_fake Old Military Page For Annie Redding

_fake Old Military Page For Annie Redding

At Bodybuilding.com we believe a solid exercise, nutrition and supplement plan is critical to a healthy body. The U.S. Military relies on this level of physical fitness and leadership to develop the perfect soldier.

At Bodybuilding.com, we believe exercise, nutrition, and supplements are critical weapons in the fight for a healthy body. We also believe a battle-ready dose of motivation is essential to achieving the best physique possible. As a result, we proudly support and salute our soldiers with the Bodybuilding.com 2010 Military Challenge. Prove you're the best.

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  2010 Military Challenge

The "Military Challenge" was designed to find the best of the best from the U.S. Military. This includes not only the ability to get in to great shape, but also the ability to show leadership in motivating their fellow soldiers.

The "Military Challenge" seeks to find the best combination of both these traits in identifying the "Bodybuilding.com Military Spokesperson" of the Year. The Top Male, Female and Best Overall Unit will be chosen.

Entry forms need to be submitted no later than 11:59 pm EST on August 16, 2010. The contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on October 10, 2010.

Military Spokesperson Contest

    Contestants will be chosen based on their ability to get in top shape over the 10 week contest (not necessarily the biggest or strongest but the best overall) AND their ability to inspire others.

    Simply fill out the following entry form. Load your starting pictures and briefly explain your goal for the contest and how you will set an example for others. On October 10, 2010 before 11:59 pm EST, log back in to www.bodybuilding.com/military and submit your end pictures and briefly explain how you achieved your goals.

Email: Use the same email used to sign up for the contest.
Summary: Why would you make a good Spokesperson, and how did you achieve your goals?
Upload Pictures: Images must be either jpg, jpeg, or gif under 2MB.

Unit Contest


      There will be numerous prizes for all the Winners (including gift bags, T-shirts and accessories).

      The Grand Prize Winner(s) will be named "Bodybuilding.com Military Spokesperson of the Year" and be featured in MUSCLEMAG magazine.

Best Military Unit Contest

    We also understand the importance of teamwork, so there will also be an award for "Best Military Unit." We aren't necessarily looking for the biggest or buffest unit out there, instead, we are looking for the unit who comes together to achieve the common goal of getting in the best overall shape and by motivating each other to succeed.

    Simply fill out the following entry form and submit your starting group pictures. The group will also provide a brief summary of their goals as a unit and how they plan to achieve them.

    On October 10, 2010 before 11:59 pm EST, log back in to www.bodybuilding.com/military and submit your end group pictures and briefly explain how your Unit achieved your goals.

    Winners will be judged equally on their physical transformation and how they came together to achieve their goals.

Name Of Unit: The same name of unit used to sign up for the contest.
Summary: How did your unit achieve their goals?
Upload Pictures: Images must be either jpg, jpeg, or gif under 2MB.

Unit Contest


      The "Best Military Unit" Grand Prize will be a visit on location from 3-4 of our top Bodybuilding.com and MusclePharm spokespeople! They will provide free giveaways, autographs and photo opportunities, a Q&A session and a seminar.

      There will also be prizes awarded for 1st Runner-Up and the top 40 Honorable Mentions.

Weekly Drawings

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    Prizes will include year subscription to MuscleMag magazine, T-shirts, Shaker Cups and More!

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  Military Stacks

If you want the ultimate physique, then you need the ultimate supplements! Our military combat stacks from MusclePharm include a salvo of quality supplements chosen to help you forge an elite physique - whether you're in the trenches adding muscle, or fighting to get a shredded figure. Check out the stacks below, and join the battle now.

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Military Stack

  Bodybuilding In The Military

Whether you're a new muscle-building recruit or a longtime veteran, these service manuals cover everything you need to build the body you want. Get the right training info, and the right supplements to reach your goals, right here.

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  Military Amateurs

Check out each of these incredible Military Bodybuilders of the Month! Not only have they achieved amazing results, they've also detailed how they did it-including training plans, meal plans, and supplements used.

Top Military Profiles

Army Bodybuilding Amateur - This We'll Defend
Ryan Tennant. PFC Ryan Tennant.
I wanted to be in good enough shape to be ready for basic training.
David Holt E-4 David Holt.
Bodybuilding has become a therapy to channel the bad into the good.
Marines Bodybuilding Amateurs - Semper Fidelis
Ian McHugh. E-5 Ian McHugh.
I got turned on to weight training in order to prepare for Marine Corps boot camp.
Douglas Stapleton. Lcpl Douglas Stapleton.
Ever since I joined the Marines I've tried to get bigger & stronger.
Navy Bodybuilding Amateurs - Not Self But Country
Scott Spaulding. AT3 Scott Spaulding.
I grew up a Navy Brat traveling the world, playing sports wherever we were stationed.
Christopher Dunbar. E-5 Christopher Dunbar.
I first began training to help cope with the stresses of military life.
Air Force Bodybuilding Amateurs - Above All
Jason Foster. SSgt Jason Foster.
I knew I had to dedicate myself to being in the best shape possible.
Julius Lendof. SSgt Julius Lendof.
It wasn't until I joined the military that I realized what weightlifting can do.

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