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2007 NANBF Tulsa Naturals Bodybuilding, Figure & Extreme Fitness Championships Info!

The 2007 NANBF Tulsa Naturals Bodybuilding, Figure & Extreme Fitness Championships were held on June 23rd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The show was well attended and a first of many annual NANBF shows to come! Learn more here...

Contest Review

The North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation has touched down in Oklahoma. Thoreau Demonstration Academy was the site for the Inaugural NANBF 2007 Tulsa Naturals. A 100% drug tested show that was well represented with 7 states and Germany. Awards were given to the top five with platters for the women and swords for the gentlemen.

-> The Guest Poser:

    The show opened with WNBF Pro Robert Johnson’s dazzling routine. Don High, fellow competitor, sung the National Anthem in his operatic voice. Surely a first time for him in posing trunks!

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Robert Johnson.

-> Figure Division:

    Then the figure dazzled the stage. Elizabeth Young’s pure symmetry and grace took the first place. In a close second was well conditioned and eloquent Dana Maney. Helena Chansky wrapped up third, very graceful and striking. Fourth place was dominated by chiseled Betty Anderson. Shapely CrysDawna Gissleberg in her debut, walked away with fifth. Newcomer Stephanie Allen gracefully took sixth.

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Elizabeth Young (left), Dana Maney (middle), Helena Chansky (right).

-> Teen & Colegiate:

    The teen division followed with Brandon Crutcher's first place with a very nice developed upper body. Muscular Tarek Rayan took the Collegiate. Tarek had a very dramatic routine as well.

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Brandon Crutcher (left), Tarek Rayan (right).

-> Mixed Pairs:

    Mixed Pairs was awarded to the animated Don High and graceful Elizabeth Young to the theme “Keep your Hands to Yourself” in a comical routine.

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Don High & Elizabeth Young.

-> Submasters Women:

    Submasters women wad dominated by Chell Meyo with her massive physique. Shredded Betty Anderson took second and nicely shaped Kathy Walker took third.

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Chell Meyo (left), Betty Anderson (middle), Kathy Walker (right).

-> Submasters Men:

    The Submasters Men was awarded to Don High. The Masters Men first place winner was the mammoth Troy Daugherty. In second was well muscled Jeff Tipton. The big arms of Steve Majike held down third.

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Troy Daugherty (left), Jeff Tipton (middle), Steve Majike (right).

-> Masters Men:

    The Masters 40+ was anchored by a grandmasters competitors and his chiseled physique, Jim DiGiovonni. In Second was a lean Don High. Troy Daugherty’s muscularity and symmetry took the third place. In fourth was a shredded Ray Lattanzia.

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Jim DiGiovonni (left), Don High (right).

-> Grandmasters Men:

    The Grandmasters Men was an exciting duo with Muscular Jim DiGiovonni winning the first place and lean Ray Lattanzia placing second.

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Jim DiGiovonni (left), Ray Lattanzia (right).

-> Women's Novice:

    After a short awards ceremony for the fellow competitor soldiers the show then followed with the Novice Women. Elizabeth Young’s multitalented physique took this category as well as getting Best Poser. Betty Anderson’s awesome definition took second. Kathy Walkers muscularity took third and was runner up for the Best Poser.

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Elizabeth Young (left), Betty Anderson (middle), Kathy Walkers (right).

-> Men's Novice:

    The Novice Men Short was a split hair decision and Don High’s muscularity and combined stage presence broke this. Thomas Stover was a close second with a gifted package of nice muscle, especially legs and shoulders. Torrey Warren placed third with his powerhouse physique. In fourth was a Grandmasters Ray Lattanzia. And fifth was the muscular Brandon Crutcher and his nice arms.

    The Novice Men Tall was dominated by the ultra lean John Burnett who went on to win the Overall Novice with his nicely tapered waist. Mike Morris was a close second with rippling abs and shoulders. In third was defined grandmasters Jim DiGiovonni. Massive Troy Daugherty took fourth and in fifth was Tarek Rayan and his nice size arms.

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Thomas Stover (left), Torrey Warren (middle), Mike Morris (right).

-> Open Women's:

    The Open Women was crowned to massive, lean but feminine Chell Meyo. The nice muscularity of Elizabeth Young placed her in second. Betty Anderson walked into third with cuts above the rest.

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Chell Meyo.

-> Open Men's:

    The Open Men was won by the massive cut up muscles of Devran Brower. He later went on to win the Best Poser. John Burnett’s diced up body and incredible symmetry took second. In third was Jason Bartholomew with shoulders, lats and quads that would not quit. Jess Maney, nice back and overall muscularity, took fourth. In fifth was lean and built Don High. The massive Troy Daugherty placed sixth.

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Devran Brower (left), John Burnett (middle), Jess Maney (right).

"The show was well attended and a first of many annual NANBF shows in Tulsa, Oklahoma."