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2007 WFF Gold's Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Contest Review!

The 2007 WFF Gold's Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Contest was held on April 14th in Boise, Idaho. Craig Toth wins overall title! Lauren Beckham storms the figure class! A record crowd witnessed a battle for the swords. Learn more here...

Contest Review

This year’s event went off without a hitch! Promoter Derek Snelson organized a great event. All the athletes were great back stage! They exhumed great camaraderie and kept good spirits which makes the sport of bodybuilding fun. All competitors shared the weights in the pump up room and kept the mood light hearted which helped their composure for when they took the stage one by one to wow the crowd with their amazing physiques.

-> Men’s Light Heavyweight Division:

    The men’s Light-Heavyweight class was one of the most difficult for the judges. It came down to a difference in a couple of points between the top three spots.

    Craig Toth really peaked on stage with his unmatched size and symmetry. He was the judges favorite tonight! This was a great tune up for the NGA Northwest Naturals that will take place on April 28th. Craig will be up against 9 pros’ from all over the northwest.

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Craig Toth.

    We will see who can maintain or improve their conditioning for this upcoming show. Can Craig continue his winning streak and add to his trophy collection.

Boise Overall Champion, Craig Toth

This backstage, pre-show interview was taken just minutes before the start of the 2007 WFF Gold’s Gym Treasure Valley Classic on Saturday. Watch as Overall Winner, Craig Toth tells us about his contest prep, and gets painted just prior to his win.

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    Cody Plumb traveled from Spokane, Washington to take second place. His conditioning was spot on for this contest and he came prepared to give this division a run for their money. His leg size was definitely his strong point with striations and amazing muscle development that was no doubt the result of many long intense workouts.

    Lance Sganzini is another local favorite that always brings a lot of entertainment to the stage with his unique posing routine that lead to a best posing trophy. His high energy performance contains a vast array of synchronized dance moves including the moon walk and turned out to be a crowd favorite.

Mr. Idaho, Lance Sganzini Interview!

This interview with writer and former Mr. Idaho, Lance Sganzini was taken on Saturday night during the 2007 Treasure Valley Classic in Boise, ID, as part of the Boise Fit Expo weekend. Hear Lance’s pre-show predictions!

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    These two Natural PRO’s Craig Toth and Lance Sganzini earned a round trip expense paid vacation to Anchorage, Alaska on Oct 6th to compete in the 2007 WFF Anchorage PRO-AM Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. Let’s see if they accept this invite to step out of their comfort zone and compete against some of Alaska’s best bodybuilders.

-> Men's Lightweight Division:

    The Lightweight men were very good as well. Mike Basye of Boise took first place in the Novice Heavyweight 176-over division which had three athletes.

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Men's Lightweight Division.

-> Men's Novice division:

    Cody Plumb of Spokane earned the win in Novice Lightweight 176-under division. This would be his second trophy of the night. Jake Hamaker of Yakima, Washington was also very impressive even as a lone competitor in the Novice Light Heavyweight class.

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Jake Hamaker.

-> Junior Division:

    Boise States' first timer Michael Hildebrant took first place in the juniors 20 and under division. It was one of the hardest decisions for the judges to make. Experienced bodybuilding competitor Garret Kirby put up a fight with his smooth posing skills and great symmetry.

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Michael Hildebrant (left), Garret Kirby (right).

    He has competed in many high school competitions and has a few first place victories under his belt already. Those victories have given him some much needed momentum at such a young age to continue fulfilling his competition dreams.

-> Masters Division:

    Master over 40 divisions’ Christopher Cardienet of Twin Falls, Idaho was very crisp. He came prepared and presented an entertaining posing routine with the crowd cheering till the end. His compact physique gives him a lot of potential for many contests to come.

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Masters Division.

-> Novice Overall Battle:

    The winners of novice, juniors, and masters performed a pose down for the Excalibur sword that would ultimately go to the overall novice class winner of the night Cody Plumb. This is quite an accomplishment since this was his very first bodybuilding show and he also works a 55+ hour per week job at a cement railroad tie plant in the Spokane Valley. He was able to succeed at this level with coaching from Brad Hollibaugh.

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Cody Plumb.

-> Overall Contest Winner:

    Craig Toth was dialed in and won the show overall title in the men’s division. He will surely find a place for his Excalibur sword on the mantle next to his growing collection of trophies since his recent feat of acquiring his pro bodybuilding card.

-> Women's Bodybuilding Division:

    In the women’s Bodybuilding division there were two first time competitors Both looked awesome and where in great shape. They obviously trained very hard for the show and it was evident on stage.

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Women's Bodybuilding Division.

    Veronica Cameron of Twin Falls, Idaho won the 35-over division. Rachel Gilmore of Spokane, Washington took the novice division trophy. The overall sword went back to Twin falls with Veronica.

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Veronica Cameron.

-> Fitness Division:

    Jeanie Schouten of Nampa, Idaho took the fitness division trophy. She entertained the crowd with a cowgirl routine that was well thought out and very difficult to perform no doubt. She has worked very hard on her conditioning by the looks of her defined abdominals. We are looking forward to seeing her next year.

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Jeanie Schouten.

-> Figure Divisions:

    The figure short division win went to Vannessa Hampton of Twin Falls, Idaho. She has a great attitude that makes her shine on stage. She quickly grew as the crowd favorite with her bright pink bikini and long blonde hair. Her infectious smile really brightens up the stage.

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Figure Short Division.

    The largest figure class 5’4” and over division had 6 competitors and victory went to Nampa’s Lauren Beckham. She has worked very hard to maintain a winning physique with her long legs and trim midsection. She had her tan perfected and took the stage with great confidence to receive the trophy.

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Figure Tall Division.

    For the figure 35-over division the trophy went to Jeannie Zingg who also won the figure overall and recieved a sword. She has put in countless hours of hard training to accomplish her fitness goals and aspirations. It was very evident on stage tonight and it payed off! Jeannie had a lot of support in the audience tonight from her family and friends from Meridian Gold's Gym. She is a 39 year old mother of a 3 year old and still finds time to perfect her physique.

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Jeanie Zingg.

    All the ladies were in fantastic shape for this competition. This class was a very difficult decision for the judges to make and came down to a matter of points.

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Figure Overall Competitors.

-> Overall Team Award:

    The overall team award was presented to Gold’s Gym Boise. They are the title sponsor of the show and have made this contest possible with their generous support.

-> Special Thanks:

    Host MC Brenda Kelly kept the show moving very smoothly. Her boisterous and happy go lucky attitude shines as she introduces the competitors. Her favorite part of the show is the pose down. She enjoys watching the competitors battle for first place while posing down to heart pounding music put on by the sound crew.

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Brenda Kelly.

    Many thanks to all the sponsors that make this event possible! Gold’s Gym of Boise, Gym Outfitters, and Wired energy drink, who drove Ms. Brenda Kelly around in the Wired Hummer H-2.

-> Guest Posers:

    Guest poser Jason Ciarabellini, former athlete of the week, rocked the house with his muscle mass.

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Jason Ciarabellini.

The Tacoma Thunder, Jason Ciarabellini!

This short series of interviews with former Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week, Jason Ciarabellini was taken on Saturday night during the 2007 Treasure Valley Classic in Boise, ID, as part of the Boise Fit Expo weekend. Hear what Jason’s plans are this year for the NPC USA’s!

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    Natural PRO, Rodney Hawthorne of Vancouver, Washington put on an entertaining posing clinic for our troops. With his action figure physique he performed a well thought out routine with controlled movements and a razor sharp sword.

Rodney Hawthorne's Posing Routine!

Here is NGA Pro Natural Universe Champion, Rodney Hawthorne’s military-inspired guest posing routine the 2007 Gold’s Gym Treasure Valley Classic on Saturday

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All winners from this contest were photographed on stage and will be on next Aprils’ 2008 WFF Gold’s Bodybuilding contest show Poster.

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2007 Gold's Overall Division Winners.

Treasure Valley Classic: Final Thoughts

This clip from the 2007 WFF Gold’s Gym Treasure Valley Classic this past Saturday (part of the 2007 Boise Fitness Expo weekend) features some trophy presentation highlights as well as some post-show interviews by Brad Hollibaugh, Bill Housel, Brenda Kelly, Derek Snelson, Jeannie Zingg, Jeanie & Rob Schouten, and Jake Hamaker!

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