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BodySpace/Gaspari 2008 Transformation Contest: Before Photos And Personal Goals!

Five contestants, off to a rocky yet admirable start. Five contestants, each hitting the cardio fiercely. Five people like you and me, each shedding fat and improving their health. Who will win the coveted cash prize?

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Before Photos & Personal Goals

Welcome to Part 2 of the Spectator's Guide to the 2008 BodySpace/Gaspari Transformation Contest! (If you missed Part 1, go catch up, then come back for best results! LOL)

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Last week, we learned a little bit about this year's contest, prizes up for grabs, and the contestants. This week, we'll delve a little more into each contestant and find out their starting point for this contest and what their personal goals are.

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Competitors: Personal Goals

Maddi (Maddi) Starting Weight: 157 lbs.
Starting Bodyfat: 24%
Blog Content: View Maddi's Posts
Main Goals: Drop 17 lbs. of fat & 7% BF;
         overcome self-image "body issues" and
         personal fears.

Josh (stonecoldtruth) Starting Weight: 290 lbs.
Starting Bodyfat: 31%
Blog Content: View Josh's Posts
Main Goals: Lose 35 lbs. of fat; do 10 pushups
         & 3 pullups (unassisted).

Jason (fusioncom) Starting Weight: 277 lbs.
Starting Bodyfat: 34.5%
Blog Content: View Jason's Posts
Main Goals: Drop 30 lbs. of fat & 10% BF; do
         10 dips & 5 pullups (unassisted); fit back
         into size 36 waist pants.

Stephanie (Daretosoar) Starting Weight: 227.4 lbs.
Starting Bodyfat: 51.5%
Blog Content: View Steph's Posts
Main Goals: Lose 24 lbs. of fat & 10 inches

Dave (Jumbo Rider) Starting Weight: 364 lbs.
Starting Bodyfat: 31-41%
Blog Content: View Dave's Posts
Main Goal: Drop 30-36 lbs. of fat.

"Before" Photos

The official start date for the contest was December 26, 2007 (just two weeks ago.) The official end date is March 26, 2008, which makes 3 full months (12+ weeks). The contestants took "Before photos" on or before the first day of the contest with a newspaper proving the date of the photo.


Maddi (Before)
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Official BEFORE Photo: Maddi.


Josh (Before)
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Official BEFORE Photo: Josh.


Jason (Before)
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Official BEFORE Photo: Jason.


Stephanie (Before)
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Official BEFORE Photo: Stephanie.

Jumbo Rider:

Dave (Before)
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Official BEFORE Photo: Dave.

Each week, they are also required to take and post current Progress photos, too. At the end of the contest, they will be required to post "After photos," also with newspapers. Other requirements are that each contestant posts on the blog frequently (every other day) and informs us, the readers, as well as each other how they're doing, what supplements they're using, and what exercises and diet plans they're following.

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Weigh-In Videos

See the scales tip in the contestants' official weigh-in videos. In just a mere 11 more weeks, these weigh-in videos will be ancient history and utterly foreign to their newly transformed bodies!


Official Weigh-In Video: Maddi (Maddi).


Official Weigh-In Video: Stonecoldtruth (Josh).


Official Weigh-In Video: Fusioncom (Jason).


Official Weigh-In Video: Daretosoar (Stephanie).

Jumbo Rider:

Official Weigh-In Video: Jumbo Rider (Dave).

As you may or may not know, blogs are set up in reverse chronological order by date, so reading blogs actually tends to go backward in time, which can be a fun experience or maddening (depending on your viewpoint!) Either way, it's fun to jump back in time a few weeks and see where the contestants were at. Here are a few more helpful links to the archives:

Stay Tuned

This contest is just getting underway, so please stay tuned as the contestants' progress and drama unfolds. If you haven't already, subscribe to this contest's RSS feed for continual updates throughout the next 11 weeks!

If you have some fat to shed this year, please consider following along with the contestants in this year's BodySpace Transformation Contest - do what they do, and you'll see the results they do!

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Now that you've met the contestants, their goals, their quirks and trash-talking (LOL), tune into the group blog to follow along! See you there!

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