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Get the latest on the Booth at this year's Olympia. We've put together a great team and will have a large area for everyone to see what we are about. Learn more here!

You are crazy if you are not going to the 2008 Olympia this year! The most important bodybuilding event of the year is a must see for all you die-hard fans, and even for those who may not know much about it. What a great show they put on!

Go to see all of the celebrities you always see in the magazines, get autographs & pictures, see the great events, and of course we can't leave out the fact that you will get a lot of freebies!

We are doing our part to make the Olympia an experience you will not soon forget. will have a huge booth with a lot of familiar faces for you to interact with. Say 'Hi!' to them and learn more about our great products. The following faces are the team members we will feature at our 2008 Olympia booth. Booth Team Members!

Bob Cicherillo  
Bob Cicherillo: 9/25 - 9/27

Bob is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who won the 2006 IFBB Masters Pro World Championships. He works for and co-hosts the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Radio Show with Dan Solomon.


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Wallpapers: Bob Cicherillo.

Jamie Eason  
Jamie Eason: 9/25 - 9/27

Jamie Eason is a figure competitor & fitness model.


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Wallpaper: Jamie Eason.

Dayana Cadeau  
Dayana Cadeau: 9/25 - 9/27

Dayana Cadeau is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and won the Ms. Olympia as a lightweight in 2004. She came in 2nd in the 2006 Ms. Olympia Competition.


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Wallpaper: Dayana Cadeau.

Charles Glass  
Charles Glass: 9/25 - 9/27

Charles Glass is one of the world's top bodybuilding trainers. He has starred in several episodes of The Fit Show, and trains many of the top professionals, both men and women; bodybuilding, fitness, and figure.

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Wallpaper: Charles Glass.

Tana Gabrielle  
Tana Gabrielle: 9/25 - 9/27

Tana is a glamour/bikini model in the fitness industry and is also the lead singer for the band POP ROXX in Charlotte, NC.


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Wallpaper: Tana Gabrielle.

Jerome Ferguson  
Jerome Ferguson: 9/25 - 9/27

Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson is an NPC amateur bodybuilder.


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Wallpaper: Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson

Julie Shipley-Childs  
Julie Shipley-Childs: 9/25 - 9/27

Julie is an IFBB fitness pro. Julie has always been known for her exciting, beautiful routines on the fitness stage and is an inspiration to all aspiring fitness athletes.


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Wallpaper: Julie Shipley-Childs.

Fawnia Dietrich  
Fawnia Dietrich: 9/25 - 9/27

Fawnia is a pole dance instructor, fitness model, personal trainer, writer, producer and actress.

Writer's Page: Fawnia Dietrich

Fawnia Dietrich Fawnia Dietrich
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Wallpaper: Fawnia Dietrich

Monica Brant  
Monica Brant: 9/25 - 9/27

Monica Brant is an IFBB Pro Fitness competitor and won her first Fitness Olympia title in 1998.

Writer's Page: Monica Brant

Monica Brant Monica Brant
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Wallpaper: Monica Brant

Samantha Baker  
Samantha Baker: 9/25 - 9/27

Samantha Baker is a model, a personal trainer and has been published in many fitness magazines.


Kasie Rae Sutheimer  
Kasie Rae Sutheimer: 9/25 - 9/27

Kasie Rae Sutheimer has been published in fitness magazines including American Curves, Muscle Mag, Nutural Muscle, X-Fitness, DXL, and Planet Muscle!


Kyla McGrath  
Kyla McGrath: 9/25 - 9/27

Kyla McGrath is a CBBF Figure Competitor.


Peter Czerwinski  
Peter Czerwinski: 9/25 - 9/27

Peter Czerwinski is the North American Collegiate Eating Champion and a writer for

Writer's Page: Peter Czerwinski

Dorian Yates  
Dorian Yates: 9/26 (11:00am) - 9/27

Dorian has won 5 Mr. Olympia's in a row. His nickname is the 'Shadow'.

Bio Page: Here

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