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2009 Holiday Super Feature: A Guide To Staying In Shape Over The Holidays!

2009 Holiday Super Feature: A Guide To Staying In Shape Over The Holidays!

We at are serious about getting the best and most relevant information to you this 2009 holiday season. We have put together this super feature so you can find all of our holiday related material in one easy to find location.

Cheer is in the air, bright lights glow in the night, and sweet, sugary treats lurk around every corner. Yes indeed, it's the holiday season, and tempting snacks are aplenty! With all the festivities, parties, and feasts, sticking to your goals-whether you're forging muscle or fighting fat-can be downright difficult.

Cheer Is In The Air.
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Cheer Is In The Air.
Writer, Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Before you start to fret and reach for that comfort cookie, remember that, this year, has your back. We've gathered the best information on holiday nutrition, training, motivation, and gifts to ensure that your season is a healthy, smashing success.

Thanksgiving Poem From The Staff:

    May your stuffing be tasty
    May your turkey be plump,
    May your potatoes and gravy
    Have never a lump.
    May your yams be delicious
    And your pies take the prize,
    And may your Thanksgiving dinner
    Stay off your thighs!

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What Is The Problem

Eggnog, gingersnaps, and hot cocoa: they taste great, but they put weight in the wrong places-especially when combined with a thick dollop of TV and pumpkin pie. These step-by-step, how-to guides will help you stay in shape, overcome common holiday roadblocks, and turn your goals into reality.

Holiday Programs

Holiday Guides
Survive The Holidays
Dieter's Holiday Guide. No Holiday Weight Gain!
We are all in the midst of the yearly battle where we fight fat all throughout the holidays.
Step-By-Step Guide! Step-By-Step Guide.
Here are some tips to help you stay on track in the coming months.
Holiday Drinking
Stress & Anxiety
Holiday 6-Pack? Holiday 6-Pack?
The holiday feasts are almost here. Keep your six pack and drink it too this holiday season!
Navigating Food Choices Anxious About Food?
Thanksgiving seems to create a state of food anxiety among many people across the U.S.


Tickle your taste buds with these healthy meal plans and delicious diet tips! We'll help you beat the holiday weight gain without sacrificing even a sprinkle of flavor or fun.

What To Eat

Avoiding Weight Gain
Meals & Recipes
Supplements For Young Vs Old! Holiday Weight Gain!
Time to prepare for the holidays. Want to lessen the effects of the holidays?
The Thanksgiving Feast! The Thanksgiving Feast!
Are you looking for ways to keep from expanding your waistline on Thanksgiving?
Cheat Meals
Mistakes & Myths
Cheating: Should You Do It? Cheating: Should You?
Regardless of what kind of cheat day you have, it is necessary.
10 Diet Destroying Drinks! Diet Destroying Drinks!
You've got a good protein powder, but what about the other beverages you drink?

Johnstraining BodyBlog: "Holiday Hunger Tips"
Johnstraining Johnstraining's BodyBlog!
Even if it is your family's tradition to eat Thanksgiving dinner at noon, try to get in a bowl of cereal with skim milk or a bowl of oatmeal.

Johnstraining Johnstraining Johnstraining Johnstraining


If you start training now, you can fire up your fat-burning furnace and prepare for that Thanksgiving feast. Have your cake and eat it guilt-free, too, by starting one of our amazing workout programs! Learn how to train right, so you can eat a little wrong.

Holiday Workouts

Full Training Guides
Everything You Need! Everything You Need!
A comprehensive guide for the beginning bodybuilder or someone who has just started.
Cardio Super Feature. Cardio Super Feature.
Access to the best cardio methods for fat loss, endurance and how to make cardio fun!
Training From Home
Training While Traveling
5 Mass-Building Home Gym Workouts! Winter Workouts!
Can't get to the gym but still need to burn calories? Try shoveling snow!
Staying Healthy While Traveling. Stay Healthy Traveling.
Get ahead, even while on the road, with the following helpful guide!

BiigCal BodyBlog: "Pre Christmas And Christmas Holiday Plan..."
BiigCal BiigCal's Body Journey!
I have a plan for the lead up to christmas... yes it's not far away! Especially as I leave for a 4 week holiday. I love having a plan.

BiigCal BiigCal BiigCal BiigCal


You can gather gift-baskets of information on nutrition, training, and supplementation, but you won't be able to use the goodies within if you're not motivated. These articles and community blogs will teach you how to stay focused, driven, and inspired so you can face down any holiday challenge-from social pressure to midnight cravings.

Staying Motivated

Long-Term Motivation
Short-Term Motivation
Learn From Your Mistakes! Learn From Mistakes!
Don't let your mistakes run your life - Get right back up and finish strong.
12 Short-Term Motivation Steps! 12 Motivation Steps!
I want you to succeed so use my 12 tips below to help climb the 12 steps to success.
Time Management
Will Power
Manage Your Time. Manage Your Time.
A bodybuilder's schedule can be very hectic, especially if they have a full time job.
Master Key To The Future! Key To The Future!
Ninety-nine percent of all humans are unhappy because they lack will power.

Adina BodyBlog: "Thanksgiving was NOT about the Food"
Adina Adina's Cute & Perky Blog!
I had such a great day yesterday, and food had absolutely nothing to do with it! Food was just there. Oh, there was lots of it, and it was good. Yet the fact remains that food had absolutely no part in my good day.

Adina Adina Adina Adina

Bodybuilders Gift Guide

This season, get your favorite fitness enthusiast hooked up with the best in workout gear, clothing, and supplements! Our holiday gift guide will help you sort through the packing fluff and give only the best.

Even better, we can ship by priority mail, which normally takes around 2-3 days for delivery so you can focus on holiday shape-not holiday stress!

Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas For Athletes
Holiday Muscle Gifts! Holiday Muscle Gifts!
Is your significant other a person who enjoys the gym and living a healthy lifestyle?
Gifts For An Athlete? Gifts For An Athlete?
Many of us are probably buying at least one gift for an athlete that we know.
Top 5 Gifts For Men
Top 5 Gifts For Women
Protein Powders! 1. Protein Powders!
Protein powders are formulated to be the perfect meal in a quick and easy shake. Clothing! 1. Clothing!
Your source for great fitness styles that will help show off your hard work.

Christmas Gift Set Christmas Gift Set!
Not sure what to get the fitness enthusiast in your life? Get them the perfect gift set filled with everything they'll need to help them reach their goals. We also threw in 4 of our best tasting protein bars ever.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Still No Gift Ideas?
Then Try A Gift Certificate!

More Motivation Help

This present has it all: inspirational video shows on nutrition, training, and the bodybuilding life; sweet fitness wallpapers to keep you motivated every day; holiday Forum threads where you can debate your healthy approach to the season or share stories, tips, and tools; and even entertaining bodybuilding podcasts.

Rip the wrapping paper off this massive gift, and get started now!

Video Shows

    In this exclusive video series, join Christina, the better half of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale, as she prepares healthy gourmet meals in her home kitchen utilizing whole, organic, and fresh ingredients. Prepare for a mouth-watering lesson in clean eating!

Inspirational Profile
12-Week Transformation
Anthony Knesel!
Learn how this enlisted medic has faced down an unforgiving environment to reach his goals.
Your Daily Video Trainer.
For the next 12 weeks, you get to learn everything you need to make your transformation!
Fitness Video Leader
Celebrity Trainer
The Fit Show!
The first ever Bodybuilding and Fitness video program on the web.
Empower Me In 6 Weeks.
Celebrity trainer Shawnee Harkins shows you how to empower yourself!


Pro Bodybuilding Weekly
Natural Bodybuilding
Pro Bodybuilding Weekly!
The #1 rated bodybuilding radio show features the biggest names in the iron game.
John Hansen.
Episode #1 of John Hansen's new Natural Bodybuilding Radio podcast series.
MMA Podcast
Goals & Motivation For A New You
Pro Bodybuilding Weekly!
A weekly radio show devoted to bringing you the exciting world of mixed martial arts.
Skip La Cour Podcast.
Set realistic goals and use motivation to build a better self and lifestyle.

View All Podcast Series.

Forum Threads

Body Groups

Strength In Numbers
Bodybuilding Support
Transformation Group!
Let's gain muscle, lose fat and transform our bodies into sun worshiping sculptures!
10 Lbs of Muscle.
Add muscle and size that is healthy while maintaining a ripped and cut physique.
Sexy Ladies of Bodybuilding!
We want to inspire women to become healthier, happier, and stronger!
Transformation Overdrive.
We are a team, founded on the principle to change our bodies to the ultimate physique.

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Strength Gains For Winter Sports!

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