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BodySpace/Gaspari 2008 Transformation Contest: Training Plans & Workout Videos!

Five contestants, diligently working out. Five contestants, each hitting the cardio religiously. Five people like you and me, each shedding fat and improving their health. Who will win the grand prize?

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Training Plans & Workout Videos

Welcome to Part 3 of the Spectator's Guide to the 2008 BodySpace/Gaspari Transformation Contest! (If you missed the introduction, go catch up, then come back for the latest action!)

Last week, we learned about each contestant's personal goals for this contest. This week, review their training plans and watch them train. And, by all means, please feel free to critique their lifting form, offer suggestions for improvement, and cheer them on! :)

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Contestants' Training Plans


    Here's Maddi's training plan (originally detailed here) -

    "Weight training will stay the same, 5 days per week. I will be lifting heavier, with more intensity, and attempting to cut sets from approx 23 per workout, down to approx 16. Cardio will remain 6 days per week. I will be upping for the first month from 30 minutes per day, to 1 hour per day. I plan on doing HIIT on the treadmill for one of my two daily cardios. Month two I will increase cardio again."


    Here's Josh's training plan (originally detailed here) -

    "[For] my workout plan for the 13 week duration, I will be following Scivation/s High Reps To Hugeness workout plan, which is a high-rep plan geared towards gaining and defining your physique even while dieting.

    Some key high-lights of the program are explained below:

    Cardio is performed each day following weight training. For at least the first 8 weeks of the contest I will be strictly following the prescribed cardio plan of lower intensity extended duration. I will be aiming for right at 130 beats per minute, using mainly incline treadmill or very light jogging to achieve this. I may add in extra frequency at any time, but not necessarily more intensity. I’m going to truly put the notion of Low Intensity Cardio for High Intensity Fat Loss to the test. If I reach any sticking points then, and only then, will you see the usage of High Intensity Interval Training.

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    Each workout uses 2 sets of 15 repetitions. If I cannot complete all 15 reps, I will use a rest-pause fashion and take 4-5 reps and grind out the rest. Once I can finish both sets using a weight, the weight will increase.

    Both abs and calves are hit at each and every lifting session. Since the calves get ‘work’ everyday just by being mobile beings, I feel that they require extra stimulation to just really force growth and definition upon them. Up until now I’ve been doing 3 sets of 15. Get ready though, because for the 13 weeks of the contest I will be hitting calves 5x per week at 3 sets of 25. Referenced below in the ‘workout listing’ are some of the exercises I’ll use to really bring my calves to a new level. In regards to abs, despite the fact that my abs are not visible I will not ignore them. I treat them as any other muscle group. However, since they are also used for everyday lift I will train them frequently to strength them. This is more for the purpose of increasing core strength and stability than ‘getting rock hard abs’, but more on the exercises which will be used for abs in the ‘workout listing’ below.

    A few of the exercises listed in the link provided above tend to aggravate my old AC joint injury, so they will be substituted out, but rest assured that all of the big compound movements remain in place."

    [Click here for Josh's detailed workout listing.]


    Here's Jason's training plan (originally detailed here) -

    "My workout plan will initially consist of a Middle Weight medium 10-12 rep routine, later rolling into a pyramid system to really push the bars. The last 4 weeks I will be adding an interesting mix to take it to the next level of fat loss. Each weight routine will be followed by at least 30 minutes of low intensity cardio, however this might change as time progresses depending on results."


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Jumbo Rider:

    Here's Dave's training plan (originally detailed here) -

Dave's Training Plan

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Critique Their Workouts

See something they're doing wrong (or right)? Let them know! Leave them some comments by clicking on them here:


Workout Video #1: Maddi (Maddi).

Workout Video #2: Maddi (Maddi).


Workout Video #1: Stonecoldtruth (Josh).

Workout Video #2: Stonecoldtruth (Josh).


Workout Video #1: Fusioncom (Jason).

Workout Video #2: Fusioncom (Jason).


Workout Video #1: Daretosoar (Stephanie).

Workout Video #2: Daretosoar (Stephanie).

Jumbo Rider:

Workout Video #1: Jumbo Rider (Dave).

Workout Video #2: Jumbo Rider (Dave).

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