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2009 Fitness Expo - Special Guests!

The 2009 Fitness Expo will be held on April 3rd in Boise, ID. This annual event is growing at an amazing pace! Come check out the newest supplements, bikini contest, powerlifting, live music, special guest appearances and more...

Special Guests List

Detailed Information

dot Tiffany Forni dot

    Tiffany Forni is not just another Figure Competitor, but an inspiration to many. "Fat Girl turned Fitness Nerd", is her motto and proves that with drive, determination and a goal, bettering one's self is possible.

    After gaining a "freshman 50" during her first year of college, which was an addition to an already overweight physique, Tiffany realized that she needed to make a change...

    Tiffany Before Tiffany Forni.
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    Tiffany Before and After.
    Learn More About Tiffany Forni's Transformation.

    Find out how she did it here.

dot Jenny Lynn dot

    From as far back as she can remember, figure champion Jenny Lynn has enjoyed challenging herself in competition. As a child, she would seek the spotlight in talent shows she alone organized to entertain family and friends. As a teen, cheerleading would take her around the U.S. competing against other teams.

    With this background, combined with her job as an aerobic teacher and her passion for weight training, it would only seem natural for Jenny to put these talents into a discipline where she could go achieve major success on a professional level. This is exactly what she did in 2001 when she turned pro by winning the NPC USA fitness championships.

Jenny Lynn Jenny Lynn
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Jenny Lynn At The 2008 Olympia.
View More Pictures Of Jenny Lynn At The 2008 Olympia.

dot Rob Moran dot

Rob Moran
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Scivation/Primaforce Sponsored Athlete, Rob Moran.

dot Flex Lewis dot

    Though he qualified to turn pro at the 2007 British Championships, where he took the light-heavyweight and overall titles, Flex has been a big name on the bodybuilding scene for quite some time, having scored a Weider contract and nutritional company sponsorship as an amateur. Back then he was known for his prodigious calf and thigh development. Today he is regarded as having the complete package of size, conditioning and shape.

Flex Lewis Flex Lewis
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Flex Lewis At The 2008 Olympia.
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James 'Flex' Lewis
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James 'Flex' Lewis!
One man aiming to do some damage at the Tampa Pro is the 'Welshman with the wheels', one of the most promising pro bodybuilding rookies of 2008.
David Robson

dot Trey "Phenom" Brewer dot

    Trey is an up and coming star who is quickly evolving into an icon with early accomplishments such as the 2006 NPC Excalibur super heavyweight and overall winner.

    Brewer, with his intense motivation and drive has already taken the first step into the world of top Professional Bodybuilders by joining BSN.

Trey Brewer Trey Brewer
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Trey Brewer At The 2008 Nationals.
View More Pictures Of Trey Brewer At The 2008 Nationals.

dot Monique Minton dot

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BSN Sponsored Athlete, Monique Minton.

dot Rashad "Sugar" Evans dot

Rashad Evans
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Rashad Evans.
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View Fighter Stats For Rashad Evans.

dot Kevin Levrone dot

    It's true that Kevin is one the best bodybuilders of all-time - but his accomplishments do not stem from his physique alone - they come from his will, his persona, the dynamic force that is his personality.

    Kevin is not one of the sports greatest bodybuilders because of his physique alone - he is one of the sports greatest athletes because he is the co-creator of his life, and he is on purpose with his life's true mission and purpose.

Kevin Levrone
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Kevin Levrone.

dot Toney Freeman dot

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Cytogenix Laboratories Sponsored Athlete, Toney Freeman.

dot Marika Johansson dot
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GENR8 Sponsored Athlete, Marika Johansson.

dot Isaac Hinds dot

Isaac Hinds founder of, has several years experience in advertising, branding, design and marketing.

Isaac Hinds
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Founder Of, Isaac Hinds.

dot Ron Avidan dot was started in 1995 as a place where bodybuilding fans could come, talk about various subjects, and learn about the history, contest results, articles, and other newsworthy subjects related to bodybuilding. Over the years, it has developed into a monster project, although Ron still runs it as a fan for the bodybuilding, figure and fitness community.

Ron Avidan
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Founder Of, Ron Avidan.

dot Corey St. Clair dot

Corey is the owner of SSF (St.Clair Strength and Fitness) here in Boise. He is a Pro strongman and powerlifter who has competed for close to 6 years in strength athletics. He is also a person trainer, and was recently featured as a Personal Trainer of the Month.

Cory St. Clair
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Professional Strongman Corey St. Clair.

dot Bob Cicherillo dot

Bob earned his pro card at the 2000 USA's after 13 hard years of competing in amateur contests. He started training when he was 12 and competed in his first contest when was 13 years old. In 2006 he won the Masters Pro Show.

Bob Cicherillo
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Bob Cicherillo.

dot Thiago Alves dot

Thiago is a Brazilian professional mixed martial arts fighter. Alves started training in Muay Thai when he was 15 and mixed martial arts at 17. He is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Thiago Alves.

dot Shane Carwin dot

Shane Carwin has made a meteoric rise to the top of the heavyweight division of the UFC with three consecutive first round knockouts, including former number one contender Gabriel Gonzaga.

Shane Carwin
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Shane Carwin.
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View Fighter Stats For Shane Carwin.

dot Anthony Almada dot

Mr. Almada co-founded EAS, the first sport nutrition company to commercialize creatine and effectively utilize research and intellectual property (e.g. patents) to create innovative, highly efficacious sport nutrition products.

dot Nick Scott dot

Back in 1998, Nick was diagnosed as a paraplegic and was told he would never walk again. Not willing to sit back and let his life slip away, he decided to take charge.

Nick Scott
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Nick Scott.

dot Gunter Schlierkamp dot

Gunter's career has opened up a lot of unique opportunities which he feels very blessed to have had. He has traveled around the world participating in several bodybuilding and fitness competitions, met several interesting people, and inspired many achieve their own health and fitness goals.

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Gunter Schlierkamp.

dot Kim Lyons dot

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Kim Lyons.

dot Derek Charlebois dot

I started lifting after I watched Rocky 4. That movie really motivated me. I saw Rocky working out and striving to overcome obstacles, and I said, "That's what I want to be like!"

Derek Charlebois Derek Charlebois
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Derek Charlebois.

dot Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson dot

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Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson.

dot Pete Ciccone dot

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Pete Ciccone.

dot Brandon Ray dot

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Brandon Ray.

dot David Henry dot

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David Henry.

dot Boise Burn dot

Witness the high-scoring aerial assaults... the crushing collisions... the scorching speed! Leave your binoculars at home. There's no sporting experience that puts you closer to the action than Arena Football at Qwest Arena.