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2009 Arnold Classic Preview And Hot Tips!

Welcome to Vegas/Broadway show in Columbus Ohio. This is the event that has the eyes of the world on our event and it takes place in Columbus, Ohio. You might read about the Olympia, you might hear about the Iron Man, but baby this is the king!

Welcome to Vegas/Broadway show in Columbus Ohio. This is the event that has the eyes of the world on our event and it takes place in Columbus, Ohio. You might read about the Olympia, you might hear about the Iron Man, but baby this is the KING and appropriately named the Arnold.

Let's stop beating around the bush; The Arnold Classic and EXPO is nearly 3 times the size of the Olympia, and every major bodybuilding event uses the Arnold as the cornerstone for what they do. Over 18,000 athletes will compete in over 37 sports, including 11 Olympic sports for the weekend. These events are all held in conjunction with the premiere event in bodybuilding, the Arnold Classic.

Now let's put this into some perspective, the Olympics has two weeks and around 10,000 athletes. The Arnold has 18,000 athletes and just three days and has free transportation, and lots, lots more people. The talent? Consider that Jay Cutler has graced the stage of the Arnold as a champion for many years and then Dexter and now they are both Olympians.

Jay Cutler Dexter Jackson
+ Click To Enlarge.
Jay Cutler & Dexter Jackson At The 2004 Arnold Classic.

Consider that many of the sports at the Arnold are Olympic qualifiers and the majority of the Olympians have competed at the Arnold at some point. All that for the price of $10? YES, that is all it cost to get in to the EXPO. Now you mix in the professional bodybuilding, UFC fighting and although they add additional cost, it is impossible to beat this venue.

Athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB (no, haven't seen Mark McGwire here yet), and many others have attended this event. Celebrities come out of the woodwork and everyone seems to have a smile. That blurr that just zipped by you, that was likely me or some other member of the medical team.

dot Want A Picture With Arnold? dot

    Ticketmaster is offering a chance to get your picture with Arnold. The contest dates are from Jan 1-Feb 1, 2009. Visit the Arnold Sports Festival Website for details:

The Pros

WHO's on the official IFBB invitation list? Well Pros are listed immediately below and the Amateurs are listed way at the end.

dot Arnold Classic: dot

dot Ms. International: dot

dot Fitness International: dot

dot Figure International: dot

Who Will Be Returning?

Now that is who is invited, but who shows up and I mean SHOWS UP is another story. My guess for this year is returning Arnold Champion Victor Martinez will be sliced and diced, and not left out will be Branch Warren, who has found inspiration from Phil Phister (Strongman Competitor).

Kai Green with the right attitude along with some humbleness lessons from Gustavo Badell. Top five should include my fellow Headblader, Toney Freeman. The Ms. International should show that Dena Westerfield and Dayana Cadeau will likely fight it out with Iris Kyle and Yaxeni.

Fitness is all about Jen Henershott on the home turf, the crowds will be roaring and the return of Shannon Meteraud should prove to be interesting. The Figure International now with only the two piece division is going to make the conditioning a major factor, which will bring up Chastity Slone, Brenda Smith and of course Adela Garcia.

Always able to dial in are Kristal Richardson and Latisha Wilder, but interesting enough will be Monica Brant showing the grace and shape of a long time champion.

What's New?

This year the NPC will be offering the Bikini division. The objective is to find a female with a "Hawaiian Tropic" look. Amidst the many complaints that the NPC has received regarding recurrent judging of the figure competitors, this is the next attempt at hopefully separating more competitors from the harder athletic look.

If you are wondering what the rules are for the Bikini division, take a look here at the NPC site: I am sure they are more like guidelines and the "no thong" idea is going to be pushed with the passing of time. Some bikini glue and the rear views will be "ASStounding".

I have recommended to Jim Lorimer to allow the winners of their respective height classes in bikini and figure should appear at the UFC fights as "Ring Girls" or in some capacity as part of their winning package. We will see if that idea makes it to the final draft. If it does it will result in instant exposure for those competitors given the strong television coverage of the UFC pay-per-view event, not to mention the sold-out seating of ten thousand plus.

The Arnold 5K race Walk, is a Sunday morning event held on the Columbus downtown streets that is designed to test the aerobic and speed skills for they are particular sport. If you looking for something with a little bit more zip, this swashbuckling event is the first World Cup-Men's Epee held in the United States.

Don't sit too close or you...well you get the point. Sorry it was there and I had to do it. The Seniors have a new DanceSport event that is sure to bring the house down with the Active Aging Festival. All of this ends with the "Arnold Party with the Pros", which is a night club-like party at the Lifestyles Communities Pavilion.

The Arnold EXPO is now even larger with over 700 booths, just offering free samples and great discounts during the weekend. The locals know that Sunday is the time for bargains and they are loading down with the stuff about 3 pm on that day.

If you are coming, you better make your hotel reservations first since the hotels are merely sold out for about a 50 mile radius of the city. Hint: There is a new Hilton at Polaris Parkway, I would try that first. Make sure you take a look at the preview of the Arnold from last year and note the airport and the downtown information.

Also this year is the AAA Motorcoach tours. Tickets include a chartered transportation from 4 cities across Ohio, 3 nights state at the Hampton in Easton and tickets to all 3 days of the Arnold EXPO. Call 614-866-4420 ext. 50401 for more details.

The bests places to eat? Eddie Merlot's, The Columbus Fish Market, Cap City Dinner, Katzinger's Deli (Hey the presidents eat there), lots of great food across the street at the North Market too, which is where I go.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, or 800-745-3000. EXPO tickets are $10/person/day and are good for most events at the Columbus Convention Center Friday-Sunday, Nationwide Arena Sunday for Wrestling and Ohio Expo Center/Lausche Building Friday for Archery and can be purchased at the doors.

Amateur Fitness and Figure tickets for Thursday's competitions and the Amateur Bodybuilding ticket for Friday are $25. Finals are included in the Saturday's $10 EXPO ticket. Tickets to Party With The Pros Saturday evening are $25. The $350 VIP package includes reserved seating for the professional Men's and Women's Finals events for Friday and Saturday evening, Men's Prejudging Saturday afternoon, Three Expo tickets (One for each day), The Arnold Training Seminar, Amateur events on Thursday and Friday, and Party With The Pros.

"For a $10 daily EXPO ticket you can see more world class sporting events than anywhere else," Co-producer Jim Lorimer said, "Bring the entire family, there is something for everyone." Arnold Sports Festival events include:

  • Arnold Fitness EXPO
  • 21st Arnold Classic
  • Ms. International
  • Fitness International
  • Figure International Amateur IFBB International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships
  • Arnold Martial Arts Festival Championships
  • Arnold USA Boxing Invitational
  • Arnold Gymnastics Challenge Championships
  • Arnold Strongman Contest
  • Arnold 5K Racewalk
  • Arnold Cheerleading and Dance Team
  • Active Aging Festival
  • Arnold Archery Competition
  • Arnold 5 K Pump and Run (event full)
  • Arnold Armwrestling Challange
  • Arnold Fencing Classic
  • Arnold Fitness Fashion Show
  • Arnold Fitness Training Seminar
  • Arnold Party With The Pros
  • Arnold Strength Training Summit (Where the pros go to learn)
  • Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
  • Arnold Weightlifting Championship
  • Arnold Wrestling Challenge
  • Arnold Youth DanceSport Classic
  • USA Powerlifting Championships

Well that gives you the ideas of who is coming and what is going on, make sure you look at the details from last year about the event on my article, since it is loaded with tips of what to do. I would write more, but I have to go recruit doctors to help cover this event and train so I am off to do cardio.

Amateur NPC Competitors

dot Men's Bodybuilding: dot


    • Bernabe Ramirez Balbuena Mexico
    • Leo D'Adderio France
    • Anwar Ahmed Mohamed El Amawy Egypt
    • Denis Pedneault Quebec, Canada
    • Lowell Starr Dawsonville, Georgia
    • Jason Ste. Marie Alberta, Canada
    • Chantha Yun Columbus, Ohio


    • Mohamed Osman Abd El Rahman Osman Egypt
    • Mauricio Garza Garza Mexico
    • Jose Javier Reynoso Mexico
    • Darren Taylor Gambrills, Maryland
    • Kob Kan Farmington Hills, Michigan


    • Hugo Alejandro Ortiz Alfaro Mexico
    • Andrew Awak Atlanta, Georgia
    • Mahmoud El Desouke El Fadaly El Sayed Neamatalla Egypt
    • John Givens Suffern, New York
    • Enrique Laguna Salazar Mexico
    • Luiz Carlos Sarmento Brazil
    • Josh Sizemore Beavercreek, Ohio
    • Alessandro Zuccaro Italy


    • Brandon Abidin Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    • Danny Cacchirillo Ontario, Canada
    • Victor Javier Senovilla Cuellar Spain
    • Tony D'Arceneaux Holland, Illinois
    • John Durante Wellington, Florida
    • Lucky Jones Egberime Nigeria
    • Peter Lagermand Copenhagen, Denmark
    • El Shahat Mohamed Saad Mabrouk Egypt
    • Raul Martinez Miami Beach, Florida
    • Moji Oluwa Los Angeles, California
    • Rob-Roy Pyfer Scottsdale, Arizona
    • Jose Raul Sanzhez Reyes Mexico
    • Kamal Abdull Salam Qatar
    • Angel Manuel Rangel Vargas Mexico
    • Grechukhov Vitaliy Ukraine
    • Beano Wallace Gallatan, Tennessee

    Light Heavyweight:

    • Moustafa Abdelaziza Nasim Alaasr Egypt
    • Bill Ayoubi Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Chuck Biggio Kenner, Louisiana
    • Jonathan Bradley Baldwinsville, New York
    • David Cutler Australia
    • Carlos Deleon Jersey City, New Jersey
    • Mohamad Elzaghir Dearborn Heights, Michigan
    • Daniele Furiosi Italy
    • Omar Garcia Miami Beach, Florida
    • Anagapele Inemotimi Nigeria
    • Pawel Jablonski Poland
    • Dmitry Klimov Russia
    • Marc Lobliner Burlington, North Carolina
    • Antonio Francisco Diaz Lopez Mexico
    • Casimir McNair Louisville, Kentucky
    • Josep Merino Spain
    • Luc Molines France
    • Brian Strock Toledo, Ohio
    • Shaun Joseph Taverner United Kingdom


    • Lui Maciel Perth, Australia
    • Benjamin Asmann Brandon, Florida
    • Mohammed Bellhacene France
    • Joshua Bergeron Baton Rouge, Louisana
    • Lionel Beyeke France
    • Erubey Espinoza Castillo Mexico
    • Fernando Noronha De Almeida Brazil
    • Mohamed Zakaria Mohamed Ibrahim Egypt
    • Michael Kefalianos Australia
    • Pavel Kirilenko Russia
    • Klaus Ladegaard Frederiksberg, Denmark
    • Juan Manuel North Hollywood, California
    • Benjamin Rivera Martinez Mexico
    • Joel Pascua Oslo, Norway
    • Humberto Pena Rodriquez Mexico
    • Glayson Souto Brazil
    • Randy Stamper Bellbrook, Ohio
    • Saiid Tejan-Kamara Wilmington, Delaware
    • Pablo Eliodoro Ayala Zayas Paraguay

    Super Heavyweight:

    • Luis Manuel Lomeli Alonso Mexico
    • Julio Cesar Balestrim Brazil
    • Brandon Beckrich Schererville, Indiana
    • Kravchenko Bogdan Ukraine
    • Constantino Galeazzo Italy
    • Ahmed Hamedy Mansour Hamouda Egypt
    • Josh Lewis Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Alexandre Nataf France
    • Marek Olenjniczak Poland
    • Alvin Small United Kingdom
    • Dmitry Sushko Russia
    • Anthony Umeh Nigeria

dot Women's Bodybuilding: dot


    • Xinli Cao Flushing, New York
    • Millie Cleveland Bermuda
    • Johanna Dejager Ontario, Canada
    • Denise Dinger Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Lisa Janusz Lewis Center, Ohio
    • Matilde Pacheco Juarez Mexico
    • Dee Lazard Houston, Texas
    • Alisha Morrow Peoria, Illinois
    • Stacey Pillari Wilmington, North Carolina
    • Penny Ruff Dallas, Georgia
    • Julie Sleight Poughkeepsie, New York
    • Violetta A.G. Brandslien Sprus Norway
    • Barbara Stannard Alberta, Canada


    • Roxanne Edwards Brooklyn, New York
    • Alevtina Goroshinskaya Russia
    • Deanna Hoffman Cleveland, Tennessee
    • Michelle Kennedy Ontario, Canada
    • Heather Manuel St. John's, Canada
    • Krista Schaus Ontario, Canada
    • Elena Shportun Russia


    • Debra Baker Plano, Texas
    • Dawn Elsea Hilliard, Ohio
    • Salla Kauranen Finland
    • Jill Lundy Dublin, Ohio
    • Yamile Marrero Hollywood, Florida
    • llze Meyer College Corner, Ohio
    • Geraldine Morgan Chili
    • Evy Rustad Oslo, Norway

dot Women's Figure: dot

    A Class:

    • Debbie Bell New York, New York
    • Lindsey Bundy Westerville, Ohio
    • Lorraine Chan Ontario, Canada
    • Nicole Coleman New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Kelli Ann Correa Plymouth, Massachusetts
    • Tina Francis Corinth, Texas
    • Juana Guadalupe Esparza Guerra Mexico
    • Tina Horne Houston, Texas
    • Gloria Keplinger Springfield, Ohio
    • Shawna Kondo Mountain View, California
    • Christina Rieder Milford, Ohio
    • Sara Schumann Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
    • Joni Starkey Las Vegas, Nevada

    B Class:

    • Julie Castellese-Kelsey Monroe, Michigan
    • Lorna Cavin Lawndale, California
    • Rachel Delmotte Lake Orion, Michigan
    • Sue Ellen Dent Enfield, Connecticut
    • Sabrina Dodson Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    • Jayme Galloway Manitoba, Canada
    • Tracy Grogg West Jefferson, Ohio
    • Dannie Allison Hogan Flint, Michigan
    • Jennifer Kaye Ontario, Canada
    • Christine Lanois Ontario, Canada
    • Stephanie Martini Walled Lake, Michigan
    • Heather Misra Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Shelley Oplotnik Kansas City, Missouri
    • Agata Radziwoniuk Poland
    • Giada Simari Italy
    • Claudia Sofronia Miami, Florida
    • Sara Swanson Ravenna, Michigan
    • Jill Vadala Fredericksburg, Virginia
    • Jennifer Wilson Laurenceburg, Kentucky

    C Class:

    • Ivonne Acosta Miami, Florida
    • Nikki Christides Cleveland, Ohio
    • Lauren Arnold Manitoba, Canada
    • Orah Bigio Ontario, Canada
    • Nina Cash Beavercreek, Ohio
    • Elsa Patricia Giraldo Castro Mexico
    • Wendy Greene Cheyenne, Wyoming
    • Eleonora Gusevski Key Largo, Florida
    • Aleisha Hart Ontario, Canada
    • Kristin Kristjansdottir Iceland
    • Anita Kus-Roberts Ontario, Canada
    • Shonda Lewis Columbus, Ohio
    • Olivia McGuire Ontario, Canada
    • Essie Numminen Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Claudia Olvera San Antonio, Texas
    • Rachel Omolewu Xenia, Ohio
    • Ester Parisi Italy
    • Laura Richards Erie, Colorado
    • Jennifer Robinson Bartlett, Tennessee
    • Mirian Sanchez Spain
    • Jessica Sheppard Sanford, North Carolina
    • Terri Sileno Poughkeepsie, New York
    • Diane Lee Swanson Bend, Oregon
    • Nancy Tremblay Deland, Florida
    • Rachel Vienneau-Leblanc New Brunswick, Canada
    • Stacey Walker Australia
    • Michelle Yatsuk Mason, Ohio

    D Class:

    • Laura Bailey Bakersfield, California
    • Tamara Beckers Ontario, Canada
    • Amy Boeckmann Sabina, Ohio
    • Celeste Bonin Houston, Texas
    • Teresa Brant Powell, Ohio
    • Dolores Burlingame Jacksonville, Florida
    • Erin Coleman Fostoria, Ohio
    • Debbie Cox Midlothian, Virginia
    • Melissa Crowe Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Kristina Dybdahl Denmark
    • Tina Ellison Marquette, Michigan
    • Lauri Faraschuk Mead, Washington
    • Heather Grace Denver, Colorado
    • Lee Anne Graham Frankfort, Kentucky
    • Elizabeth Karlin Denver, Colorado
    • Kathleen Lamberson Wellsville, New York
    • Kathy Marcos Stony Point, New York
    • Gloria Mohninger Alberta, Canada
    • Alma Angelica De La Madrid Olvera Mexico
    • Laura Lee Pine Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Melissa Price Magnolia, Texas
    • Amanda Schenk-Darce Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    • Debbie Schmitmeyer Houston, Ohio
    • Alice Simmons Great Mills, Maryland
    • Katerina Tarbox Warwick, Rhode Island
    • Monica Varrasso Lewis Center, Ohio
    • Stacey Widger Canton, Illinois
    • Shelly Yakimchuk Saskatchewan, Canada

    E Class:

    • Wendy Bogard Grants Pass, Oregon
    • Marie-Christine Deblock France
    • Ginette Delhaes Quebec, Canada
    • Laurie Eldredge Pomfret Center, Connecticut
    • Lea-Ann Ellison Durango, Colorado
    • Kelli Johnson Australia
    • Kimberly Lairet Helotes, Texas
    • Jocelyn Langton Navarri, Florida
    • Allison Moyer Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    • Angela Myers Lewis Center, Ohio
    • Marie-Pierre Ripert France
    • Tibisay Robles Miami, Florida
    • Olga Stepanyuk Russia
    • Katy Unrush Manitoba, Canada
    • Gina Wilson Marjuette, Michigan
    • Yulia Zabelina Russia

    F Class:

    • Stephanie Billings Columbus, Ohio
    • Amanda Breznau Flushing, Michigan
    • Sheri Fisher Ontario, Canada
    • Jamie Justin Wayne, Michigan
    • Jennifer Ludington Boise, Idaho
    • Andrea Lyons Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
    • Amanda Moran Columbus, Georgia
    • Lori Mork British Columbia, Canada
    • Jennifer Peckham Chandler, Arizona
    • Alli Rooks Charlotte, North Carolina
    • Christine Steines Columbus, Ohio
    • Andrea Ternes Elyria, Ohio
    • Tiffany Vik British Columbia, Canada
    • Viveca Williams Elizabeth, New Jersey

dot Women's Fitness: dot

    Short Class:

    • Allison Ethier Quebec, Canada
    • Skye Fisher Lowell, Michigan
    • Wendy Gardner Hermitage, Tennessee
    • Delphine Lhotte Quebec, Canada
    • Malena Marquez Littleton, Colorado
    • Diana Paula Monteiro Brazil
    • Venus Nguyen Mission Viejo, California
    • Abby Rhoades Grand Blanc, Michigan
    • Jennifer Rish Sherman Oaks, California
    • Sylvia Tremblay Quebec, Canada
    • Vanessa Wick Medina, Ohio
    • Michelle Yeager Louisville, Kentucky

    Medium Class:

    • Laurianne Andree France
    • Glauce Ferreira Brazil
    • Stacie House Houston, Texas
    • Patricia Sordoni Lecomte Belguim
    • Meredith Miller Charlotte, North Carolina
    • Lauren Niehaus Greenwood Village, Colorado
    • Lee Randell Yukon, Canada
    • Morgan Spoon Graham, North Carolina
    • Tatiana Tishchenko Russia

    Tall Class:

    • Autumn Edwards Somerset, Kentucky
    • Tamee Marie Omaha, Nebraska
    • Kayde Puckett Raleigh, North Carolina

dot Women's Bikini: dot

    Short Class:

    • Kimberly Castle Evansville, Indiana
    • Nadine Koakoush Scottsdale, Arizona
    • Gina Grayce Narlock Royal Oak, Michigan
    • Elizabeth Neff Columbus, Ohio

    Tall Class:

    • Sonya LaGore Flushing, Michigan
    • Ali Sonoma San Diego, California
    • Leyla Yurchick Worthington, Ohio