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BodySpace/Gaspari 2008 Transformation Contest: The Winner Is Announced!

The wait is over! 5 contestants, each having transformed their bodies to various degrees - see who won! Did you predict the winner? Congratulations go out to BodySpace member Maddi for taking first place!

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Final Results: The Winner Is Chosen!

As we look back upon the three grueling months of the official 2008 BodySpace/Gaspari Transformation Group Blog Contest, it's time to say, "Boy, I'm glad that's over!" - LOL. As of March 26, 2008, the second annual BodySpace transformation contest officially concluded, and staff members engaged in the tough task of choosing and ranking the winners.

Five superb contestants competed, and all came out winners!

All the contestants of the 3-month contest earned themselves not only transformed, healthier bodies (the real prize!), but also some valuable and well-earned supplement prizes.

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Maddi, 2008 Winner!

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Winners List: The Official Announcement

Note: This official announcement was originally posted on the Transform2008 contest blog.

We had 11 judges from staff (with representatives from various departments) and last year's contest winner vote. The judges were, in no particular order:

Ryan D. (Administration)
Richard B. (Web Team)
Paul T. (Marketing)
Scott W. (Web Team)
JP U. (Web Team)
Vanessa Adams (last year's winner)
Joe G. (Store Team)
Jeran D. (Graphics)
Crystal M. (Affiliate Program)
Will W. (Content Manager)
Kris G. (Editor-In-Chief)

And the votes are now officially in and tallied...

Maddi Maddi Maddi
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BEFORE: Cute But Marshmellowy Mom.

Maddi Maddi Maddi
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AFTER: Wow, Sizzlin' Hot Mama!

The official winners are - in order:

  1. Maddi (Maddi)
  2. Dave (Jumbo Rider)
  3. Alen (malibuilder)
  4. Stephanie (Daretosoar)
  5. Jason (fusioncom)

Thanks, everyone, and remember - every one of you is a winner, and we truly believe that: the amount of determination and mental focus required even just to stick with a 3-month long contest is tremendous, let alone seeing the physical changes you all have made!

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Prize Distribution

Prizes are being awarded as such:

In addition, the contestants received $75 worth of free supps from each month of the contest (January, February, and March), free customized fat-loss products stacks courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition during of the contest, as well as free weekly motivational podcast workouts courtesy of MyBodyBeats.

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Final Article

Next week, we'll have one more final follow-up article with more photos, stats, and an interview from our winner, Maddi, as well as some final thoughts by Isaac Hinds. Stay tuned!

Editor's Note

This contest was definitely fun, and we wholeheartedly thank each and every one of our contestants for playing. Look for more BodySpace Transformation contests in the future!

Many thanks go out again to our sponsors for this contest:

Please remember these sponsors and their support for BodySpace and this transformation contest when it comes time to place your next order. They really do support all of our efforts to lead healthier, happier, and stronger lives!

If you are itching to do a body transformation contest this year, please consider joining the 2008 MuscleTech®/BodySpace $50,000 Transformation Contest! You could earn yourself a new body and some cold hard cash to boot! The Contest Is Almost Over - but you can still enter!

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