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2007 Utah Bodybuilding And Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 Utah Bodybuilding And Figure Championships were held on April 21st in Layton, Utah. Some of the best natural athletes battled for the overall! Learn more here...

Contest Review

Review by James Purtell

Layton, Utah - The Utah Bodybuilding and Figure Championships showcased some of the best natural athletes in the beautiful state of Utah. It was held at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah on 21 April 2007.

The 1st through 3rd place Teens, Novice and Masters winners received beautiful trophies from Neilson Andersen Trophies. The top three Open competitors and the Women’s Open winner received swords for their hard earned victories.

-> Men’s Masters Division:

    The Men’s Masters was very competitive. Ray Long came in ripped, vascular, and had muscle density only a former powerlifting champion could have. Ray’s powerlifting background showed on stage with a powerful physique combined with ultra-ripped conditioning. Ray was able to hold off strong competition from 2nd Place Robert Wilcock and 3rd Place finisher Mark Waltz.

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Men’s Masters Competitors.

-> Men’s Novice division:

    The Men’s Novice division displayed polished physiques. Lightweight division consisted of Matthew Hoskins taking 1st Place while Brandon Whimpy placed 2nd and Marty Merrian took a close 3rd. The middleweight winner was Dan Herrin with (Teen) Dustin Biegenwald taking 2nd place and Devon Parcell taking 3rd.

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Novice Lightweight (left), Novice Middle Weight (right).

    The Heavyweight winner was Hill AFB’s Russell Blake Myrick (Bamma) whose striated physique destroyed his competition. “Bamma” came in ready to show Utah that the there are outstanding bodybuilders in the United States Air Force to be reckoned with.

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Novice Heavyweight.

-> Women’s Bodybuilding Division:

    Women’s Bodybuilding winner was Mindi Cunningham. Mindi looked great and showed that women’s bodybuilding, even with the fewer entries in recent years, should still be a part of the natural bodybuilding scene and that a woman can naturally put on significant muscle size with no drugs and still look very beautiful and feminine. She took 1st place and was also proposed to during her trophy presentation on stage by her boyfriend who asked her to marry him.

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Mindi Cunningham.

-> Ms. Figure Contest:

    After intermission, was the Ms Figure, which featured 12 of the most beautiful ladies in Utah and the mountain state region! The ladies displayed excellent poise and stage presence. The short class was won by Heidi Kessler, a marathon runner. Her beauty and fine symmetry combined to make her unbeatable this night.

    Heidi had just finished a marathon the morning of the contest and just made it to the prejudge in time to show off her incredible physique. She will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in 2007! Second place went to Tiffany Holdman and 3rd to Jennifer Salazar. The tall class was won by Heather Gilbertson for a second time and displayed sensual lines as well as a tight physique that on this night also claimed her the overall trophy.

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Figure Short (left), Figure Tall (right).

-> Men's Open Divisions:

    Last event of the night featured the Men’s Open class. The lightweight class (The best of the night) featured three of Utah’s top physiques. Shane Stewart (Last year’s Mr. Utah) again showed why he is Utah’s best bringing with him a thick and cut body weighing only 158 pounds! He, like Ray Long (Masters winner) has a powerlifting background that has put on dense muscle that is hard to beat in the natural circuit.

    Shane has also earned his PRO Card and will be a force to be reckoned with in 2007! Ron Gaulter who took 2nd and Brian Christensen who took 3rd unfortunately met Shane at his best, otherwise either one of them could have taken the first place trophy. The middleweight class was won by Garrard Moren with Ray Long taking 2nd and Robert Wilcock taking 3rd.

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Men's Open Competitors.

    Presley Okobia brought on stage the biggest mass of muscle of the night with a 230 pound hunk of striated and ripped beef! Presley also brings a personality backstage that makes all the competitors feel at ease and shows even though he has an intimidating physique, he is also a nice and humble man. Jeff Irving took 2nd place and Justin Hewitt took 3rd.

-> The Overall Winner:

    The overall winner went to none other than the little big man from Hill AFB, SSgt Shane Stewart of the United States Air Force and the reigning Mr. Utah for the second year in a row.


James and Bianca Purtell would like to thank Layton High School for use of their magnificent facility. They would also like to thank their sponsors:, who provided beautiful T-shirts for all the competitors, Golds Gym of Layton, Roy, and Ogden Utah who provided equipment for use in the pump up room, Gym Hardwear, Wasatch Therapy of Roy Utah, and Jamba Juice in Riverdale.

Be sure to check out the Northern States competition at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah the first week in October 2007! If you would like an entry form or information on this contest or future Utah bodybuilding events, contact James or Bianca Purtell at 801-731-9333 or e-mail