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Get the latest on the Booth at this year's Olympia. We've put together a great team and will have a large area for everyone to see what we are about. Learn more here!

You are crazy if you are not going to the 2009 Olympia this year! The most important bodybuilding event of the year is a must see for all you die-hard fans, and even for those who may not know much about it. What a great show they put on!

Go to see all of the celebrities you always see in the magazines, get autographs & pictures, see the great events, and of course we can't leave out the fact that you will get a lot of freebies!

We are doing our part to make the Olympia an experience you will not soon forget. will have a huge booth with a lot of familiar faces for you to interact with. Say 'Hi!' to them and learn more about our great products. The following faces are the team members we will feature at our 2009 Olympia booth.

dot Booth Team Members!

2009 Olympia Booth!
Allison Ethier!

Allison won the 2009 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search. She is an IFBB fitness pro, a mom to a 3 year old, a high school math teacher, wife, NSCA-CPT certified, and official a gym rat.

[ Allison Ethier's Official Website ]
[ Allison Ethier's BodySpace Profile ]
[ Allison Ethier's Competitor Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Mike O'Hearn!

Mike is a real-life super hero who holds, like Arnold Schwarzenegger & Lou Ferrigno before him, 4 Mr. Universe titles and was voted one of the 12 greatest physiques of all times by the fitness industry! Mike is perhaps best known as "Titan" on NBC's American Gladiators!

[ Mike O'Hearn's Official Website ]
[ Mike O'Hearn's IMDB Profile ]
[ Mike O'Hearn's Competitor Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Bob Cicherillo!

Bob is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who won the 2006 IFBB Masters Pro World Championships. He works for and co-hosts the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Radio Show with Dan Solomon.

[ Bob Cicherillo's Writer Page ]
[ Bob Cicherillo's BodySpace Profile ]
[ Bob Cicherillo's Competitor Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Charles Glass!

Charles Glass is one of the world's top bodybuilding trainers. He has starred in several episodes of The Fit Show, and trains many of the top professionals, both men and women; bodybuilding, fitness, and figure.

[ Charles Glass' Writer Page ]
[ Charles Glass' Competitor Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Crystal Matthews!

Crystal is a fitness model, as well as a spokesmodel for, Twinlab, VPX Sports, EAS, and Hawaiian Tropics. She is also's Affiliate Program Manager.

[ Crystal Matthews' BodySpace Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Fawnia Dietrich!

Fawnia is a dance instructor, fitness model, writer and actress. She has appeared on several magazine covers, including MuscleMag, Body of Science, Body Talk, as well as in Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Ironman, and many others.

[ Fawnia Dietrich's Official Website ]
[ Fawnia Dietrich's BodySpace Profile ]
[ Fawnia Dietrich's Writer Page ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Jamie Eason!

Jamie is a figure competitor and fitness model. She is also the spokesmodel for and has appeared in countless magazine covers.

[ Jamie Eason's Official Website ]
[ Jamie Eason's BodySpace Profile ]
[ Jamie Eason's Writer Page ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Jerome Ferguson!

Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson is an NPC amateur bodybuilder. He recently took 1st at the 2009 NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championships.

[ Jerome Ferguson's Official Website ]
[ Jerome Ferguson's Competitor Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Kim Bresingham!

Kim has been modeling professionally since the age of seven. She is a spokesmodel for MHP, Muscle Meds, and is sponsored by

[ Kim Bresingham's Official Website ]
[ Kim Bresingham's BodySpace Profile ]
[ Kim Bresingham's Fitness Competitor Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Kyla McGrath!

Kyla is a CBFF Figure Competitor and has appeared in many magazines, including MuscleMag, American Curves, Planet Muscle, and Status Magazine.

[ Kyla McGrath's BodySpace Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Michael Brouse!

Michael Brouse is's Promotional Coordinator. His hobbies include wakeboarding, golfing, and snowboarding.

[ Michael Brouse's BodySpace Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Mick Skinner!

Mick is's Events Coordinator. He enjoys level II skiing, snowmobiling, family, wife, his three children, spending time at his cabin on Lake Cascade, and playing the piano, guitar, and saxaphone.

2009 Olympia Booth!
Nick Scott!

Nick has a Bachelor's in Business Administration is a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) and is Certified as a Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN).

[ Nick Scott's Official Website ]
[ Nick Scott's BodySpace Profile ]
[ Nick Scott's Competitor Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Sean Harley!

Sean won the 2009 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search. He is a personal trainer, model, gym owner, and started his own supplement company, Sensei Nutrition.

[ Sean Harley's Official Website ]
[ Sean Harley's BodySpace Profile ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Sherry Goggin!

Sherry Goggin is an International Professional Fitness Champion and is one of modeling's top fitness stars. She won 1995 Ms. Fitness America.

[ Sherry Goggin's Official Website ]

2009 Olympia Booth!
Tana Gabrielle!

Tana is a FAME Fitness competitor and has appeared in multiple magazines, including American Curves and MuscleMag. She is also a spokesmodel for

[ Tana Gabrielle's Official Website ]
[ Tana Gabrielle's BodySpace Profile ]