2009 Olympia Weekend Promises Epic Fitness Celebration!

The 2009 Olympia Weekend includes more events than ever: bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini model search, and much more. Find out more.

Well folks, it's that time of year again when we, the bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts that make this world such an awesome place, converge on Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual pilgrimage that has become The Olympia Weekend.

This year's Olympia is going to be the biggest and best Olympia weekend ever. I guess I kind of sound like the guys from American Chopper when I say that, because I say it for every single show. But hey, they say it for every single bike and nobody ever complains.

This year is the 45th rendition of the world's greatest celebration of bodybuilding and fitness; it has come a long way since the inaugural Olympia in 1965 when Larry Scott reigned supreme over bodybuilding hall of famer, Harold Poole.

Who Will Be This Year's Mr. Olympia Champion?
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Who Will Be This Year's Mr. Olympia Champion?.

As the Mr. Olympia grew in reputation as the greatest bodybuilding event on the planet, it initially was only open to former Mr. Universe winners but it helped to promote the sport of bodybuilding into the phenomenon it is today.

In 1980 the IFBB introduced the Ms. Olympia, which was won by the one and only Rachel McLish and I think there is still a poster of her on my home gym wall back in Ireland.

In 1995, the Fitness Olympia was introduced and was an instant favorite with the fans. Mia Finnegan was the victor and will go down in history as the first ever Ms. Fitness Olympia.


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2003 saw the introduction of the Figure Olympia contest adding to the already impressive lineup of the IFBB's finest athletes. Davina Medina had the honor of being the first ever Figure Olympia Champion.

Now in 2009, the Olympia Weekend has become the biggest and best celebration of bodybuilding and fitness the world has ever seen, and where better to host such a weekend than Las Vegas, the world capital of expos.

This year, the Olympia weekend includes more events than ever: bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini model search, grappling contest, powerlifting contest, strongman, and even a UFC exhibition.

Last year, the promoters created the Olympia 202 Showdown, which was an avenue for the lighter bodybuilder to showcase their hard work and in 2009, it has exploded in popularity because of athletes like Flex Lewis of Wales, who emulates the classic symmetrical bodybuilder of the 1980's.

James Flex Lewis At The 2008 Olympia. James Flex Lewis At The 2008 Olympia.
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James Flex Lewis At The 2008 Olympia.
View More Pics Of James Flex Lewis At The 2008 Olympia.

The expo itself has something to offer fitness enthusiasts from all disciplines. UFC legends Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, WWE superstars, Triple H and John Cena and even Hollywood celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, all turn up to support this amazing gathering of the fit and fabulous.

The weekend kicks off on Thursday afternoon with the athlete press conference. Later, the fans can meet their favorite competitors prior to the show to take pictures and wish their idols good luck.

Friday morning sees the opening of the fitness expo, and let me tell you something, you will need the whole weekend to get to see the majority of what is happening.

Press Conference Photos 2009 Olympia:
Press Conference Photos!

Check out the first look at all the athletes at the 2009 Olympia from the press conference held on Thursday, September 24, 2009.

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The Olympia weekend is so jam packed full of exciting events you have to get up pretty early to get in everything, and even then, you will be pressed for time. It is without a doubt, the pinnacle of everything that bodybuilding and fitness is all about.

What To See

dot Mr. Olympia: dot

    This year's Mr. Olympia contest is going to be the most competitive show in over a decade. The reigning champion, Dexter Jackson, faces old rival Jay Cutler, who Jackson beat to win last year. Victor Martinez will also be there and he has beat Jackson the last few times they have competed against each other.


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    Last year's 3rd place winner Phil Heath, who has made dramatic improvements, will be a force to be reckoned with. Of course, the Olympia debut of this year's Arnold Classic Champion, Kai Greene, is eagerly anticipated. And how can we forget the German Dennis Wolf? Any one of these guys can win, so the prejudging is a must see this weekend.

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dot 202 Showdown: dot

    This is what I like to call the battle of the giant killers. Introduced last year, the 202 division has proven to be hugely popular both amongst the fans and competitors.

    The lighter more aesthetic bodybuilders who may have been overpowered in the open division, will take the stage to battle it out for the title of the greatest bodybuilder, under 202lbs, in the world.

    Will David Henry be victorious once again or will there be a new champion in the shape of Flex Lewis or Kevin English? This is another contest not to be missed.

Does David Henry Have What It Takes To Win The 202 Showdown?
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Does David Henry Have What It
Takes To Win The 202 Showdown?

dot Figure & Fitness Olympia: dot

    Both the figure and fitness Olympia titles have been hotly contested over recent years. Jen Hendershott flipped, tumbled and flexed her way to the title in last year's Fitness Olympia, but former two-time champion, Adela Garcia is now back from injury; will she reclaim her title?

    Jennifer Gates was last year's winner for the figure title, but will Jenny Lynn be good enough to reclaim her title or will two time Arnold Classic Champion, Mary Lado, finally take home the only major title to elude her? This is definitely another event not to be missed.


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dot Flex Bikini Model Search: dot

    This event is at the expo center stage. Here, the world's top bikini models will battle it out for an exclusive contract with Weider Publications.

    Stop by this event and see the future cover models in the flesh. You can brag as your friends at home will only get your used copy of Flex Magazine's swimwear issue, if you haven't already managed to stick the pages together, that is.

Stop By This Event And See The Future Cover Models In The Flesh.
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Stop By This Event And See The
Future Cover Models In The Flesh.

dot Strongman & Powerlifting Event: dot

    These events are also going on at the expo. Some of the world's top strongmen and powerlifters will be lifting herniating weights to the crowd's amazement. Will there be world records broken? Of course there will, so stop by this event and see history in the making.

dot What Booths To Stop By: dot

    The MuscleTech booth is a must see and is probably the largest booth at the expo. You will get some great freebies and meet Team MuscleTech superstars such as Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, Jay Cutler and Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson.

    Johnnie Jackson will be competing at the expo against Ben White for the title of "The World's Strongest Bodybuilder." This argument can finally be laid to rest after months of arguing on the internet boards about who is stronger. Now this is a must see event; it's almost as important as the Mr. Olympia itself!

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    The SAN booth will, as usual, have plenty of eye candy, flash cars and of course, amazing products to sample.

    Those crazy guys at the ALR Industries booth are going to have some of the best giveaways at the expo.

    Of course, how can you go to the Olympia expo and not stop by the Bodybuilding.com booth? Fitness diva, Jamie Eason, will be there all weekend signing pictures and posing for the fans. There will also be countless other IFBB pros and the usual fitness celebrities for picture opportunities.

Bodybuilding.com Olympia Booth Bodybuilding.com Olympia Booth:
Who Will be There In 2009?

Bodybuilding.com will have a huge booth with a lot of familiar faces for you to interact with. Say 'Hi!' to them and learn more about our great products.

[ Check Out The Bodybuilding.com Olympia Booth ]

dot The After Parties: dot

    ALR Industries is going to be partying at the MIX Lounge at the Mandalay Bay. It is tipped as one of the biggest parties of the year.

    GENR8 is also having an after party at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand, hosted by Shawn Ray.

    And of course, the ultimate Olympia after party is being held by Bodybuilding.com at XS Nightclub at the Wynn Encore.

2009 Olympia After Party Bodybuilding.com:
The 2009 Olympia After Party!

You don't want to miss out on Party of the Year with Ultimate Nutrition and Bodybuilding.com at The Ultimate Olympia After Party.

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Without a doubt, this will be the craziest weekend in the fitness world. If you are not there, you are definitely missing out; this is the event of the century as there has never been as competitive a line up.

Will there be a new Mr. Olympia? Time will tell. All I know is I'm not going to miss it. So join the hundreds and thousands of fans traveling from all four corners of the world to witness this ultimate bodybuilding spectacle in Vegas. Or, get online at Bodybuilding.com for the live webcast of the whole weekend.