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2007 Europa Pro Fan's Choice Online Voting!

2007 Europa Pro Fan's Choice Online Voting Sponsored By 4Ever Fit! Place your votes here to decide who wins!

Fan's Choice Online Voting - Live during the webcast. This event has been very successful and continues with an award being offered. Place your votes here to decide the winner! The winner will receive $500.

Sponsored By 4Ever Fit! is proud to work with 4Ever Fit to bring you the the 2007 Europa Pro Fan's Choice. With over ten years of experience in distribution, health and fitness industries, 4Ever Fit knows the business of nutritional supplements.

4Ever Fit! 4Ever Fit!
As the popularity of health and fitness products continues to skyrocket, so does 4Ever Fit's ability to produce leading edge brands that deliver the results you want and need in order to be successful.
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Silvio Samuel Wins With 42% Of The Votes!

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Silvio Samuel