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Brian Bullman's 2009 IFBB Europa Super Show Preview!

The 16th annual IFBB Europa Super Show is this weekend and the promoters have taken the meaning of 'Super Show' to the limit. Here's the lineup, who I think will win and more! Check it out.

The 16th annual IFBB Europa Super Show is coming back to Dallas, Texas this coming weekend. Ed and Betty Pariso have gone to great lengths over the last decade and a half to ensure that the world knows that everything is bigger in Texas. When it comes to bodybuilding and fitness, there was never a truer world spoken. This year, the promoters have taken the whole meaning of the words SUPER SHOW to the limit.

Events Include:

  • Fittest Kid in America
  • Dallas Car Show
  • Hot "Fit" Mom Contest
  • Hot Body Cover Model Contest
  • Summer Take Down Slam - Wrestling event
  • NPC Super Show - Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini
  • IFBB Super Show - Professional Bodybuilding (including 202 show), Fitness and Figure
  • MMA Youth Camp with UFC legend Matt Hughes
  • NAGA Grappling Contest
  • ASC Strong Man
  • US Arm Wresting
  • Powerlifting

This contest is only surpassed by the Arnold and Olympia in terms of size and fan attendance. After all, the greater Dallas area is home to IFBB super stars like Johnnie Jackson and Branch Warren... Oh yeah... and some guy that some of you guys may have heard of, Ronnie Coleman - I heard he won a few big shows in his day!

Enough of the history lesson, on with the show.

The Open Show

In the open men's division, there are no fewer than 30 of the IFBB's finest making the trip to Dallas to battle it out for some hard earned prize money and 3 Olympia invites that are up for grabs. With Dennis James and Fouad Abiad coming from the Tampa Pro with first and second place finishes, respectively, they are sure to be the hot favorites again this week.

Brian Bullman's 2009 Tampa Pro Review: Dennis James Wins!
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2009 Tampa Pro Review: Dennis James Wins!
It was over a decade in the making, but Dennis James finally scored a victory on home soil. The Tampa Pro was just as much of a success as last year's rendition.
Brian Bullman

Narrowly missing out on an Olympia invite week was Floridian, Bill Wilmore who was in awesome shape. This could be his weekend to shine and earn an invite to the big dance in Vegas for the third time in his professional career. PBW's Tampa Pro "Best Presentation Award" winner, Marcus Haley, will surely be the man to outshine for this weekend's award, although I feel Marcus has his work cut out for him regarding qualifying for the Olympia.

Making his professional debut is Ed Nunn, and like I say, in every show there is always a dark horse that can come in and upset the veterans. This weekend that dark horse is Ed Nunn. He has size, symmetry and conditioning and if Ed can pull it all together then, watch out!!!

In the 202 division we have Stan McQuay taking the stage for the second time in his professional career. He couldn't have dreamed of a better start, earning a victory in his pro debut along with an invite to the Olympia. He is sure to be a hot favorite this weekend.

Chasing him for the title are British champions John Hodgson and Lee Powell, who stormed the stage last weekend in Tampa qualifying for the Olympia by finishing 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Chasing the pack on his quest for an Olympia qualification is Team Universe veteran, Jose Raymond, who finished 5th in his pro debut at the NY Pro.

An Interview With Lee Powell!
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An Interview With Lee Powell!
Lee Powell has taken a gigantic step forward through the improvements he has made to his physique, all of which will be witnessed when he walks onstage.
David Robson

Making his professional debut this weekend is Mexico's first ever IFBB Pro, Pedro Barron Cullas. This guy is one to watch as he stands 5'2' weighing in at 195 lbs. I saw Pedro last week in Gold's Venice and he was sliced and diced. He was doing legs with the "Trainer of Champions" and former Mr. Universe, Charles Glass. He was lit up like a Christmas tree; vascularity and thick striations that I haven't seen since the days of Dorian; this guy is going to be hard to beat. Watch this space!

Men's Open Division Competitors

  1. Abiad, Fouad - Canada
  2. Atoyan, Grigori - USA
  3. Belgrave, Lyndon - Barbados
  4. Brown, Lionel - USA
  5. Carter, Gus - USA
  6. Debenham, Mike - New Zealand
  7. Del Rio, Alfonso - Spain
  8. DeVis, Clarence - Belgium
  9. Elsetouhi, Tarek - Germany
  10. El Shahat, Tamer - Egypt
  11. Ergas, Mike - USA
  12. Grimez, DeShaun - USA
  13. Haley, Marcus - USA
  14. Huff, Roland - USA
  15. Ingram, Leo - USA
  16. Ippolito, Romeo - Venezuela
  17. Jackson, Johnnie - USA
  18. James, Dennis - USA
  19. Marquez, Juan - USA
  20. Mendible, Cesar - Spain
  21. Ntiforo, JoJo - USA
  22. Nunn, Edward - USA
  23. Piotrkowicz, Robert - Poland
  24. Richardson, Craig - USA - Moved To 202 Division
  25. Romero, Manuel - Venezuela
  26. Rowe, Jonathan - USA
  27. Salaks, Yans - Russia
  28. Stubbs, Joel - Bahamas
  29. White, Ben - USA
  30. Wilmore, Bill - USA

My Predictions For The Open Show

1st Place Prediction: Ed Nunn

    I feel his symmetry and conditioning combined with that superheavyweight mass is going to be too much for Dennis James to contend with.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Ed Nunn At The 2008 NPC Nationals.
View More Pics Of Ed Nunn Here.

2nd Place Prediction: Dennis James

    Although I see Dennis James coming in sharper than last weekend's Tamp Pro win, I feel that he will not have enough in his arsenal to edge out Nunn for the victory.

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Dennis James At The 2009 Tampa Pro.
View More Pics Of Dennis James Here.

3rd Place Prediction: Fouad Abiad

    I felt last weekend that Abiad had room for improvement in his conditioning, should he make those improvements, it will be a hard fought battle between him and James for 2nd place.

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Fouad Abiad At The 2009 Tampa Pro.
View More Pics Of Fouad Abiad Here.

4th Place Prediction: Bill Wilmore

    Although he as shredded in Tampa, his physique is still lacking that certain X factor to beat out the likes of Abiad and James. But who knows, in this game anything is possible.

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Bill Wilmore At The 2009 Tampa Pro.
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5th Place Prediction: Ben White

    What can I say other than, if White wants to jump up into the winner's podium, he needs to improve, I think in time he will fulfill his potential. It's merely a matter of getting the right combination of training and nutrition in his contest prep.

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Ben White At The 2009 Tampa Pro.
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202 Division

202 Division Competitors

  1. Bryant, Curtis - USA
  2. Cullas, Pedro Barron - Mexico
  3. Dim, Kris - USA
  4. Dixon, Charles - USA
  5. Edwards, Myoba - Canada
  6. Farnsworth, Derik - USA
  7. Feliz, Abiu - USA
  8. Hodgson, John - England
  9. Jackson Sr. Randy - USA
  10. Jackson, Tricky - USA
  11. Long, Jeffrey - USA
  12. Marinelli, Dave - USA
  13. McQuay, Stan - USA
  14. Putnam, Peter - USA
  15. Raymond, Jose - USA
  16. Richardson, Patrick - USA
  17. Wawryk, Vincent - Canada
  18. Powell, Lee - United Kingdom

My Predictions For The 202 Division

1st Place Prediction: Pedro Barron Cullas

    I think he is going to be hard to beat. He reminds me of Momo Benazizza; short, thick muscle and shredded. He is definitely going to be tough to beat.

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Pedro Barron Cullas At The 2008 IFBB North American Championships.
View More Pics Of Pedro Barron Cullas Here.

2nd Place Prediction: Lee Powell

    I think Lee will have improved since last weekend in Tampa, and his combination of mass and symmetry is a hard package to contend with. Should he nail the conditioning, he could even move into the winners circle.

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Lee Powell At The 2009 Tampa Pro.
View More Pics Of Lee Powell Here.

3rd Place Prediction: John Hodgson

    This guy comes in SHREDDED!! However, I don't think he has enough firepower to beat Powell again, providing Powell makes the improvements he needs to.

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John Hodgson At The 2009 Tampa Pro.
View More Pics Of John Hodgson Here.

4th Place Prediction: Stan McQuay

    One of the most aesthetic physiques on the stage, but I feel Stan is going to have to work hard if he wants to come in any higher. I think he will be lacking in the size department to make it to the top 3.

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Stan McQuay At The 2009 Jacksonville Pro.
View More Pics Of Stan McQuay Here.

5th Place Prediction: Tricky Jackson

    Yet to earn a victory in the 202, he is facing athletes that have kept him away from the illustrious win yet again. He has his work cut out for him.

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Tricky Jackson At The 2009 Tampa Pro.
View More Pics Of Tricky Jackson Here.


I have accounted for the dark horse factor in both divisions, so we will see if my predictions are accurate. It is important to remember that these predictions are based on everybody coming into the contest with their game face on, or in bodybuilding terms, with their game physiques on.

Someone might slip up on those last few hours of prep and ruin their chances of victory and the opportunity to go down in history as an Olympia competitor. Then again, some unknown from some dark dungeon of a gym may step onstage and wipe the floor with whoever stands alongside him.

Either way, the 16th annual Europa Super Show is going to be an awesome event filled with surprises and I told you so's. I for one can't wait. Catch you on the tail for my review of the big Texan bodybuilding showdown.