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2008 Europa Pro Fan's Choice Online Voting, Sponsored By 4Ever Fit!

4Ever Fit is proud to present the Fan's Choice award and $500 to your Pro of choice at the 2008 Europa Super Show. Erik Fankhouser wins with 36% of the vote!

Fan's Choice Online Voting - Live during the webcast. This event has been very successful and continues with an award being offered. Place your votes here to decide the winner! The winner will receive $500.

    Erik Fankhouser wins both Fan's Choice (36%) & Best Wheels (47%)! Congratulations!

Sponsored By 4Ever Fit! is proud to work with 4Ever Fit to bring you the the 2008 Europa Fan's Choice. By providing bodybuilders and athletes with advanced, science-backed formulas, 4Ever Fit is leading the charge toward The Future of Bodybuilding™.

SPONSOR: 4Ever Fit
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