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2007 NPC Mid-Illinois Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships Review & Results!

The 2007 NPC Mid-Illinois Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships were held on March 12th in Ottowa, Illinois. Guest poser Jay Cutler started off the evening that led to many difficult overall decisions. Learn more here...

Contest Review & Results

The 17th annual edition of the Mid-Illinois Bodybuilding and Figure Championships was another huge success with 130 competitors from seven different states throughout the Midwest descending upon Ottawa, Illinois in front of a standing room only sellout crowd of over 1,000 spectators.

-> Special Guest Poser:

    Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, was the featured guest poser and had the audience in frenzy during his posing routine which included him going out into the crowd as well as the balcony to give the fans an up close look as to why he is the new Mr. Olympia. Jay is truly a great ambassador of the sport.

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Jay Cutler Guest Posing.

-> Promoters:

    Promoters, Jeff & Ann Johnson, owners of FLEX GYM & FITNESS CENTER in Ottawa, and former national mixed pairs champions, have designated this show as a novice competition, meaning that it is open to all competitors that have not won an overall NPC title, making it the largest contest of its’ type in the country.

-> Mixed pairs:

    The show began with the mixed pairs division, won by the team of Valerie Welch and Tom Hosek of Ottawa, IL.

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Mixed Pairs Winners.

-> Teenage Men’s Division:

    Next up was the teenage men’s division won by James Melchin of Hoffman Estates, IL.

-> Masters Women Over 35:

    In the masters’ women over 35 division Val Welch won her second title of the night.

-> Men’s Masters Division:

    The men’s masters 35-39 class followed with a win by Eric Mason of Marquette, MI. In the 40-49 David Combes of Dearborn, MI bested a field of 13 competitors.

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Men's Masters Competitors.

    In the final masters men class of 50 and over, Ton Hosek won his second title of the night over 10 fellow competitors. The overall masters’ title then went to the 35-39 champ, Eric Mason.

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Eric Mason.

-> Novice Women’s Divisions:

    In the novice women’s divisions Val Welch won the lightweights followed by Dawn Gould of Aurota, IL winning the middleweights and Brooke Anderson of Ottawa claiming the heavyweight title. Val Welch was again the star of the show, claiming her 3rd title of the night by winning the overall novice womens championship.

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Val Welch (left), Dawn Gould (center), Brooke Anderson (right).

-> Figure Division:

    In the figure division, Jennifer Secrest of Schaumburg, IL won the short class over a field of 12 competitors while Stacy Killion of Buffalo Grove, IL won the tall class of 11 contestants. Stacy went on to win the overall figure championships.

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Figure Short Class (left), Figure Tall Class (right).

-> Men’s Novice Division:

    The final division of the night was the men’s novice class with Mike Wilson of Ottawa taking 1st in a field of 13 lightweights. Rick Wetmore of Inkster followed with a 1st place in a field of 16 middleweights.

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Men's Novice.

    Eric Mason, who earlier won the masters 35 and overall masters championship claimed the lightheavyweight class with a win over 13 fellow competitors. Josh Waytenick of Ottawa walked away with the heavyweight title over 11 other heavies.

-> The Battle For Overall:

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Men's Overall Champ Eric Mason.

    The overall men’s title was a close call with Eric Mason from the lightheavyweight class claiming his second overall title of the night to top off another successful Mid-Illinois Championship.