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2007 Arnold Review By Forum Member Sophie M.

It was my first time ever going to an expo or professional competition of any kind, and it didn't disappoint. Here is my recap of the amazingly big Arnold Sports Fitness Expo!

The Arnold Classic 2007 is definitely a weekend I will remember forever. It was my first time ever going to an expo or professional competition of any kind, and it didn't disappoint.


Friday had to be the most awesome day, just because it was the first. I left straight from college and was getting more and more excited as we got closer to Columbus. When we finally walked into the expo, all I could do was say, "WOW" and look around, like a kid in a gigantic toy store. The expo was so big, I had no idea where to start. My friend and I started at one end and attempted to weave to the other.

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The Expo.
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That is NOT as easy as it may sound. Though the expo on Friday wasn't as crowded as it would be on Saturday, navigating through the throngs of people was not an easy task. I waited fifteen minutes to get an autograph and picture with Ronnie Coleman. I didn't have to wait very long at all to get a picture with Frank Zane. They are both very polite and willing to cater to their fans.

Women's Finals:

    The women's finals in figure, fitness, and bodybuilding was awesome. After reading about the pros for the past 6 months, I finally got to see them. It was amazing. We had pretty good seats and the athletes did not disappoint. Seeing them perform gave me motivation that I didn't have before.

Women's Internationals Finals Replay

Watch the webcast replay for the Ms. International, Fitness International, and Figure International championships now!



    Saturday morning prejudging for the Arnold Classic at the Veteran's Memorial had more people than I would have thought. We left a little before it was over and beat the rush to get a shuttle back to the Convention Center.

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The Expo:

    The expo on Saturday was CRAZY and must have broken fire safety laws. I didn't spend much time in the expo, simply because I couldn't really walk as the crowd was too thick. I did manage to get Lou Ferrigno's autograph though.

    The highlight of the weekend was seeing Jay Cutler leaving the expo. I did something I never would have expected myself to do under normal circumstances, I followed Cutler outside and as he was walking away asked for a picture with him. He agreed. Even as people were telling him that his vehicle was ready to leave, he stayed until the picture was taken. I got a lot of weird looks when I walked back in, but I got my picture, and not to mention the memory of getting it.

Jay Cutler @ MuscleTech Booth!

Amongst the throng at the MuscleTech booth, we were able to squeeze in fairly close and grab some footage of the arrival of Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, and also spot King Kamali and Marvelous Melvin Anthony! Jay's looking large today, folks! =)

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The Finals:

    The finals of the Arnold Classic was awesome. The posing routines of some of the men were hilarious and others were entertaining. When Victor was announced a the winner, the entire place erupted with applause. Dexter Jackson was a good "loser," not that second place is losing per se.

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Victor Martinez & Dexter Jackson.
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Men's Finals Replay

Watch the webcast replay for the Arnold Classic Men's championships now!

Strongman Contest:

    The strongman contest is like something out of a comic book. I never realized people could be so strong. It is definitely something worth staying for if you are there for the men's finals.

VIP Party:

    The VIP party is not worth going to. There is food and Arnold is there and gives a short speech, but other than that, it is cold and boring. If you get VIP tickets, I'd go, but don't get them just to go to that after-party.

Karma Redline Afterparty: Melly Mel

The VPX Redline Charity Afterparty put on by Jason Dhir at the Karma club was off the hook! Click the play button to experience Music Hall-of-Famer, D.J. Melly Mel rock the house, baby!

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The most interesting part of the weekend for me was the Fitness Seminar Sunday morning. Arnold and each of the four winners talked about how they got where they are and answered questions from the audience about diet, working out, and anything else that was thrown at them. There was also a nutritionist that spoke and was very educated. I learned a lot from him.


All in all, the weekend was better than I could ever imagine. I will hopefully be there next year, for the 20th Arnold Classic. They will be bringing back all the previous winners, that's right, Coleman, Cutler, Wheeler, etc. It's going to be one event you do NOT want to miss!!

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