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2007 Boise Fitness Expo Schedule Of Events.

Join us at the 2007 Boise Fitness Expo on April 13th. From product samples to guest posers and the ever popular bikini model search this expo is always a favorite. Learn more here...

2007 Boise Fit Expo Information

-> When:

    Friday, April 13, 2007

-> Where:

    Big Easy Concert House, Downtown Boise, Idaho, USA
    Competitors Arrive: All Day
    Cost: Free
    Event Begins: 6:00 p.m.
    Event Ends: 10:00 p.m. or later

2007 Boise Fit Expo Schedule
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2007 Boise Fitness Expo Flyer.

-> Master Of Ceremonies:

    Mr. USA, Bob Cicherillo

      Bob earned his pro card at the 2000 USA's after 13 hard years of competing in amateur contests. He started training when he was 12 and competed in his first contest when he was 13 years old. From doing Hollywood movies, to winning contest after contest, Bob is showing the industry he means business.

-> Events:

    Fitness Model Search

2007 Boise Fit Expo Schedule
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Miss Hawaiian Tropics Flyer.

-> Special Guests:

    Jay Cutler - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

    Toney Freeman - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

    Trey Brewer - 21 Year Old Bodybuilding Prodigy

    Tanji Johnson - IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor

    Monica Brant - Figure Model And Competitor

    Rich Franklin - UFC Fighter

    Isaac Hinds - Fitness Industry Personality

    Jamie Eason - Fitness Model

    Strongman Jesse Marunde

      Jesse had aspirations of becoming the strongest man in the world, He left the football field and began competing in the sport of Strongman. Within one year, Jesse became the youngest American, at age 22, to ever qualify for the World's Strongest Man contest on ESPN. He placed 2nd at the 2006 Iron Man event. Tonight Jessie will attempt to break the Idaho Log Press Strongman record.

    Strongman Corey St. Clair

      Corey is the owner of SSF ( St.Clair Strength and Fitness ) here in Boise. He is a Pro strongman and powerlifter who has competed for close to 5 years in strength athletics. Corey will attempt to break the Idaho Farmer Carry Strongman record.

    FAME - Winners

      Laura Mak and Groove Attack Dancers have been dancing for five years now and have three Fitness Olympia appearances as well as numerous other fitness trade shows. They are a hip hop troupe with a fitness flair. The team is comprised of former NBA, NFL, and IFBB Pro Dancers from all across the country. Performing this weekend, Laura Mak, Jonsie, and Jada.

    Powerlifter Priscilla Ribic

      Priscilla is the 2x IPF Open World champion and is also the first female of any American IPF to open with a 500+ pound deadlift. She will be performing each of the lifts that make up the sport of Powerlifting: Squat, Bench & Deadlift.

-> Employee of the Year Award: Employee of the Year Award - CEO Ryan DeLuca to present award.

-> Host Vendors & Other Guests:

    Mr. World Masters and Mr. Olympia host Bob Cicherillo will co-host the fitness show with help from The Fake Austin Powers from Studio City, The Spy Who Cloned Me, Richard Halpern.

    There will be vendors present to sample nutritional supplements, muscle builders and the latest weight loss, tanning and workout products. Also scheduled to appear is Women's Bodybuilding Champion Dayana Cadeau, Bodybuilder "Hollywood" Jerome Ferguson, Power Lifter Priscilla Ribic, Strong Man Corey St. Clair, Fitness Model Laura Mak and the Groove Attack, Fitness Competitor Mandy Stefanczak, and Xyience Spokes model Monica McGrew.

The first 500 people in the door get a free Fitness Expo t-shirt!

-> Live Music:

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