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2008 NPC Jr. Nationals Preview: A Breakdown From The Windy City!

Competitors are heading to the Windy City for the second big NPC show of the year. The NPC Jr. Nationals... So far there are 240 women and 110 men slated to compete. Get some of the names here and be ready for a huge show!

Article Summary:
  • NPC Jr. Nationals will be held June 20-21, 2008 in Rosemont Illinois
  • This year nine pro cards will be awarded to the women.
  • Isaac Hinds will be covering the contest from his blog.
  • The first national show is in the books and the competitors are headed to the Windy City for the second big NPC show of the year. The NPC Jr. Nationals will be held June 20 -21, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Ballroom in Rosemont (Chicago) Illinois.

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    2008 NPC Jr. Nationals.

    Three women turned pro in Charleston which kicked off the NPC national season. While no pro cards are up for grabs in the men's or women's bodybuilding division, there are a number of pro cards for the women competing in the fitness and figure.

    This year nine pro cards will be awarded to the women. 4 pro cards will go to the figure division and new this year - all height class winners in the fitness division will be eligible for IFBB pro status.

    As of early this week there were 240 women slated to take the stage for the show. One of the industry's most reliable people to cover the female side of things, Steve Wennerstrom shared the numbers breakdown for the show.

    A big shout out and thanks to Steve for his years of coverage on the women's side of the industry. Promoter Pam Betz also confirmed with me that the numbers are accurate and it will be a big show on the female side of things.

    There are around 110 men who will be competing in the bodybuilding portion of the show as of last week. Those numbers could and most likely will increase due to the qualifying shows last weekend.

    Confirmed Numbers

    Here's the breakdown for the women:

    arrow Bodybuilding:

    • Lightweight - 2
    • Middleweight - 7
    • Light-heavyweight - 5
    • Heavyweight - 3

    arrow Fitness:

    • A (short) - 10
    • B (medium) - 9
    • C (tall) - 10

    arrow Figure:

    • A Class - 28
    • B Class - 40
    • C Class - 37
    • D Class - 33
    • E Class - 31
    • F Class - 19

    Keep in mind these are only preliminary numbers and the height classes have changed a bit this year in the NPC. All of these numbers are subject to change. There were also a few national qualifying shows that could bump the numbers up come show-time.

    Confirmed Names

    Below are the confirmed names for the female bodybuilders, again a big thanks to Steve for providing the names. If you see your name missing from the list, Sandi Williamson had not received your entry as of a few days ago and would be best to contact her to make sure you're entry arrive.

    arrow Lightweight:

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    Lisa Janusz & Natalie Barnett.
    View More Pics Of Lisa Janusz.
    View More Pics Of Natalie Barnett.

    arrow Middleweight:

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    Deanna Harvick.
    View More Pics Of Deanna Harvick.

    arrow Light-Heavyweight:

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    Justine Dohring.
    View More Pics Of Justine Dohring.

    arrow Heavyweight:

    arrow Oddo's Angels:

      There are a number of women who have let me know they will be competing in the Fitness and Figure competitions. One of the top trainers in the biz informed me that he will have sixteen competitors in this show.

      One of Oddo's Angels is two for two in her figure competitions, Sara Hurrle. Sara won the Colorado Pro/Am figure title in 2007 and followed it up with a victory at the 2008 Cal State show. Look for Mike Davies to also bring a number of women to the show.

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    Sara Hurrle At The California State Championships.
    View More Pics Of Sara Hurrle.

    arrow Performance Ready Team:

    Colorado trainer Carla Sanchez will be bringing a solid representation of her Performance Ready team with five girls:

    1. Liza Kampstra
    2. Jacqui Skibba
    3. Jenny Lewis
    4. Jamie Meade
    5. Tara Green

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      Liza Kampstra & Jacqui Skibba.
      View More Pics Of Liza Kampstra.
      View More Pics Of Jacqui Skibba.

      Jamie and Tara will be making their national debut at the show while the other three have held their own in past competitions. Jenny Lewis placed fourth in her class at the NPC JR USA and will be one to watch.

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    Jenny Lewis.
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    arrow Bridgette Murray's Trainees:

      IFBB Pro Bridgette Murray will bring two women to the show that she helped train: Ginger Garcia who placed sixth in this show last year and Jo Marriner who also placed sixth in her class. Also keep your eye on Jo Marriner - she blew the crowd away at the NPC Nationals and easily won the routine rounds. If she was able to bring up her physique just a little bit she will be in the running for her pro card. Mark my words - her routine will have you in awe.

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    Ginger Garcia & Jo Marriner.
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    View More Pics Of Jo Marriner.

    Others To Watch Out For

    Bree Marsh, who did very well in Charleston and has a great physique.

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    Bree Marsh.
    View More Pics Of Bree Marsh.

    Catherine Holland won her class at the NPC JR USA and has a pro caliber physique, she'll undoubtedly be in the running again at this show.

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    Catherine Holland.
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    Alissa Carpio won the tall class in fitness and will look to repeat and turn pro at this show.

    Pamela Soper tells me she will competing in this show for the second time and looking to improve upon her 4th place finish last year.

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    Pamela Soper.
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    Little do many know but Pam weighed 170 lbs three years ago. WOW! What an accomplishment. She works with trainer Mike Davies and mentioned he has contributed a great deal for her achieving the physique she has today.

    Ana Tigre will make the trip from Texas and look to be in the mix again at this show. It will be her third show of the year. She won her class at the NPC IRONMAN and followed it up with a third place finish at the JR USAs.

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    Ana Tigre.
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    Gale Elie was runner up to the eventual overall winner at the JR USA contest and will definitely be in the mix for a win at this show. Her physique looked great in Charleston and I look for her to be in the running for a top callout against Ana Tigre and Pamela Soper.

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    Gale Elie.
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    Stephanie Billings won the D class in the Indianapolis Figure division and looking to make a name for herself at this show.

    Stephanie Billings
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    Stephanie Billings.

    Sue Upson will return to the stage and tells me she's made a few changes since her second place finish to Jamie Costa at the JR USA show. Jamie Costa was originally planning to compete in this show but informed me she will hold off until USAs to compete. Jamie calls Las Vegas home and look for her next month at that show.

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    Sue Upson.
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    Another one in the shorter class that will turn some heads is Marina Lopez. She competed at USAs and tells me she has changed a few things as well for this show. She has a balanced physique and if she did her homework could be in the first couple of callouts.

    One youngster who caught my attention at the NPC Arkansas State show last year is Alyssa Stroud, she has tremendous potential and it will be great to see her on stage with some of the nation's best.

    Doneker King from Denver will compete in figure after taking home the overall titles in fitness and figure at the 2007 Colorado State Championships.

    Khristy Poteat has great potential and will be making the trip from Florida after competing in Charleston. She is on the cover of the current issue of Southern Muscle Plus.

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    Khristy Poteat.
    View More Pics Of Khristy Poteat.

    Brandie Gardner will be competing and taking time out from helping with the promotion of the IFBB Tampa Pro show with her husband Tim. Look for her to be in the mix of things if she nails her conditioning.

    As you can see these are just a few of the figure and fitness women who will be competing this weekend. There is no way of previewing every woman who will step on stage and if your name is missing it's nothing personal. Good luck to all the women competing this weekend.

    The Men's Show

    What about the men? Oh yeah the men's show.

    I don't follow the men's side of things as closely as I do the women however there are a couple guys that everyone has their eye on.

    Big Sean Allen is coming off a victory last weekend and will be one of if not THEE largest man to hit the stage this weekend. He seems to have gotten things right this year and will look to take home bragging rights and an overall trophy. It won't be a walk in the park for him to claim the overall title as you have people buzzing about two other guys.

    Big Sean Allen
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    Big Sean Allen.

    Jeff Long who, in my opinion, was a mess last year at the NPC Nationals but looks to have put things together for this show. He's wide and packs a ton of muscle. If he is able to come in conditioned he could be in the running for top honors.

    Everyone who follows the industry closely is asking about one of BSN's poster boys, Trey Brewer.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Trey At The 2006 Excalibur
    With Overall Winners Rose Kasallis & Crystal Sheppard.

    I've gotten to know Trey a bit from the shows and he is a nice guy. He won the 2006 Excalibur contest and since that time has been the talk of many to be the next big thing. This had to put a ton of pressure on him and everyone is curious to see how he handled it.

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    Early indications from his guest posing appearances showed he was behind in his prep and wouldn't be anywhere close to being ready for the show. If you have competed or follow bodybuilding closely, then you know anything can happen in the last 4-6 weeks. We've never seen him on the national level but he has the attention of everyone.

    A few other names I know will be in the show are Adam Reich, Nate Wolfe, Armon Adibi, Kevin Sperling and David Baye. How they will fair, we'll have to wait and see.

    The last competitor to keep an eye on is Shawn Mack from Denver, Colorado. Shawn has some of the sickest wheels you'll see in the show and he nailed his conditioning at the 2007 Jr USA, his first national show, where he placed second in his weight class. If he brought up his chest and nails his conditioning again he could be in the mix for his class again at this show.


    The weather doesn't look to be the greatest in Chicago. Most competitors will arrive on Thursday where the temps will be in the upper 70s, but there is a chance for rain both Friday and Saturday with the highs near 80.

    The great thing about this show is the host hotel is connected to the venue and it's a couple minutes from your hotel room to the event. Pam Betz does a tremendous job with this show and it is always one of my favorites to attend. Check back throughout the weekend as I blog about the show on BodySpace.

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