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2008 Junior National Preview: Intense NPC Competition Gets Fine Tuned!

With training now behind the athletes they are ready for the 2008 NPC Jr. Nationals which will take place June 20-21 in Rosemont, Illinois. Many hopes & dreams are geared towards the ultimate amateur victory. Find out more.

This is going to be an interesting year. Some changes have been made to the judging categories relating to figure. The training is all but behind the athletes and now it comes down to stage presence, taking the right suit, putting together the right routine, getting the right dry out, keeping your nerve together, having the right tan, making sure that your number is clearly visible to the judge's table, and about thirty other factors.

The NPC has some of the best people in the business organizing the backstage procedures. From check-in through Sunday, Steve Stone and X team will run a finely tuned show. All of this is geared towards some of the amateur athletes becoming professional.

Many hopes, dreams, prayers, and genetic heritage are gearing towards the ultimate amateur victory. The campus of Oddo's Angels and the Fitness Factory are offering their best athletes in hopes of capturing the pro titles. Other contenders are coming from Colorado's training Mecca and will bring their best hopes for the new year.

Figure Division

Oddo's Angels contenders for figure are:

  1. Jamie Costa: Placed 1st in Class A at Jr. USA's 2008
  2. Danyell Johnson: Placed top 3 at Emerald's Cup 2008
  3. Jessica Troha: Placed 6th at USA's 2007
  4. Christine Aguilar: Placed 5th in Class F at Jr. USA's 2008
  5. JeNae Stewart: Placed top 3 at Emerald's Cup 2007
  6. Sara Hurrle: Won overall at Cal State Championships 2008
  7. Vicki Counts: Placed 3rd at Emerald's Cup 2008
  8. Chrissy Burton: Won Overall at Emerald's Cup 2008
  9. Melody Clere: Placed 2nd in Class B at Jr. USA's 2008

Sara Hurrle has made an imprint on the figure world in a quick way. Her original winning in the Colorado Pro/Am showed a strong direction for this young athlete. Her look is unique and the sex appeal is strong on stage and in her photographs.

Sara Hurrle Sara Hurrle
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Sara Hurrle At The 2008 California State Championships.
View More Pics Of Sara Hurrle At The 2008 California State Championships Here.

As a yoga instructor, her lines on film are quite amazing and they capture the photographer's eye in most settings. Jamie Costa and Vicki Counts will also make a strong impression to the judges table.

Jamie Costa Jamie Costa
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Jamie Costa At The 2008 Jr. USA's.
View More Pics Of Jamie Costa At The 2008 Jr. USA's Here.

Also coming out of the Colorado camp are Liza Kampstra, Jenny Lewis and, Jacqui Skibba. If they show the first call-outs are likely to be jumbled up with them holding position on center stage. Carla Sanchez has a new baby, but that isn't stopping her from producing the next level of competitive athletes that are going to make their mark on the NPC stage.

Jenny Lewis Jenny Lewis
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Jenny Lewis At The 2008 Jr. USA's.
View More Pics Of Jenny Lewis At The 2008 Jr. USA's Here.

Mike Davies has his athletes looking poised and ready for a throw down on the stage. Weeks of dieting, posing practice, some warm-up in the Fitness Factory's boot camp training room will make these athletes a firm choice for the upcoming year. Making the list of top athletes going to the show in Chicago.

Fitness Divison

Fitness Factory top girls to watch:

  1. Kara Flowers: Overall winner at the Ohio, and has been a top five placer for over two years
  2. Ginger Redeker:'s nutrition writer and placing 5th in the North American's in 2007
  3. Pam Soper: Top five finisher from last year's national shows
  4. Jennifer DeJoya: Top five finisher from 2007, and a little more of a curvy look for this year

The top contenders from the fitness factory this year are Terri Turner (a newly wed) and Catherine Holland, who both won their class at the Jr.'s this year. They stand the best chance of stepping forward to gain their pro card at the Chicago show in 2008. Terri has an amazing look ready for the camera with a mean set of delts to go along with it. Catherine Holland has long lines and the grace to pull them off in those high heels.

Terri Turner Terri Turner
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Terri Turner At The 2008 Jr. USA's.
View More Pics Of Terri Turner At The 2008 Jr. USA's Here.

Also it is very wise to keep an eye on Jessica Clay in the Fitness division. She has the fitness look and the routine that the judges are looking to name their next champion.

arrow Other Competitors:

    Jenny Lewis: has placed 4th in her last 3 national competitions; most recently 2008 Jr. USA'S.

    Liza Kampstra: top 5 at 2007 Jr. Nationals.

    Tara Green: 1st place in 2008 Mile High Championships and 2007 Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta.

    Jaime Meade: Overall Champion at 2007 Colorado Natural and Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta.

    Jacqui Skibba: has placed 7th in her last 3 national competitions.

Men's Division

In the men's division, super-heavyweight competitor Brian Yersky and Shawn Allen are likely to be at the top of the list of main competitors. Both of these top competitors have mountains of muscle and if they hit their peak it will be tough goings for the other male bodybuilders to move them from the middle of the stage.

Brian Yersky Brian Yersky
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Brian Yersky At The 2008 Jr. USA's.
View More Pics Of Brian Yersky At The 2008 Jr. USA's Here.

The men at the Jr. Nationals will be looking at Jeff Long, Dominick Dichio and Trey Brewer to take a strong position if they make the show, but at this level, that is a moment by moment question of "wait and see."


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