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2008 Arnold Classic Profile: Kai Greene; Bodybuilding's Posing Predator!

Polished posing and a sleek physique, complete with surgical-like cuts and a good supply of hard muscle, gave The Predator Kai Greene a decided advantage... Learn how he came from nowhere to frontrunner how he could do at the 2008 Arnold!

Polished posing and a sleek physique, complete with surgical-like cuts and a good supply of hard muscle, gave "The Predator" Kai Greene a decided advantage over the competition to take his first pro win at the, now defunct, 2007 Colorado Pro. Beating out the seasoned Darrem Charles and awesome fellow breakthrough athlete, Silvio Samuel, Kai seemingly came from nowhere to not only win, in grand style, the best posing award but the whole show.

In two short years Kai emerged as a relative unknown 14th placed 2005 New York Pro show competitor to the man who wowed everyone with his detail and hardness to win in Colorado. And at five feet eight and around 230 pounds contest shape he has plenty of size while possessing an ability to retain that dry look, with the aesthetics needed to score highly on the judging sheets.

Approaching the 2008 Arnold Classic the dread-locked wonder would not be one of the frontrunners for the title nor even the top six, with the current stacked line-up, but could be considered an outside favorite to overtake a few of the better established pros should they not arrive in their expected condition.

The man he pushed into third place at the 2007 Colorado, Silvio Samuel, is, however, tipped as one man to beat. So on this basis Kai could have a theoretical chance of making it into the top six.

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Kai Greene & Silvio Samuel At The 2007 Colorado Pro.
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Of course for Kai to place ahead of any of the tremendous competitors who will be trying to defeat him - men like Branch Warren, Gustavo Badell, Melvin Anthony, Dexter Jackson and Phil Heath - he will need to have made some improvements in size since he last competed (at the 2007 New York Pro). And reports suggest that is exactly what he has done, apparently reaching upwards of 300 pounds in the off-season.

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Kai Greene At The 2007 New York Pro.
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Even if he can hit the stage in Columbus 10 pounds heavier than he was in Colorado, at five feet eight he will be an impressive sight at close to 240 pounds. With his frame and propensity for packing on the mass (he was one of the largest natural competitors in the world at one point), it is probable that he will be the biggest size surprise of 2008.

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Kai Greene At 2007 Colorado Pro.
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One battle of interest at the 2008 Arnold will be the potential posing showdown between Kai and probably the best poser in bodybuilding today, Melvin Anthony. The last time these two met onstage, Kai had just been awarded sixth place at the 2007 New York Pro and Melvin was on hand to present trophies, which naturally prompted a comparison between the two slick movers.

Since it was Melvin's off-season, Kai naturally looked better and took all body parts and the most muscular over the Marvellous One. However, this time around they will both be vying for the same prize and it is presumed that both will be in their best shape. The contest within a contest (the respective Kai/Melvin posing displays) will, alone, be worth the price of admission.

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Kai Greene At The 2007 Keystone Pro.
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Kai broke onto the bodybuilding scene in 2004 with an overall win at the NGA American Nationals. Since then he has steadily added size. Clearly he packed on enough, along with attaining sufficient quality of conditioning, which, combined, enabled him to take the 2004 NPC Team Universe Championships, thus earning his pro card.

In gaining pro status, bodybuilding's man of mystery has worked away persistently and is now one of its better-known competitors for, one might say, both right and wrong reasons (he has an adult website in addition to one outlining his bodybuilding achievements).

Kai Greene
Kai Greene
2007 Colorado Pro Winner.
Photo By Isaac Hinds.
Week #64 - 6/5/2007
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As a natural competitor Kai possessed muscle that belied his drug-free status. A God -given ultra-refined package of cuts and size gave him the edge in most of the shows he entered.

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Kai Greene At The 2007 Colorado Pro.
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Today, in the big league, he presents an improved version of his natural manifestation complete with flaring thighs and grapefruit-sized biceps. Look for The Predator to stick it to and squeeze the opposition out in Columbus Ohio to secure another top placement.