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2007 Muscle Beach Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 Muscle Beach Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held on August 4th in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Kent Bierly looked amazing and walked off with the Overall Muscle Beach men's open class trophy! Learn more here...

Contest Review

The 2007 Muscle Beach was held on August 4th in PT. Pleasant, New Jersey and the summer bodybuilding classic is still going strong thanks to promoters Mark and Karen Steinfield. They are the owners of Gold's Gyms' at the Jersey Shore in Point Pleasant, Howell, and Long Branch.

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Various Competitors.

-> The Judges:

    The Judging panel was headed by Top Ranked Competitors and Veteran Judges Pat Greico and Elena Seiple. Steve Stone was the MC and his polished crew of professionals always make the show run smooth. We also had New Jersey's own IFBB Pro Kim Klein backstage helping all the competitors and presenting trophies.

-> Special Thanks:

    A special thanks to the sponsors of the show Philadelphia Juice, Life Fitness, GP Industries, and Other major supporters include Bass Enterprises, Mindless Meals Cafe and of course a big thank you to Dr.Doug Spiel for handing out all kinds of free stuff to everyone at the show. Got Pain? Be sure to check out his website

-> Backstage:

    The competition was tough as they were preparing back stage for the call that they are up next. All the competitors looked great and their hard work and preparation showed when they walked on stage with their class to be judged.

-> Figure & Masters Divisions:

    For the figure competitors it was a very tough call, and Dr. Angel Allison walked away with the Overall win. The men's masters had an equally tough class as Kent Bierly came out as the Overall winner.

-> Men's Bodybuilding:

    The novice men's class winners worked hard during the pose down and Maurice Assia came out on top for the men's overall novice. The men's open proved the masters still have it as Kent Bierly looked amazing and walked off with the Overall Muscle Beach men's open class trophy as the final champion of the night.

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Overall Winner Kent Bierly.

-> Guest Posing:

    The guest posers for the night featured big Taylor Boyd having some fun with his mission impossible assignment to win the nationals and a rock hard Carlo Filippone who already looks prepared for the challenge with 12 weeks to go. Carlo put on a great show with music from Phantom of the Opera.

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Carlo Filippone & Taylor Boyd.


    Mark and Karen Steinfield would like to thank for all the support and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2007 Gold's Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Championships on Oct 27th in Jackson, NJ. For more information about the show contact Gold's Gym directly at 732-899-1001 or go to for an application.