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2007 NPC All Forces National Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 NPC All Forces National Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Championships was held on August 18th in Aneheim, California. Over 50 competitors battled for bragging rights of the best physically fit military personel in the country. Learn more...

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Contest Review
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Photos & Review By Lance Cpl. Jessica N. Aranda, MCAS Miramar

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- An audience of fitness gurus, personal trainers, friends and families of the more than 50 contestants watched the stage intently as men and women flexed their muscles.

The 2007 Pacific U.S.A. and All-Armed Forces Bodybuilding and Fitness competitions were held at the Cook Auditorium Aug. 18.

Within the competition, there were civilian, military, men, women and teenager’s judging brackets. The different categories included women’s figure, women’s bodybuilding, men’s heavyweight, men’s lightweight, novice men’s division, 35 and over, retired military 40 and over and prior-service contestants.

Kristine Avendan (left), Kimberly McGarr (middle), Susan Salazar (right).

Each military branch had at least one representative competing. The two Marines who participated represented Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Sgt. Royce Kelley, who works as an administrative clerk with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, MCAS Miramar, placed fourth in the novice men’s division.

Sgt. Royce Kelley.

“I was very surprised to even be in the top five,” said Kelley. “I really didn’t know what to expect, this was my first competition.”

Staff Sgt. Robert Harris, a radio chief with Marine Wing Communications Squadron 38, Marine Air Control Group 38, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, placed first in his weight class, the heavyweight division, and muscled both competitions by placing first overall.

Staff Sgt. Robert Harris.

“In his free time, Robert poses for trophy tops,” said the master of ceremonies and former bodybuilder Bob Chicherillo, crediting Harris as being a natural in the competition.

Harris trained for several months prior to the event, working out three times-a-day, six days-per-week. Harris, his own personal trainer, disciplined himself with dieting and a consistent workout regimen.

“The key to winning, or success in bodybuilding, is pushing yourself and training harder than the people you are competing against,” said Harris. “It feels amazing when all the hard work pays off.”