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2007 IFBB Olympia - Blog Highlights From BodySpace.

Here are some highlights from the Olympia blog on BodySpace. See what some had to say before, during, and after the competition.

I have put together a list of Olympia posts that received responses both positive and negative. Many of those were in response to the final outcome of the Mr. & Ms. Olympia results and several revised predictions after prejudging. Many I think were surprised by the Friday night showing of the men and it was quite obvious that this year was going to be quite different from previous years.

The biggest differences were the physiques of Ronnie Coleman, Dennis Wolf, and Toney Freeman, just to name a few. Of course this is just my opinion so feel free to post additional responses to the following posts:

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The Olympia Blog
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-> Ronnie Coleman at Prejudging! - Read Blog

    "Here are some pics of Ronnie at prejudging. Will he get number 9?"

Watch Ronnie's Posing Video Here.


      Anonymous Says: Cutler has him

      Robert Says: "Not even close. He will be lucky to make top five."

      john Says: "Age has really caught up with Ronnie. Jay isn't that good - he's blocky - but Ronnie can no longer produce the physique we're used to. I think dexter Jackson looks better than anyone. Jay is a block"

-> One More From The Women's Finals - Iris Kyle! - Read Blog


      mic78 Says: hy togehter

      curt_james Says: "Iris did look fantastic!"

      KingDavid1 Says: "Iris Kyle is awesome, great package and she will remain on top for years"

-> Dan Solomon Prediction for 2007 Mr. Olympia! - Read Blog

    1. Jay
    2. Victor
    3. Dexter
    4. Melvin
    5. Dennis
    6. Ronnie coleman


      Dennis Wolf Overall! Says: "Has anyone failed to view the balance, symmetry, and mass that this guy carries. Ronnie is in great condition and appears to have come in at a lower weight to do so, but the injury is evident. Jay looks like he forgot to diet; no cross striations anywhere and extremely smooth. Mass alone can't carry a title. Dennis looks to be the pic if the judging is not sidelined with the oh so evident POLITICAL OVERTONE that this event carries."

      John taylor Says: "Crush into a tree, man. You dont know anything about BB. Go sleep."

      KingDavid1 Says: "i don't think your watching the same show. Victor Martinez looks a lot better than Jay Cutler. Ronnie Coleman at six place, your funny"

-> 2007 Ms. Olympia Winners! - Read Blog

    "1. Iris Kyle
    2. Dayana Cadeau
    3. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
    4. Lisa Aukland
    5. Heather Policky
    6. Betty Pariso"


      goddessamazon Says: "I told my friend Jazzmon that Iris Kyle was gonna win this year. Poor Dayana!"

      curt_james Says: "Dayana says there's unfinished business and she's going to settle it at the Arnold Classic. Iris didn't commit to the Arnold yet, but I'm looking to see them compete against each other again. I agree that Dayana deserves some sympathy but you can't fault the razor sharp Iris Kyle. Dayana has the tinier waist, but Iris clobbers her on calves. I love them both although I was hoping for a Yaxeni win this year. I'm not a fan of "the same champ every year" syndrome."

      paul thomas Says: "too much anadrol for dayana"

-> Changin' Up My Predictions For Mens Overall - Read Blog

    "1. Victor (wow)
    2. Jay Cutler
    3. Wolfman
    4. Dexter
    5. Ronnie Coleman

    Victor is going to be hard to beat... We will see if i have to eat my words."


      prokevin Says: "victor would be No.1 and can't to beat, it's happy to see bodybuilding classic standard is back ! "

-> 2007 Mr. Olympia Finals - Dennis Wolf! - Read Blog

Watch Dennis Wolf's Posing Routine Here.


      GeminiJedi Says: "Dennis should have been in the Top 3. It's great to see more of a classic physique on stage, and no distended belly! Congrats to him, though, and hope to see a better finish next year. The 'O' was a close contest this year, and it gets me excited for 2008!"

      sal1270 Says: "You are so right. His most muscular pose is awesome!!! Jay deserved to win though"

-> 2007 Mr. Olympia Finals - Victor Martinez! - Read Blog

Watch Victor Martinez's Posing Video Here.


      Robert Says: "victor looked fantistic in his posing. cant wait to see jay."

      prokevin Says: "victor should be No.1 !!"

      Habichuela Says: "Victor Should had won
      he was robbed
      Vic No.1 all the way"

-> 2007 Mr. Olympia Finals - Ronnie Coleman! - Read Blog

Watch Ronnie Coleman's Award Speech Here.


      bodytemple Says: "Ronnie's exit was very gracious. I am sure Jay will miss the competition although he now has Victor on his heels, and Victor is coming... I thought Dennis Wolff should have placed higher. "

      Mike from Canada Says: "he showed a tonne of class. thx for the memories Coleman, you are a true champ"

      Keith Says: "Ronnie will be missed. 8 times says it all."

-> 2007 Mr. Olympia Finals - Jay Cutler! - Read Blog

Watch Jay Cutler's Posing Routine Here.


      Mick Says: "Who the h*ll won?"

      moe Says: "cutler!"

      prokevin Says: "victor should be No.1"

-> 2007 Mr. Olympia Top 10! - Read Blog

    1. Jay Cutler
    2. Victor Martinez
    3. Dexter Jackson
    4. Ronnie Coleman
    5. Dennis Wolf
    6. Melvin Anthony
    7. Sylio Samual
    8. Gustavo Badell
    9. Johnnie Jackson
    10. David Henry


      Raoul Says: "A great night. The best I've ever seen for several reasons, greatest of which it was my first time seeing it live. Thank you very much You're the BEST. Great send off for Ronnie and spectacular win by Jay. Great showing by Dennis Wolf and Victor Martinez. Great Show. I can't wait for next year."

      Cory Says: "Great show! Jays the man!....Ronnie it was a great run...all the best. Victor was out for Dennis Wolfe next year wow...he was all over Jay during the posedown."

      hammer5fl Says: "Bad call Victor was straighter than a perm. I don't know why they have symmetry rounds if they don't use them. Pose by pose.

      1. Abdominal/thigh Victor
      2. Side tricep Victor
      3. Rear double bicep Victor (Jay less detail)
      4. Rear lat spread Jay
      5. Most muscular Jay
      6. Front double bicep Victor(Jay blocky mid section)
      7. Front lat spread Jay

      Good showing-bad judging overall..

      Melvin 6th???"

-> Shots From Olympia '07 - Read Blog

    Hey everyone! Here are some shots from the expo and show. Hope you enjoy them. T-

    Expo-Did you stop by the booth- I did!


      Big Wilk Says: "Ronnie looked better than ever."

      John taylor Says: "Jay was soft all over with oil pipes in there big time. Hey, these are your judges, deal with them. I dont get it anymore."

      DoubleD at GOLDS RC Says: "Jay won but I think he sees the writing on the wall the sport is going back to a smaller, tighter physique...Jay should back it off to about 260-265 lbs next year or these smaller 230-250 lb guys will eat his lunch...he was lucky this year...but next year we go back in time!!! I think it is good for the sport"

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These are just a handful of the great posts and responses we have received before, during, and after this historical event - The 2007 Olympia, which was held this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Everyone here at would like to thank all of our visitors, fans, and customers for all of their input and support to help us promote this and many other health and fitness related ventures as we strive to reach out to as many people as possible. Can't wait until the '08 Olympia to see if Victor or Dennis can come in and take it from Jay.