodyweight: 113.4 lbs
End Body Fat: 15.1%

Izar Bicandi
"With each goal, regardless of size, I became more motivated to conquer the next."

We all have large goals and small goals, but Izar wrote about mini goals she set for herself. See, last year, she didn't take part in the employee challenge. This year, she was compelled to set a bunch of goals, and guess what?

Izar Bicandi Izar Bicandi

Yup, she surpassed each one! Izar used the Jamie Eason trainer to motivate and guide her through the 12 weeks, which became a lifelong change!

What made the difference? Well, simply, weightlifting! She lived an active lifestyle before, with trail running and yoga, Basque dancing and Pala (Basque handball), but with weightlifting incorporated into her fitness life, she made powerful changes to her body.

She has become a fitness educator, telling her story of success to friends and family, showing them how fitness is possible for everyone. More than a dozen of her closest friends (including her husband) now lead healthier lives because Izar decided to challenge herself.

Title: VP Brand Marketing
BodySpace: jhetherington
Start Bodyweight: 139 lbs
Start Body Fat: 18%
End Bodyweight: 128 lbs
End Body Fat: 10.55%

Jen Hetherington
"My only obstacle to achieving my goal is ME and I will not let ME get in the way ... not anymore."

This time, Jen was ready. Not only was she determined, but she stacked the deck in her favor. With a supportive family around her and coworkers to challenge her, Jen followed Kris Gethin every day on his 12-week trainer.

Jen Hetherington Jen Hetherington

She was able to use all of the free tools available to her to dial in her training, diet and nutrition; adding serious muscle and cutting major body fat.

With everyone around her supporting her, and her own dedication to holding herself accountable to change, Jen drove nails straight through her goals and is ready to take on the next challenge.

Title: Marketing Project Manager
BodySpace: daniellekeister
Start Bodyweight: 138 lbs
Start Body Fat: 25.34%
End Bodyweight: 123 lbs
End Body Fat: 13.39%

Danielle Keister
"My confidence through the roof! I feel so much better, and that in return makes me a happier person."

The 2012 Employee Fitness Challenge came around at the perfect time for Danielle, who was exactly 12 weeks out from her first bikini show.

Danielle Keister Danielle Keister

Coming into the office every day and experiencing the transformation with her fellow coworkers provided the confidence needed to tackle a swift regimen.

That inspiration, along with her hobbies including hot yoga, Zumba, and hiking, propelled Danielle to shed 15 pounds and nearly 12 percent body fat. She competed proudly at her show and now feels happier overall.

Along the way, she built new relationships with people who admired her passion for fitness and plans to keep transforming and making an example.

Title:Site Search Optimizer
BodySpace: KickstartKate
Start Bodyweight: 166 lbs
Start Body Fat: 25%
End Bodyweight: 152 lbs
End Body Fat: 19.2%

Katie Neely
"I have done things I never thought I could or would do. It is truly an exhilarating feeling not knowing, but having the curiosity to see just how far my body will go."

Katie is the sort who takes all sports into consideration, but her true passions are golf and trail running in the mountains in and around Boise. This transformation asked her to stop picking and poking at fitness and really take a stab at it.

Katie Neely Katie Neely

She chose to do the Kris Gethin trainer, and despite her doubts about it being 'hardcore,' she loved it! It asked her body to work in set and rep ranges she'd never done, instigating change.

Katie especially thanked Kamile Ishiyama for support and spots when she approached failure. Her family also helped her with meals and support. She reminds us that these 12 weeks were not a start and finish, but a short path on a long road to a different, healthier lifestyle.

This is just the beginning for Katie. You just watch, and see what this woman is capable of!

Title:Business Development Manager
BodySpace: YogiAnnie
Start Bodyweight: 127.8 lbs
Start Body Fat: 19.5%
End Bodyweight: 122.2 lbs
End Body Fat: 14.5%

Annie Redding
"I wanted to compete in the employee challenge to give myself a concrete goal to work toward."

Even though she got sick the last third of her transformation and missed an entire week in the gym, Annie didn't quit. She kept training hard, eating clean and she kept seeing progress.

Annie Redding Annie Redding

Although she was fit already, Annie decided to use the Jamie Eason trainer to help her meet her specific goal of getting her body fat below 16%. And boy did she kill it.

With the help of her fellow employees, her boyfriend and the knowledge that she'd be in a bikini in Costa Rica at the end of April, Annie surpassed her original goal.

Annie says she'll continue to train, teach yoga and eat clean food. She also says that her maintenance plans rests heavily on those mountain biking and hiking sessions in the Boise foothills.

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