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2007 INBF Washington State Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Review!

The 2007 INBF Washington State Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held in Arlington, Wa. on August 11th 2007. Competitors from, BC Canada, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana shared the stage in quest of a WNBF pro-card! Learn more here...

Contest Review

The second annual INBF Washington State Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held in Arlington, Washington on August 11th 2007. Competitors from, BC Canada, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana shared the stage in quest of a WNBF pro-card.

-> Guest Posers:

    WNBF pro-figure and Canadian fitness champion Sherry Boudreau performed her electrifying fitness routine.

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Sherry Boudreau.

    WNBF pro-bodybuilder Katy Holmes, performed an emotional physique routine in honor of her brother who recently passed away while her youngest son signed to the amazed audience.

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Katy Holmes.

    Finally; Seattle’s top choreographer’s Sue Romero and her sister Rose (MOVE), performed a high-energy dance routine to entertain athletes and audience alike.

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Sue & Rose Romero (Move).

-> Mixed Pairs:

    The show kicked off with mixed pair’s. Taking first place George and Melanie Parachou, this couple displayed plenty of ripped muscle and a fun entertaining routine. Second place went to; Paul Gross and Patty Smith, very balanced physiques that complimented each other and a unique posing routine.

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Mixed Pairs Competitors.

-> Masters Divisions:

    Men’s Masters (40-49yrs)

      First place and Master’s overall winner, Mark Kimble who was thee most conditioned in the class, extremely lean well defined muscles and great posing. Second Derrick Carter, great symmetry and muscularity and third to new comer Gary Sewell who was lean and vascular.

    Men’s Grandmaster (50-59yrs)

      John Herbst shows a lean symmetrical physique to be proud of.

-> Women’s Novice:

    Three new comers to the sport; first place Jennifer Mathewson with a well balanced and conditioned physique was talked into competing just 10 days prior to the show. Second place Mary Grande was lean and vascular. Third place Ashley Knight (17yrs) with thee best structure in the class but less conditioned---she will be a force to be reckoned with in the future!

-> Novice Men:

    First place Jon Stockwell with great symmetry, muscularity and posing. Second place to Paul Gross, symmetrical but lacking the muscularity for the first place spot. Third place to a very lean and vascular Gary Sewell, and 4th place to another new comer Chris Gumm who’s posing enhanced his physique.

-> Open Women’s:

    First place Melanie Parachou, with beautiful symmetry and muscularity, wide capped shoulders and a great quad sweep. Second place Patty Smith with a lean vascular upper body. Third place to a well structured Teresa Johnson who lacked leanness to place higher.

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Various Competitors.

-> Men’s Open:

    Light Weight

      First place Franco Yaconelli with perfect symmetry, muscle thickness and conditioning. Second place John Herbst was conditioned but lacked the muscle size and third place went to John Beck who displayed great shoulders but lacked overall conditioning.

    Middle Weight

      First place and overall winner earning WNBF pro status went to George Parachou whose physique was freaky ripped, well balanced and muscular. Second place John Espedilla well conditioned great shoulders and back.

      Third place to thee most symmetrical man in the competition-Chris Meredith only 26yrs showed great muscularity but lacked the maturity and leanness (you will definitely see more of him in the coming years)! Forth place Derrick Carter and fifth to Jason Kennedy.

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Various Competitors.

    Heavy Weight

      First place Jeremy Nichol with thee widest back in the competition, great quad sweep and arm development. Second place Mark Kimble, extremely lean just lacked size to overcome first place and third place to Tony Quincy with great size just lacked conditioning.

-> Women's Figure Divisions:

    Finally our crowd pleaser the women’s figure class. This year we have two classes Short (under 5’3”) and Tall (over 5’5”).

    Short Class

      First place and overall also winner her WNBF pro status went to Tisha Lopez. Tisha has beautiful symmetry with a balanced muscle and toned physique. Second place went to Mikenzi Redd whose presentation and posing had the crowd cheering, this young woman displayed a wide back and shoulders down to a nice V-taper (watch for her in the future)!

      Third place Nancy Pooler with great muscularity and legs. Forth place to a very lean May Grande. This was a great class of women-all new to the stage this year.

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Various Competitors.

    Tall class

      First place Melanie Parachou, who is thee most versatile athlete in the competition! Melanie has great muscularity and poise. Second place Jennifer Mathewson, beautiful conditioning and presentation just lacks some upper body muscularity for better balance. Third place Charlotte Clark with good conditioning and posing, also lacks upper body size.

      Forth place Christine Moore, with great presentation and structure, she just lacks conditioning. Fifth place to new comer Ronda Rohde was lean and having fun, needs to increase muscularity. Sixth place Angela Iverson, beautiful stage appearance and seventh place to a very lean Adrean Rudie.

-> Special thanks:

    To all our sponsors, volunteers, judging panel and natural bodybuilding supporters in our community. Without you this contest would not have been possible. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Sincerely Kevin & Denise James of and the INBF organization.