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2007 NPC Northern Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 NPC Northern Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships were held on August 25th in Tacoma, Washington. The venue could barely contain the hard-hitting muscle wars that took place! Find results and pics here...

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Contest Review
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Text and Photos by Mark Mason

Tacoma, Washington, known as the All-American City was the location for the 2007 Northern Classic. The newly remodeled Pantages Theater the venue. Its early twentieth century charm could barely contain the hard-hitting muscle wars that took place on this first Saturday in September.

-> Men's Open Bodybuilding:

    It had been barely a month since the up-and-comer Matt Porter had defeated veteran Mell Taylor at the Washington State Championships. This was the evening of the rematch. Taylor was determined to prove Porter’s victory was nothing more then a fluke.

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Matt Porter (left), Mell Taylor (right).

    Neither Porter nor Taylor paid any mind to the dark horse lurking patiently in the background. That dark horse was none other than Anderson (A.J.) Moore. When A.J. strode out under the spotlight the five hundred spectators nearly swooned. Moore possesses one of the most symmetrical physiques to come out of the Northwest in the last fifteen years.

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Anderson (A.J.) Moore.

    He sports mile wide shoulders and incredible sweeping quads that are punctuated by a tiny waistline. And he could pose too!

-> The Overall:

    The overall victory was a surprise to only one person...A.J. Moore himself. Moore was halfway to the dressing room before MC Kim "Kong" Farrison turned him around and sent him back out to receive the sword and top honors. The incredulous look on his face soon turned to one of sheer ecstasy as he stood in the winner’s circle bathed in cheers of an approving audience.

-> Women's Open Bodybuilding:

    In the open women bodybuilding it was the battle of the lightweights. Teresa Mason and Cindy Goodrich have two totally different body types and both are pleasing in there own ways. Goodrich has been consistent in winning her class the past few years. Mason has made considerable improvements on her physique and got the class nod and the overall as well.

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Teresa Mason (left), Cindy Goodrich (right).

    Open woman middleweight Atiya Olmstead recently moved over from the figure division to devote full-time to training as a bodybuilder. I would say she made the right move. Her physique has hardened up and her personality really came forth during her free-posing routine. She will be one to keep an eye on.

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Atiya Olmstead.

-> Men's Novice & Masters Divisions:

    In the master’s men division Daniel Rutherford took the over forty and the overall after being pushed by multi-master winner Terry Fultz and by a much improved over fifty winner Rick Frohm.

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Terry Fultz (left), Rick Frohm (right).

    One of the time-tested traditions of the Northern Classic is the competition between all of the masters and novice division winners. Bodybuilders from the Tacoma area take this competition very serious. The winner is awarded the coveted title of Mr. Tacoma. After a long series of comparisons that brought the audience to a fever pitch Daniel Rutherford was named the 2007 Mr. Tacoma.

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Daniel Rutherford.

-> Figure Divisions:

    The figure competition was dominated by many new faces. It was Casey Jovan who came out as the short class figure winner over second place Audrey Penza and third place Lisa Philips.

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Casey Jovan (left), Audrey Penza (middle), Lisa Philips (right).

    Lucinda Maria Witte journeyed all the way from Rancho Cordova, California to take first place in the medium class as well as coming back later to win the figure masters overall award.

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Lucinda Maria Witte.

    Juliana Jade took an easy victory in the tall class. Jade is continually improving her physique as well as perfecting her presentation. Michelle Green took second place over Erin Berring.

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Juliana Jade (left), Michelle Green (middle), Erin Berring (right).

    One lady who may have been overlooked was Audrey Penza. Penza took second in both the short class and the over 35. She has a classic physique and if she ever dials in her diet she will be a threat regardless of her age.

    The overall figure was quite a match-up. The leggy Juliana Jade towered over an impressively shaped Lucinda Witte and well-conditioned Casey Jovan. All three women presented the best qualities of there physiques well. Head judge Dr. Gordon Myco took the trio through several rounds of comparisons before the final decision was determined.

    At the end of the evening it was Utah’s own Casey Jovan who was named the 2007 Northern Classic figure overall champion.

-> Fitness Divisions:

    Former Tacoma girl Dana Snelsen came all the way from Florida to win an impressive victory in the fitness round. Snelsen’s routine was full of energy and filled with highflying aerial assaults. Newcomer Amy Springer took second place.

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Dana Snelsen (left), Amy Springer (right).

-> Guest Posers:

    The Blond Bombshell Tami Ough came out as if she was shot out of a cannon. Ough’s guest performance displayed some of the talents that have put her on the fast track in the pro ranks. Dancing, darting and flying from one side of the stage to the other she nearly got lost in the rafters of the Pantages Theater.

    As fast paced as Ough’s performance was, it was the polar opposite to the other guest performer King Kamali. Kamali came out like a Sherman Tank. Firing off classic bodybuilding poses with the ferocity of heavy artillery blasts. Kamali, who has been known to let his mouth run amuck, let his physique do the talking on this night.

    And it spoke loud and clear. Only a week out from the Toronto Pro show it is obvious Kamali is back with a vengeance.

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As usual the Northern Classic is the kick off of the fall season in the Pacific Northwest. If the tightly run show that Elite Productions presented is any indication of what is to come get ready to kick out the jams because we are in for crazy times ahead.