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Iris Kyle Is Out! Who Will Win Ms. International At The Arnold?

Iris Kyle hasn't lost a physique competition since 2005. 2005! The champ is injured and will miss the 2012 Arnold. This opens a huge door - who will step through?

The 2012 Ms. International will be one worth watching. Most people who follow female bodybuilding think Iris Kyle is on another level and pretty much a lock for first place. This year the champ withdrew due to injury! This opens the field for contenders licking their chops at a win. Who will step up now that Iris has stepped aside? Let's break down the competition and who has the best chance for a win.

2012 Ms. International Competitors

Maria Rita Bello

Maria placed 10th at this show last year and looks to find the success she had as an amateur on this same stage. Maria was the 2009 Arnold Amateur champ, but her chance for the top spot in the pros is slim-to-none. She packs a ton of muscle and the fans who love loads of muscle will enjoy seeing her in the lineup.

Brigita Brezovac

Brigita has a great chance at being compared for the win. She has a good look and is coming off a 3rd-place finish at the Olympia. You have to consider her a top contender for the win. Great legs without being too muscular.

Kim Buck

Kim will likely be a bubble girl. She could be in the top-6 or closer to 7-10 range. She has killer separation in her legs. Her biceps are a bit flat, but she has boulder shoulders. She took 11th at the Olympia and if she can crack the top-6 here, it will be a great showing for her.

Tina Chandler

Tina placed 8th at this show last year and she'll have a tough time placing much higher than that in 2012. She took 10th at the Olympia and could find herself in a similar spot here. She needs to come in a bit tighter in the lower body than she did in the Olympia. She's a bit blocky in terms of her physique, but we'll see if she made any improvements.

Alevtina Goroshinskaya

Alevtina was the 2011 Arnold Amateur winner and will be an underdog in her pro debut. Can she shake things up in this lineup? I don't see it happening here, but holy smokes does she have some wicked hamstrings! She'll impress people with her conditioning and her wheels from the back, but that's where I see the wow factor ending. We'll see if she proves me wrong.

Monique Jones

Monique has a huge upper body with monster delts and flaring lats. They tend to overpower her lower body. If she brought her wheels up a bit she'll move up from her 9th-place finish at the Olympia. She could be a contender for a top-6 spot, but only if she's a bit more conditioned than we've seen in the past.

Debi Laszewski

Debi will be another bubble girl who could be in the top-6 or just outside of it. She placed fourth at this contest last year and matched that placing at the Olympia. She has wicked legs and nice arms. Her waist can be a bit of a distraction at times and she needs to work on controlling her breathing in transition poses.

Cathy LeFrancois

Cathy is always a bit of a fan favorite, but hasn't wowed the judges as of late. She placed 6th at the 2011 Ms. International and if she can match that's she'll be doing well. She was in the 1996 Ms. International and finished 14th.

Cathy won the lightweight division back in 2003 when the event had two weight classes. Props to her for returning year after year! I don't see her making a run at the title this year but we'll have to see.

Zoa Linsey

Zoa took 7th at this event in 2010 and this will be a bit of a comeback show for her. She sat out 2011 with an injury and will look to pick up where she left off. She'll likely be somewhere in the middle of this pack and if she can crack the top-6 it will be a successful showing for her. We last saw her on the 2010 Olympia stage where she finished 11th. Welcome back Zoa!

Geraldine Morgan

Another Arnold Amateur champion who will have her work cut out for her in her pro debut. Geraldine has a nice back, big shoulders and a feminine look, so we'll see where the judges place her at this show.

Yaxeni Oriquen

Yaxeni is one of the most consistent competitors in this lineup. She's only finished out of the top-5 once in the last 10 years. She's been in the shadow of Iris Kyle a number of times and with Iris out of the lineup, many feel she is a lock for the win.

It's hard to argue with her chances of winning here and don't be shocked if she is crowned the champ. If you were going to bet on this show, put your money on her being a lock for a top-3 spot.

Kim Perez

Kim has a fairly balanced physique and some boom'n guns. Some of the men would like to have her upper body. She took 7th at the Olympia and I could see her moving up from that spot this time out.

Alina Popa

Alina is getting a fair amount of buzz before this show and with good reason. She moved to Denver, Colorado, to train with Dylan Armbrust and it looks like it will pay off. Look for her to be in the first callout and in the mix for the win. She was third at this show last year and 5th at the Olympia. I look for her to battle with Yaxeni for the win. You'll see an improved physique from last year.

Maria Segura

Maria represents the International side of things at this show, but will have a tough time cracking the top-10 here. She has some nice body parts like her delts and calves, but her body doesn't flow like many of her fellow competitors.


  1. Alina Popa
  2. Yaxeni Oriqueen
  3. Brigita Brezovac
  4. Debi Laszewski
  5. Kim Perez
  6. Monique Jones

Check out the prejudging Friday morning at the Arnold Expo Hall and the finals at Veterans Memorial Friday night. If you can't make it to the show, you can see who is crowned the champ LIVE and for FREE on the webcast.

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