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The 2008 Mr. Olympia Rhyming Review: Gethin's Mum Gets Down!

Vegas awaits the roar of the crowd... The gladiators stormed standing muscular and proud - 2008 Mr. Olympia top 10 review gets a twist - Here's the captivating rhyme from Beryl Gethin. Enjoy!

The 2008 Vegas' Rhyming Review

Vegas awaits the roar of the crowd,
The gladiators stormed standing muscular and proud.

Cranking up their physiques, ready to explode,
Detonate the charge; get this show on the road.

The buildup, the posedown, the definition and size,
Mix in food and gym work, for the Mr. 'O' prize.

Now judges choose their bull beef and discard the rest,
Just one will survive the stampede, to be Bob Cicherillo's guest.

Results are now in from one through to ten,
At the end of the day they're all winning men.

dot 1st: Dexter Jackson dot

    The deposit was paid on Dexter's temple earlier on,
    Culminating in dividends "The Trophy was won".

dot 2nd: Jay Cutler dot

    The gambling had started the dice had rolled,
    But the cards were stacked for Jay, too hot to hold.

dot 3rd: Phil Heath dot

    Positioned third, the lord winking oh so near,
    The promise land waits for Phil Heath next year.

dot 4th: Dennis Wolf dot

    Wolf was howling on the horizon at fourth place,
    Though Little Red Riding Hood had packed up his case.

dot 5th: Toney Freeman dot

    Life can be so unfair with a number five award,
    He's now asking for sponsorship so please climb on board.

dot 6th: Melvin Anthony dot

    Cleopatra would have positioned Melvin higher this time,
    But she didn't show up so missed out on the crime.

dot 7th: Silvo Samuel dot

    They don't call Silvo, glutes and pecks in jest,
    Although placed seventh he's still got the best.

dot 8th: Dennis James dot

    Dennis a rough diamond but polished up fine,
    His placing of eighth not reflecting in his shine.

dot 9th: Moe Elmoussawi dot

    First time at the Olympia, the New Zealand lad Moe,
    Allocated ninth with some way to go.

dot 10th: Gustavo Badell dot

    He paid the ultimate penalty with the result of being number ten,
    Looking forward to doing it next year all over again and again.


For all taking part with emotion and feeling,
Will now undergo the long process of healing.

Dexter the Blade has achieved a perfect landing,
So pay homage to "The King" THE LAST MAN STANDING.

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