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2007 USBF Plattsburgh Pro-Am Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Review!

The 2007 USBF Plattsburgh Pro-Am Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held on March 31st in Plattsburgh, New York. The men’s overall winner & New USBF Pro, Dave LeClair stunned the crowd with his unmatched symmetry! Learn more here...

Well the dust has settled and all the peeps have gone home. The first annual Plattsburgh Pro/Am Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships was a huge success! First time promoter Keith Provost spared no expense in putting on a quality run show.

It started with the optional Friday night weigh in. A first time in recent memory in the USBF, and it was a hit, with over 20 competitors electing to take advantage of the early weigh in.

The goodie bags, mostly supplied by went over very well! The shows other sponsors were Vyotech, Beverly, Dream Tan and Muscle Milk. I personally would like to thank all of the sponsors that helped with the shows success. Most competitors do not realize the importance of the sponsors in putting on a good show, if it wasn’t for the working relationship between sponsor and promoter, most shows would not materialize, Thank you again!

Competition for a first year show was outstanding! The Show attracted many new names to the USBF, one of which won the men’s overall and now is a USBF Pro!

-> Women’s Figure & Bodybuilding Class:

    In the women’s figure and bodybuilding class, first time competitors Randi Alezandro and Tracy Gamelin showed great promise. They will do very well in their future shows!

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Michelle Hunt (left), Tracy Gamelin (center), Michelle Bothun (right).

-> Men’s Junior Class:

    The men’s junior class was a close call between a past Amateur of the week Michael Lehr and newcomer Adam Rivers. Adam displaying a bit more size, but lacking in conditioning to Michael, having the nod go to Michael by a few points. Veteran Glen Pacyna and local Joe Manor respectively placed 3rd and 4th.

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Glen Pacyna, Adam Rivers, Michael Lehr, Joe Manor.

-> Novice Classes:

    The novice classes (light and heavy) were very competitive also. The lightweight division had hometown favorite Craig Recore placing ahead of Dave Manfra, with Smith, Gladue, and Price rounding out the field.

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Paul Gladue, Robert Smith, Craig Recore, Dave Manfra, Bobby Price.

    The Heavy Novice Class was full of newcomer talent. This is where the Overall and new USBF Pro actually came from, a novice first time competitor. Local Dave LeClair trained by crowd favorite Ron Parmeter won this class (novice heavy) hand down. Though taking nothing away from the others in this class. Most would have won on any other day, just not this day!

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Chad Rix, Adam Rivers, Dave LeClair, Ian Kelley.

-> Men’s Masters:

    The Men’s Masters was very interesting. We had favorites Dale Baker and Vince Cardamone (both USBF Promoters) going after first place in the 40+ group with Robert Smith and Jesse Harris rounding out the next 2 positions.

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Jesse Harris, Dale Baker, Vince Cardamone, Robert Smith.

    The Men’s Master Class 50+ had local “boy” Paul Gladue fighting it out with Frank Caine and Ben Randazzo. Paul is a Sergeant in the NYS Corrections Dept working at a maximum-security prison. Frank Caine has made very noticeable improvements in the last year of competing under the watchful eye of “King” Kent Bierly. Frank was just too much for the other two competitors, and wound up taking first place.

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Sgt. Paul Gladue, Frank Caine, Ben Randazzo.

-> Men’s Open Bantam weight class:

    The Men’s Open Bantam weight class had Neil Zirin placing first. The others could not overcome his conditioning and muscularity. He came to the show ready to do battle!

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Glen Pacyna, Robert Smith, Neil Zirin, Joe Manor.

-> Men’s Lightweight Class:

    The Men’s Lightweight class had USBF’s own Pat Firth battling it out with veteran NPC peep Greg Trombly. This battle will have a chapter 2 for sure, as Pat’s usual superb conditioning beat out Greg’s symmetry by a few points. The other 3 competitors in the class just missed their peak, giving the battle for first Firth and Trombly. I look forward to seeing these two guy duke it out in the future!

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Vince Cardamone, Pat Firth, Greg Trombly.

-> Men’s Middleweight Class:

    The Men’s middleweight had the 52yr old Frank Caine battling it out with youngsters Michael Lehr and Dave Manfra. The “old man” just was too much for the youngsters and walked away with first place with his freaky conditioning, especially for a natural master competitor. Way to go Frank.

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Michael Lehr, Frank Caine, Dave Manfra.

-> Men’s Light Heavy Class:

    The men’s light heavy class had all hometown boys Ron Parmeter, Dave Hamilton and Chad Rix, going after the gold medal. It was Chad’s first contest and he did just wonderfully. Dave Hamilton has shown very good improvements since last year giving Ron some good competition. The division belonged to Ron.

    A competitor who has been looking for the coveted pro card for a few years now, just coming up short. The author believes once he finds his recipe to come in ripped; he will walk away with the Pro card he seeks so badly. Ron recently won Flex magazines Mass Explosion Contest with a 2-page spread in Flex magazine.

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Dave Hamilton, Ron Parmeter, Chad Rix.

-> Heavyweight Class:

    Where’s the Beef? Well it's found in the heavyweight class. This was a class of all novice competitors, and an unusually strong NATRUAL heavy weight class it was. Here we had Dave LeClair (trained by Ron Parmeter) and Ian Kelly ( battling it out with Adam Rivers.

    Ian and Adam I should say were battling it out for second place, Dave LeClair with his freaky size and conditioning walked away with the class!

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Dave Leclair, Adam Rivers, Ian Kelly.

    This was the first time that a pro show has graced a northern NY stage. First time promoter handed out a $2000.00 payout to 5 visiting Pro athletes. The division consisted of Mike Halsey, who is a gifted Pro out of Syracuse NY going against Wil Usher, just coming off an impressive 3rd place finish at the Arnold Classic.

    Then we had St. Clair Christopher (2005 Battle of Plattsburgh winner) as a first time competitor as a pro, and Nam Le (Manager of Dewitt Gold’s Gym). Finally we had the “King” Kent Bierly. Kent has a gym down in Brick NJ where he has a team of very good bodybuilders.

    I noticed at one time in the pump up room all of his teammates acting like worker bee’s putting Dream tan on the King, like he was the Queen bee, (well King Bee!).

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“King” Kent Bierly.

    It was a very good show for the crowd! The head judge Sean Sullivan brought each pro out one at a time for an individual display of 2 favorite poses before the symmetry round. The crowd went nuts.

    Mike Halsey came to the show ready to do battle against his adversaries, displaying freaky cuts and muscularity that the other Pro’s just could not overcome. Mike took home the big bucks!

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Men’s Overall Winner & New USBF Pro, Dave LeClair.