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2008 Natural Iowa & Central Midwest Championships Review!

The fourteenth annual Nutri-Sport Natural Iowa and Central Midwest Championships was indeed another spectacular event! Kicking things off was the natural Iowa classes. Read on to learn who came out on top!

The fourteenth annual Nutri-Sport Natural Iowa and Central Midwest Championships was indeed another spectacular event! Competitors from ten different states converged at the historical Hoyt Sherman Place Theater in Des Moines Iowa competing for a coveted WNBF pro card.

In front of an energetic and packed house, WNBF pro Robert Johnson got the audience ready for some hard hitting physiques. Kicking things off was the natural Iowa classes.

The Men's Division

There were three classes in the men's division. In a very competitive short class, fifth went to Nick Noethe. Taking fourth was Scot Dickerson with a classical physique.. Earning third was Chris Sami who has a lot of potential. Second place went to a massive Brandon Richards. Winning the class was an impressive Jessie Godderz.

The medium class had wasp-waisted Kenny Simon getting third. Second place when to a thickly muscled Shain. Winning the class was last year's overall novice champion, Justin Funk, who has made some significant improvements.

Rounding out the Natural Iowa was the tall class. In fourth was Jim Haines, who just overcame rotator cuff surgery to make it to the stage. Third place went to an improved Dustin Malloy. The runner up was Tron Smith who continues to bring his legs and conditioning up to match his massive upper body. Winning the tall class was TJ Klith, with a balanced physique and a great back.

For the Mr. Natural Iowa title, the judges put class winners Jessie Godderz, Justin Funk and TJ Klith in the line up. After an extended series of quarter turns and mandatories, plus an intense pose down, the overall title went to Jessie Godderz.

Competing for a pro card was the men's 40+ class. This was an extremely competitive class with nine men doing battle. Earning fifth place was Scot Dickerson. Fourth went to a symmetrical Brad Conkling. In third place was wide Doug Holmberg. The runner up position went to Jim Siem and the champion and pro card winner was ripped and huge John Barnhill.

Finishing out the night was the open central Midwest division, with the short class leading the charge. In fifth was a dense Jim Siem. Darryl Olive was awarded fourth with his sweeping muscle and tiny joints. Third went to a massive Brandon Richards. Getting second was Joe Wilson, who had huge legs and was also awarded with the best poser award. Winning the class was Jesse Godderz, with an incredible combination of mass and definition.

In the medium class, Don High took fifth. Fourth place went to a thickly muscled Shain. Terry Balder earned third with his massive quads and entertaining gladiator routine. Second went to an ever improving and balance Rene Martinez. Taking the class was Justin Funk who made some great improvements over last year.

The tall guys were up next. Monstrous Tron Smith placed fifth with his massive upper body. Fourth went to Robert Barker who showed great conditioning. In third was TJ Klith with some massive delts. Second was Devran Brower, who has deeply etched abs. Another first place win went to John Barnhill.

The battle for the overall title and the pro card was fierce! You had last year's novice champion, Justin Funk, up against 2006 overall open champ Jessie Godderz, along with the Masters 40+ winner and returning veteran competitor John Barnhill. After numerous mandatory poses and a long pose down, the judges gave the nod to John Barnhill, your newest drug free pro bodybuilder.

There were two entries in the grandmasters class, age 55+. Both have amazing physiques but the judges did have to choose. In second place was Jim Digiovanni who also received the "most entertaining routine" award. Getting the nod was Doug Holmberg with an impressive build at any age.

Submasters men is always a tough class and this year was no exception. Fifth place went to Kenny Simon who made this comeback show after recovering from a car accident. In fourth place was Brad Conkling. Third went to a ripped Robert Barker. Second place was a thickly muscled and symmetrical Terry Balder. Winning this tough class was Jim Siem.

In the novice men's short class, Kent Kearney earned fifth. Getting forth was Brent Huebbe. Third went to Justin Elefson, which an impressive upper body. In second was Ben Wolfe and the top spot in the novice short went to Korley Ward. The tall class had Mike Stenerson in fifth place. Forth went to Jim Hanes. In third was Roman Rooney-Kozak. Second place was Dustin Malloy.

In the men's division, Mike Stenerson was in fourth. Third place went to Jim Hanes who has some incredible calves. In second was Don High with a balanced physique. Taking the masters class was Scot Dickerson.

The Teen Division

The next division was the teens. This was an exciting group of bodybuilders who make the future of natural bodybuilding look bright! There was a sole competitor in the teen women class. This was Maria McAndrew who had a stunning routine and a great foundation to build on.

While there was only one female teen, there were 12 male teens! Split out into two classes, earning fourth in the short class was Austin Rhiner who had a wide back. Third went to David Meyers. In the runner up position was Jeremy Meyers. Earning first was thickly muscle Brent Huebbe.

The tall class had Paul Saxen getting fifth. In the fourth place position was Austin Tonner. James Savage landed third. Second place was Tim Bratvold. Winning the tall class was Nick McGee. Taking the overall teen men title was Brent Huebbe.

Another exciting class was collegiate. These bodybuilders not only had to suffer through the diet, but also had to do so while studying for and taking finals! In a tough class of eight, earning fifth was Don High, who had a very entertaining routine. Fourth place went to Jeremy Meyers. Taking third was Nick Noethe. Second place went to Nick Bender and the winner was thickly muscled Ben Wolfe.

The Women's Division

For the women, fifth place went to Jennifer Mond. Fourth was awarded to Kerri Whitmore. In third place was Amy Kramer, who possessed a great upper back and large biceps. Runner up was Tina Van Baalen with great shoulder development and the women's natural Iowa title went to Sheri Hofhuis with an amazing V-taper and crazy abs.

In the masters classes, Tina Van Baalen had a tough victory over Rosemarie Kuretich. Novice was up next and the womens novice class had Tina Van Baalen getting another victory. This time it was over Jennifer Mond.

The Figure Division

Switch gears to figure; this year was the introduction for two new classes in figure, beginner and novice. Beginner figure is for first-time figure competitors only. In the beginner class, taking forth was Vickie Williams. Third place was awarded to Jennifer Parker. Second place went to Amy Korell and the winner was Ali Angel with straight firsts.

In the novice class, Vickie Williams again took to the stage and was awarded fifth. Fourth place went to Angela Scudder. In third was Liz Hall. The second place position went to Amy Korell. Winning the novice figure was Ali Angel.

Moving on to the open classes that were competing for the pro card, the first class up was the masters 40+ figure. There were seven ladies competing for this title. Fifth place was earned by Karen Marion who had popping delts. Denise McCann was awarded forth with her great abs. Third went to a muscular Chalene Steves. In the runner up position was Chris Graziano, who had fantastic stage presence. Getting the title and the pro card was Sabrina DeWispelare.

The open figure division had a total of 25 competitors squaring off for the pro card. In the short class, earning fifth place was Christa Michael. Fourth went to a much-improved Lori Henning. Third place was Leslie Franklin. Libby Dibiase was awarded with second and getting the top spot was Kori Propst.

In the medium class, Lindsay Nagl was awarded with fifth place. Fourth went to a muscular Lisa Hansen. Charlene Steeves earned third place with Chris Graziano in the runner up position. The title winner was Sheri Hofhuis in this competitive class.

Rounding out the figure was the tall class. In a tough class, Lisa Straudt earned her way to fifth place. In fourth was Deb Gray. Third place went to Kristin Newstrom. The runner up spot was Jenny Noble and taking the top spot was Sabrina DeWispelare.

The battle for the overall title was tough and competitive. Kori Propst, Sheri Hofhuis and Sabrina DeWispelare were compared multiple times to determine the champion. In the end, it was Kori Propst rightfully earning the title and the pro card that came along with it.


This year was one for the record books and next year is already slated for May 9th, 2009. Thank you to our title sponsor, Nutri-Sport, along with the many other volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible!