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2012 Arnold Sports Festival Photos!

Check out our coverage from the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival being held on March 1-4 in Columbus, Ohio. Find exclusive webcast coverage, photo galleries, previews, results, reviews & more right here!

2012 Arnold Sports Festival Photo Galleries

2012 Arnold Classic Photos

Arnold Classic Prejudging Individual Photos

Arnold Classic Prejudging Comparison Photos

Arnold Classic Men's Pumping Up Photos

Arnold Classic Final Routine Photos

Arnold Classic Intro and Top 6 Posedown Photos

Arnold Classic Final Awards Photos

2012 Ms. International Photos

Ms. International Prejudging Individual Photos

Ms. International Prejudging Comparison Photos

Ms. International Finals Routine Photos

Ms. International Top 6 Posedown Photos

Ms. International Final Awards Photos

2012 Ms. Bikini International Photos

Bikini International Prejudging Individual Photos

Bikini International Prejudging Comparison Photos

Bikini International Final Individual Photos

Bikini International Final Awards Photos

2012 Ms. Figure International Photos

Figure International Prejudging Individual Photos

Figure International Prejudging Comparison Photos

Figure International Final Individual Photos

Figure International Final Comparison Photos

Figure International Final Awards Photos

2012 Ms. Fitness International Photos

Fitness International Two-Piece Individual Photos

Fitness International Comparison Photos

Fitness International Routine Photos

Fitness International Final Awards Photos

2012 Arnold Amateur Photos

Arnold Amateur Men's Bodybuilding Photos

Arnold Amateur Women's Bodybuilding Photos

Arnold Amateur Fitness Photos

Arnold Amateur Bikini Photos

Arnold Amateur Figure Photos

Arnold Amateur Overall Winners Photos

2012 ASF Miscellaneous Photos

Thursday Candids by Isaac

Thursday Misc/Backstage by Ron

Thursday Competitor Meetings by Ron

Thursday Meet the Athletes by Ron

Friday Expo Pics by Isaac

Friday Expo Pics by Ron

Friday Backstage Prejudging Pics by Ron

Friday Backstage Finals Pics by Ron

Friday Night Show Acrobat Talent

Rockstar Bikini and Arnold Statue Unveiling Pics by Roger

Saturday Misc Pics by Roger

Hall of Fame Pics by Ron

Saturday Prejudging & Backstage Pics by Ron

Saturday Expo Pics by Ron

Saturday Finals Stage Pics by Ron

Saturday Finals Backstage Pics by Ron

Hall of Fame: Robert Kennedy (Accepted by Tosca Reno) Pics

Final Show Acrobat Act Pics by Isaac

Strongman Finals Pics

Saturday Party With the Pros Photos by Ron


Sunday Expo Pics by Isaac

Sunday Expo Pics by Ron

2012 Arnold Classic Main Page

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