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2008 Strongman Washington's Strongest Apple Review!

On June 7, 2008 the 1st Washington's Strongest Apple contest was held. The location was the City of Des Moines Marina (Des Moines, WA). Read on to learn more!

On June 7, 2008 the 1st "WASHINGTON'S STRONGEST APPLE" contest was held. The location was the City of Des Moines Marina (Des Moines, WA).

I have had previous experience promoting Strongman contests in the state of Oregon (Oregon's Strongest Beaver 2002, 2003 & 2006), but this was going to be our first contest in the state of Washington. The pressure was on for me to make a good first impression, in the hopes that this contest will be in annual event in the Puget Sound area.

The location was set at the Des Moines Marina, with a majestic view of Puget Sound & the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop.

The harbormaster of Des Moines set me up with a relatively flat parking lot. He also coordinated our event with the first day of Farmer's Market on the Marina. My intent was to run the show near the Farmer's Market, in hopes that these shoppers would also come by to spectate.

I had a total of 37 competitors, including 5 women. The top 3 in each weight class would qualify for the Amateur National Championship later this September(Provo, Utah.)

Strongman Superheavy Weight Class
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Strongman Superheavy Weight Class.

We also had 4 Teenagers compete, and 2 of them did really well in their first contest ever!

The Heavyweight Women's class was very special, because 2 of the women had just competed two weeks prior in Poland, at the "WORLD'S STRONGEST WOMAN CONTEST".

Strongman: 5 Events

  1. Farmers Walk (180 feet total distance)
  2. Apollon Axle clean & press for reps
  3. Tire flip (90 feet total distance)
  4. Apollon Axle deadlift for reps
  5. Keg loading


Thank you to all my competitors that came from near and far, and participated in our inaugural contest! Many of them were from Washington State, but we also had competitors from Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia-Canada, and even one guy from Hawaii!

Also, big thanks to for sponsoring our AWESOME contest t-shirts! Dave Middleton, you are very helpful and generous to me, and I appreciate your help in making this contest a great success! Looking forward to next year! Grant Higa.