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2007 NPC North Star Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Contest Review!

The 2007 NPC North Star Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Contest was held on November 10th in Minnesota. There were a few things that really set this show apart from the rest! Learn more here...

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Contest Review
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Review By Tara Thatcher

This show was the largest Minnesota show that I have been to so far! It was held at the Myth Nightclub, and very hot new venue, and interesting choice for a bodybuilding show. There were a few things that really set this show apart from the rest. One was a makeup artist available to the competitors Makeupdo.

Being a competitor myself, I found this really awesome and very convenient! There was also someone available from Jill Hammer's Studio Tan on site with competition color! These are things that are normally only available to competitors at national level competitions.

-> Figure Divisions:

    What a great turnout for the Master's Figure Class! In 5th place was Gretchen Spottke, who looked very feminine and toned, but needed to be a bit bigger, and leaner to be competitive. 4th place went to Michelle Bowman, with a great V-taper, and tiny waist. Picking up 3rd place was Kate Looby, who did a fantastic job with her presentation, especially the posing. In 2nd place was Lisa Burton with a very well put-together look. Taking the Master's class was Kelle Lease, with great shoulders and a big back.

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Figure Competitors.

    Taking 5th place in figure class A, was Drina Escobar with a pretty smile, and lots of confidence. 4th place went to Bridget Standifer, who did some very different poses. 3rd was Sandra South, who looked great, with nice suit selections. In 2nd, was Michelle Bowman, who had nice feminine curves. 1st place went to the Master's class winner, Kelle Lease, who displayed a nice balance of symmetry, muscle and conditioning.

    Figure B, in my opinion, was the most competitive class. In 5th we had Gretchen Spottke, with graceful posing and pretty green suits. 4th place went home with Bethany Halverson, who has great potential, with a nice foundation. In 3rd place was Molly Thompson, who had great shoulders, and a wide back.

    2nd place went to Emmy Singer, who was confident, radiant, with good presentation. Taking the class and the overall was Rebecca Slatt, with awesome delts, beautiful overall package, gorgeous and unique suits, and flawless presentation! She was so professional on stage, and was truly an inspiration to me!

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Rebecca Slatt.

    Figure Class C. In 5th place was Kathryn Veseth, who had a pretty smile, but seemed a bit light and needed more color. 4th place went home with Lisa Burton, who had nice shapes and good presentation. In 3rd place was Kate Looby, with a well polished presentation and great attention to detail, and a really nicely muscled back.

    2nd was Laurel Danielson, with great shoulders, was gorgeous and looked very at home on the stage. 1st place went to Lisa Greeder, who had a beautiful smile, a very nice total package, very balanced, and lean.

-> Women's Fitness:

    There was only one competitor in the fitness class. Sheila St. James performed a very upbeat routine, jamming to Fergie, and wearing an eye-catching yellow suit. It is disappointing that we don’t have more competitors in this class because this is usually everyone's favorite part of the show to watch.

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Sheila St. James.

-> Women's Bodybuilding:

    Congratulations to Donna Randall who won the women's overall bodybuilding. She is over 50, and a physician! She looked amazing, full, well-conditioned, and really stood out. She did a really outstanding job with her presentation, posing, and suit selection.

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Women's Bodybuilding Competitors.

-> Men's Bodybuilding:

    The Men's Overall went to Super Heavyweight, Matt Baitinger. He simply destroyed the competition with a combination of size, shape, and conditioning! And he had some of the best, most vascular legs that I have ever seen!

    Congratulations to all of the competitors for their achievements! Everyone put a lot of hard work, time and dedication into getting ready for this show! You are all winners.

-> Special Thanks:

    A special "Thank You" to Jeff Spain of Spain Portraits for taking great pictures at pre-judging. And also to Randy Leppala for the evening show pictures. Please check out info on Minnesota's next NPC show, the Heartland Natural Classic at, or It is promoted by Randy and his lovely wife Julie, and will take place on April 5, 2008. It is shaping up to be a huge show!

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