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The 2007 OCB Spirit Of America Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 OCB Spirit Of America Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held on April 14th in Plumoth Rock, Massachusetts. This was an IFPA Bodybuilding and Figure Pro Qualifier and everyone bought their “A” game! Learn more here...

Contest Review

Eighty-eight competitors landed near Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts on Saturday, April 21st to show their muscles and figures on stage at Deb & Sean “Sully” Sullivan’s 2007 OCB Spirit of America Bodybuilding and Figure Championship. This was an IFPA Bodybuilding and Figure Pro Qualifier and everyone bought their “A” game to Carver, Ma.

The sold out audience was enthusiastic and appreciative as each class stepped up to compete. The contest started on time and moved swiftly through the classes, even though several classes had to be split because of the large number of competitors entered.

The OCB Spirit of America is a “family” event. Many of the competitors have returned to this show, because, they say it’s so competitor friendly. Deb and Sully are passionate hosts who take care of their athletes. Back stage was roomy, with plenty of pump up equipment, mirrors and a good tanning area. The facilitators were helpful and the judging was very professional.

-> Novice Competitor Wins Overall:

    The contest produced some interesting results, with the Men’s Overall going to a 37 year-old former AAU power lifter and Novice bodybuilder. In his first contest, Christopher Hurd won the Novice Overall and the Open Welterweight Class, before winning a very close Overall and his IFPA Pro Card.

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Christopher Hurd.

-> Women's Open Bodybuilding:

    In the Women’s Open, Kelly Sprague won the class and an IFPA pro card against eight other very competitive ladies.

-> Teen & Novice Divisions:

    Other class winners included Jason Loewy in the Teen, Kim Joyal in Women’s Novice Bodybuilding, Christopher Hurd in Men’s Novice Lightweight, Robert MacLeod in Men’s Novice Middleweight and Brian Cassidy in Men’s Novice Heavyweight.

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Jason Loewy.

-> Masters Division:

    Jim Julian took the Men’s Master 50+ Class and Steve Constantine and Nathan Singleteary shared first place trophies in the Masters 40+ “A” and “B” classes. Lisa Watson bested four other women to take the Masters Women title.

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Jim Julian.

    Steve Constantine won the Open Men’s Lightweight Class and Christopher Hurd and Curtis Williams took top honors in a split Welterweight class. Other Open class winners included Steven Sims in the Middleweight, Nathan Singletary in the Light Heavyweight and Brett Oteri in the Men’s Heavyweight class.

-> Figure divisions:

    The Figure competition produced an unusual result when Kimberly Audette won the Figure Novice 1 and Novice Overall title and her daughter, Tiffini Mann, won the Figure Open 1 and Open Overall and her IFPA Pro Card. Other winners in the Figure Class included Michalle Murphy in the Figure Novice 2 class, Erin Purdy in the Figure Open 2, and Kristen Roundsley in Figure Open 3.

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Kimberly Audette.

-> Special Awards:

    Three special awards were presented to Nathan Singletary, who was named Most Muscular, Nigel Edgerton, Most Improved Bodybuilder and Ahmed Elattar, who traveled from Cairo, Egypt to compete in the SOA and took home the Best Poser Trophy.

-> Upcoming Events:

    Up next for “Team Sully” is the OCB U.S. Natural Spring Nationals on June 23 in Barnstable, Ma, the OCB Northern Atlantic States on September 22 in Bristol, CT and the OCB Main Event on September 29 in Scarborough, ME.