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2007 NGA Northern States Regional Championships Review!

The 2007 NGA Northern States Regional Championships were held on October 6th in Layton, Utah. Spectators packed the house and cheered for their favorite competitor fighting for the swords! Learn more here...

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Contest Review
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The Northern States Bodybuilding and Figure Championship showcased some of the best natural athletes in the northern mountain states region. It was held at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah on 6 October 2007.

The 1st through 3rd place Novice winners received beautiful trophies from Neils Andersen Trophies. All the top three Open competitors received swords for their hard earned victories.

-> Men's Masters Division:

    The Men’s Masters were very competitive. Mike Montgomery, a seasoned veteran came in ripped and vascular. Mike’s stage presentation and outstanding posing routine, which garnered him a “Best Poser” trophy were too much for the rest of the class! Mike held off strong competition from 2nd Place Steve Callihan and 3rd Place finisher Bing Fang.

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Masters Bodybuilding Competitors.

-> Men’s Novice Divisions:

    The Men’s Novice division displayed polished physiques. The Novice Light/Middleweight Class was owned by Malcolm Clark who had tremendous muscle density and cuts. He was followed by Chris Averett and Eric Litster respectively.

    The Novice Heavyweight Class was one of the toughest to judge. All of the competitors in this class had both mass and definition that commanded attention! In the end, it was the United States Air Force own A Frederick Sage Agbonkhese. This Airman carried thick slabs of muscle on a very symmetrical physique that wowed the judges and was enough to fight off 2nd Place finisher Brody Rigby and 3rd Place finisher Andy Brog.

-> Women's Masters Division:

    Women’s Masters Class featured Paige Hardee who has finally dialed in the champion diet that had her looking striated and unbeatable this night. In 2nd Place was Idaho’s own Monica Leatherman and 3rd Place finisher Ginger Trask.

-> Women's Bodybuilding:

    Women’s Bodybuilding featured 5 competitors with Paige Hardee once again taking first Place and earned her NGA Pro Card in the process and Monica Leatherman and Deanna Kinsey taking 2nd and 3rd Place respectively.

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Women's Bodybuilding Compeititors.

-> Guest Posing:

    Before intermission, James and Bianca Purtell (Promoters) did a “Mixed Pairs” guest posing routine that thrilled the crowd. James and Bianca were trying to help promote the Mixed Pairs to maybe have as a category in future events. By the response of the crowd and the competitors, it appears their message got out. James, who is a NGA Masters Pro and Bianca, who last competed in 2001, displayed ultra ripped physiques and effortlessly posed in sync for over three minutes to a very appreciative crowd.

-> Figure Division:

    After intermission, was the Ms. Figure, which featured seven of the most beautiful ladies in the mountain states region! The ladies displayed excellent poise and stage presence. Kathleen Tesori took 1st Place. Her beauty and fine symmetry combined to make her unbeatable this night. She will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in 2008!

    Heidi Kesler, who makes it a habit of showing up to Figure Events and destroying her competition, fell a little short from retaining her crown and finished a respectable 2nd Place. Look for Heidi to rebound in 2008 and continue her success in the Figure. Jennifer Jones displayed fine lines and a gorgeous physique to take a close 3rd Place. All the ladies presented a tight physique, awesome lines and femininity that is the standard for all Figure women to try and achieve.

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Figure Competitors.

-> Men's Open Bodybuilding:

    Last event of the night featured the Men’s Open Class. Jonas Giatras brought a well conditioned and full muscle bellied physique to the stage, barely edging a 152 pound lightweight phenomenon Jared Cummings, who was almost able to sneak the first place trophy from Jonas with cuts so deep that you could hide a mack truck inside them! Tyler Alexander showed as well, his ability to bring to the stage, a physique that any inspiring bodybuilder would want to have. But this night belonged to Jonas Giatras, who earned his NGA Pro Card.

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Men's Bodybuilding Competitors.

-> Special Thanks:

    James and Bianca Purtell would like to thank Northridge High School for use of their magnificent facility. They would also like to thank their sponsors:, who provided beautiful T-shirts for all the competitors, Golds Gym who provided equipment for use in the pump up room, Gym Hard Wear ( and Hollywood Body Laser Center, who provided gift bags for all the competitors.

-> Upcoming Events:

    Be sure to check out the Mr. & Ms. Utah competition at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah on 17 April 2007! If you would like information on future Utah bodybuilding events, contact James or Bianca Purtell at 801-731-9333 or e-mail