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2007 Southern Isles Bodybuilding And Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 Southern Isles Bodybuilding And Figure Championships where held on June 9th in the lovely coastal city of Savannah, Georgia had competitors from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and as far away as Virginia. Learn more here...

Photos by Angela Hopper Photography

Contest Review

The 2007 Southern Isles Championships held June 9th in the lovely coastal city of Savannah, Georgia had competitors from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and as far away as Virginia.

The quality of the athletes this year was spectacular. With over 800 spectators, the competitors were greeted with cheers, screams and even signs supporting there favorite athlete.

-> Teen Division:

    The teens kicked off the show with two competitors. They were both in great shape and showed nice stage presence. The first place Niels Anderson trophy went to Jared Hazel.

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Jared Hazel.

-> Novice Men’s Division:

    This years’ novice division had competitors in 3 weight classes. What a great field of physiques for first time competitors. First place trophies went to Yogesh Dodani in the Lightweight class, Brandon Blair in the Middleweight class, and Jeremy Leatherwood in the Heavyweight class. The Lightweight winner, Yogesh Dodani took the overall trophy, by a split decision.

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Yogesh Dodani (left), Brandon Blair (middle), Jeremy Leatherwood (right).

-> Figure Division:

    Next up were the Figure Competitors. Both classes were superb. The Short Class winner was Bridgett Eason and the Tall Class winner was Kim Seaton. Both Bridgett and Kim were first time competitors. No one would ever have guessed.

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Bridgett Eason (left), Kim Seaton (right).

-> Men’s Masters Over 40:

    A well conditioned Stephen Stewart took first place honors.

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Stephen Stewart.

-> Men’s Masters Over 50:

    The veteran competitor Paul LaSala placed first out of three.

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Paul LaSala.

-> Women Masters Bodybuilding over 30:

    Manuela Hooper was unopposed and wow did she look great.

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Manuela Hooper.

-> Women Masters Bodybuilding over 40:

    There were three competitors in the over 40 class with one point separating first and second. The winner was Sudan Manley-Salaam.

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Sudan Manley-Salaam.

-> Women’s Open Division:

    Each class was unopposed. The lightweight winner was Manuela Hooper, Middleweight winner was Karen Romer, and Heavyweight winner was Kellyn Futch. Karen Romer also took the best poser award. The crowd really enjoyed the pose down for the overall and the unanimous decision went to Manuel Hooper.

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Manuela Hooper (left), Karen Romer (middle), Kellyn Futch (right).

-> Men’s Open Division:

    The Lightweight class had three competitors with Yogesh Dodani taking all firsts. Adam Lane, with great symmetry and muscularity, was the unanimous choice for the Middleweight class. In the Light Heavyweight class, thickly muscled Chris Bacon took first place. First time competitor Jeremy Leatherwood was the first place winner in the Heavyweight class. Once again the overall pose down for the Men’s Open was a crowd pleaser. Chris Bacon was chosen the overall winner by all judges.

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Chris Bacon.


The 7th annual Southern Isles Championships was our best yet. A special thank you to for their continued support and sponsorship. Also thanks go out to all our sponsors, the competitors, their friends and families, the spectators, the judges, our staff, our graphic designer and all who make our show such a success. We couldn’t do it without you.

Watch out for some changes for next years’ show, i.e. new location and new divisions. Look out for new website to be up and running soon. TONY AND MARY ANN O’CONNOR - SOUTHERN ISLES PROMOTERS